The best species and 40 varieties of beautiful garden dahlias

Dahlia is a beautiful and delicate flower, unpretentious and hardy. It will perfectly suit both experienced growers and beginners, will help to revive any flower bed by originality of forms and brightness of colors. The diversity of the species of dahlias, so unlike each other, can confuse even sophisticated florists. Modern botany classifies 42 species, and in the seed markets more than 200 different varieties are available. Below are presented only the best of them.

  • Types
  • Anemovidnye
  • for collar
  • Decorative
  • Cacti and polukaktusovye
  • Lotosovidnye( Nymphaeales)
  • Nemahrovye( simple)
  • Peony-
  • Pompone and spherical
  • Mixed( transitional)
  • Grades
  • adjutant
  • Aloha
  • Altami Apollo( Alltami Apollo)
  • Arabian Night
  • Ariadne
  • Vancouver
  • Vera Higgins
  • Veritable
  • Evening Berlin
  • Violet Shades
  • Hawaii
  • Gary Hawke
  • Daisy
  • Gerry Scott
  • Jocondo
  • Zingaro
  • Kelvin Floodlight
  • Claire de Lune
  • Comet( Comet)
  • Contraste
  • RedRote Funken
  • Lady Eileen
  • Lemon Puff
  • Small World( Small World)
  • Mignon Topmix White
  • Nodelicht
  • Orange Duet
  • Orange Zion
  • Rebecca Ward( World of Rebbeki)
  • Lilac Time
  • Twainings Smarti
  • Wink
  • Franz Kafka
  • Chiki HlOAK( Cheeky Glow)
  • Show End
  • Edinburgh
  • Art Act
  • Dahlia
  • Fleurel
  • See wood glorie


Popular types include the following:

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Can be either dwarfish or rather tall. Their distinctive feature is a lush bud of small tubular terry petals, "crowned" with one or two rows of large petals of pointed form. Most often, the colors of the central part and halo contrast sharply with each other, making the flower look like a festive firework, but there are also single-color varieties. The species is very thermophilic, prefers sunny areas and nutrient-rich soil. Here are some common representatives of this group:

  • Honey - a small flower with a yellow core and a red-pink aureole;
  • Polka is a larger variety, the central part is yellow, the outer petals are a gradient from white to tender pink;
  • AlpenFuri - bright yellow-orange ball surrounded by scarlet petals;
  • The Phantom II - resembles a carnation, around which are very large pink petals.
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The inflorescences of the collar( cuff) dahlias consist of two rows - external, represented by large dark petals, and internal, with pointed petals of lighter tones. The number of petals in the rows, as a rule, coincides. Both rows come from a common bright yellow core. The height of plants varies between 0.5-2.5 meters, the diameter of flowers - from 5 to 15 centimeters. Classical collar varieties include:

  • La Gioconda - a combination of fiery red and light yellow, the most common variety of the species;
  • Night Butterfly - a flower with massive bard petals of the outer row and white and pink "tongues" in the inner.

Recently, there are many unusual types of collar dahlias. The color of their petals can vary in a very wide range - from light green to purple.

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Decorative dahlias are large-flowered and tall, forming heapy, tall bushes. This species is the most diverse both in the number of varieties, as well as in the color range and number of forms. The diameter of the inflorescence of decorative dahlias is not less than 10 centimeters, in some varieties reaches 30 centimeters. The petals can be flat and tubular, straight and curved, large and small, arranged in rows or spherical. Here are the most magnificent and beautiful varieties of decorative dahlias:

  • April Dawn - a ball of petals, white at the center and pink or lilac on the edges;
  • Lady Darline - a flower with red-orange petals bent downwards, to the stem, which gives the inflorescence an extra volume and an exquisite silhouette;
  • Snow-covered Russia is a lush white flower, formed by spherically arranged thin petals;
  • Golden Ear - yellow gutter-shaped petals, collected in a large volumetric inflorescence.
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Cactus and semi-cactus

Cactus dahlias are not only incredibly beautiful, but also very practical. Their dense petals resemble long, thick needles and diverge in all directions from the core. This form provides unpretentious plants to weather conditions, even strong wind and rain will hardly be able to break or tear such a flower. Cactus dahlias with broader petals( width 2 and more times thicker) are also called half-cactus dahlias. Among the representatives of the species there are also dwarfish dahlias( 20-50 centimeters), and giants up to 2.5 meters high. The diameter of the flower is usually within 10-25 centimeters. Here are the main varieties of cactus and semi-cactus dahlias and their characteristic color:

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  • Blue Record - bright pink monophonic;
  • Harley Jane - gradient from white to pink, bright yellow core;
  • Clara Houston - scarlet monophonic, the variety is interesting chaotically curved petals;
  • Gryson's Yellow Spider - lemon yellow solid.
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Lotus-shaped( nylon)

Lotus-shaped dahlias are characterized by delicate, delicate petals curved upward. Inflorescences are bulky, but not spherical, with a diameter of not more than 20 centimeters. Flowers are unusually beautiful, so most often they are grown on a slice and used in single or multicolour bouquets. Nymphaeous dahlias are demanding for the quality of soil, they are suitable only for light soils without significant mechanical impurities, enriched with minerals and organic. The species include:

  • MelodyHarmony - flowers are soft pink, almost white;
  • Vanessa - cheerful and bright yellow-pink flowers;
  • Caballero - dark red petals with a fiery orange border;
  • Firepot - petals of a red-pink shade, yellowish at the center.
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Simple( simple)

Simple dahlias are a universal garden plant in height from 20 to 100 centimeters, which perfectly harmonizes with most other colors and will look good on any flowerbed. Petals of non-dahlia dahlias are located in one row and diverge from the yellow core. Their shape varies widely - from the semicircle to the elongated "tubes", and the color can be almost anything. The most typical representative of the species is the variety "Funny Guys", which can be found in any large garden store. This dwarfish densely flowering plant with small( up to 10 centimeters) inflorescences of white, yellow, red, pink, purple flowers and their combinations. Other representatives of the non-dahlia dahlias are:

  • Yellow Hammer - yellow flowers;
  • Orangeade - reddish orange;
  • Princess Marie Jose - pink.
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Inflorescences of pion-shaped dahlias medium-large( up to 18 centimeters), lush, consist of several rows of oval petals with rounded curved lateral surfaces. In most varieties, the petals of one or two lower rows are much larger and flat than the rest. Pion-shaped dahlias grow in heap shrubs up to 1.5 meters in height, the number of inflorescences and their size directly depend on the conditions created by the gardener. The most common are 3 varieties:

  • Fascination - lush mauve flowers;
  • Symphonia is a crimson-red color.
  • Bishop of Llandaff - a bright scarlet shade of petals.
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Pomponic and spherical

Varieties are very similar, which often leads to confusion and frustration, especially among beginning florists. Their main difference lies in the size of the inflorescences and the density of the petals. The height of the bushes in the species is the same - from 90 to 120 centimeters.

Pompon dahlias are small - their diameter is from 3 to 8 centimeters. The petals are in the form of tightly twisted tubules, usually pointed at the ends. The petals are located very close to each other, which makes the flower look like a solid ball. Here are some varieties:

  • Hallmark - color varies from blue to light purple;
  • Willo's Violet - pink and purple hue;
  • Noreen - bright pink inflorescences.

Flowers of globular dahlias are larger than their pompomous relatives, the diameter is 8-15 centimeters. In addition to the globular, a slightly flattened shape occurs, and the tubular or semitrubular petals are somewhat more sparse. Bright representatives of spherical dahlias are:

  • Doreen Hayes - color from scarlet to dark red;
  • Crichton Honey - large inflorescences of peach or beige hue;
  • Esmonde - yellow or yellow-white flowers.
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Mixed( transitional)

This is the name of rare varieties, the form of which does not fall under the description of any of the listed species. Some of them combine the features of globular and collar flowers, others resemble cactus, but they have several central rows of tubular petals. There are varieties with three- and even four-colored petals. Especially popular among gardeners are:

  1. Akita - an elegant dahlia up to 120 centimeters in height and an inflorescence diameter of 20-25 centimeters. The flowers have the shape of a truncated sphere, the petals are long, rounded to the edge. It is interesting color - yellow at the beginning of the petal passes gradiently to the almo, and from it - to the burgundy, while the thin border on the edge of the petal has a pure white color.
  2. Vancouver - has the same dimensions as Akita, resembles a semi-cactus variety, but the petals are much wider at the base. Color - from white to pink or lilac.
  3. Kiev - medium-sized flowers with inflorescences up to 18 centimeters in diameter. Petals of unusual conical shape, sharpened at the edges. The color is white, with light impregnations of lilac or purple.
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The list of the best beautiful varieties includes the following:

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Altami Apollo

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Arab night( Arabian Night)

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Vera Higgins

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Evening Berlin

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Violet Shades

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Gerry Hoyek

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Gerry Scott

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Kelvin Floodlight

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Claire de Lune

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Comet( Comet)

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Red Rote Funken

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Lady Eileen

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Lemon Puff

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Small World( Small World)

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Mignon Topmix White

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Orange Duet

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Orange Zion

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Rebecca Ward( World of Rebbeki)

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Lilac Time

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Twainings Smarti

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Franz Kafka

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Cheeky Glow

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Show End

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Art Act

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See wood glorie

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