Healing properties and recipes of the application of the fruits of the Chinese date unabi

Healing properties of the Chinese date, unabi or zizifus are known to eastern medics for more than 4 thousand years. His dried fruits were fed by monks, hermits and travelers who cross the desert. In ancient China, durable wood was also valued. And fruits, bark, leaves and rhizomes of an exotic plant with their diverse therapeutic effect are used in European folk medicine, dietology and cosmetology for about 2 centuries.

      • For anemia, smallpox, dry cough
      • With bronchitis andhypertension
      • From insomnia
      • Contraindications
      • Procurement and storage

      Chemical composition

      Calorie content of dried fruits unabi is 254 kcal per 100 g of product.

      Such high nutritional value is provided due to the high content of sugars( almost a third of their weight).There are also pectins, proteins and fats, more than a dozen amino acids. Their composition in large quantities include calcium, potassium, iron, cobalt, iodine.

      Vitamin C in these dates is 10 times more than in citrus fruits. They are also rich in B vitamins, routine( vitamin P).There are a lot of tannins, flavonoids, there are several organic acids.

      A handful of dried jojoba fruit replenishes the daily requirement of the human body for such substances:

      • potassium - by 11%;
      • calcium - 2%;
      • phosphorus, magnesium and iron - each by 3%;
      • manganese - almost 5%;
      • copper - by 7%;
      • vitamin C - by 77%;
      • routine - 6%;Vitamins B -
      • - by 8%.

      All these useful substances, although in smaller quantities, are also found in the leaves of the ziphysus. A special glycoside zizipin, which they are rich, selectively for a while changes the sense of sweetness of food.

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      Useful properties of

      The use of unabi is primarily due to the high content of vitamin C, which is expressed in strengthening the defenses of the body, stabilizing the digestive system, preventing and treating many diseases. In this respect, zyzifus can be compared with ginseng and lemon.

      In the East, the Chinese date is also known as the "tree of life".In countries where Unabi grows( Central Asia, the Mediterranean, Transcaucasia, China), it has long been cultivated as a healer. He is one of the five most famous medicinal plants.

      When using zifeifus or unabi, its beneficial effect on the body is observed:

      • Rejuvenation and improvement of the skin, restoration and consolidation of the structure of the hair.
      • Removal of excess fluid from the body, which is important in the prevention of edema.
      • Cleansing of toxins and other similar substances, which is relevant for living in ecologically unfavorable regions, work in hazardous industries.
      • Activation of the production of breast milk.
      • Normalization of stress and insomnia.
      • Elimination of pain in the mouth and throat.
      • Effective in fighting infection with colds, inflammatory processes, purulent wounds, eczema.
      • Reduces pressure.
      • Helps cope with constipation, improves bile secretion.
      • Immature fruits and bark rescues from diarrhea.
      • Improves blood composition, helps with anemia.

      Decoctions and infusions from leaves and seeds of unabi:

      • Remove neurasthenic and hysterical symptoms.
      • Heartbeat is normalized.
      • Promote digestion, restore acidity.
      • Improve the separation of sputum in bronchitis and pneumonia, are part of the puerperium.
      • Heals purulent wounds and ulcers.

      At the time when Unabi blooms( June-July), thousands of small, fragrant flowers blossom on one tree. Therefore, this plant - a well-known honey, this honey also has medicinal properties.

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      How to use

      Fresh fruits of the ziphysus even resemble the dates, but they have a specific flavor that not everyone likes. Therefore, from medicinal fruits make jam, marinades, jams and compotes. Also they are used in smoked or salted form, they are dried in the sun.

      Gem from Chinese dates is a good remedy for hypertension and a delicious dessert. Prepare it this way:

      • Solid, immature dates wash and nail.
      • Cook syrup from the calculation: per kilogram of berries a liter of water and 4 cups of sugar.
      • Hot fruit syrup is poured and cooked for several minutes.
      • After a seven-hour infusion in the syrup, the bones are removed from the berries and the remaining fruit pulp is grinded.
      • Then the resulting dessert is boiled for several minutes and, pouring into sterile jars, is sealed.
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      Powder from dried berries, added to the dough when baking bread, slows down the process of its hardness. Zizifus is also used in stuffing for pies, it comes in recipes of sauces, is added to garnishes( rice), is used in winemaking.

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      Recipes for application of

      It is important to know how to take unabi. Healing properties have almost all parts of plants, in fact there are even bones, from which the infusion is prepared. The methods of using different drugs from the healing date tree are different, they depend on the problem that has arisen.

      • When skin infections are effective antibacterial broths used externally.
      • With internal inflammations, it is useful to drink decoctions to remove harmful substances and excess fluid. These are good diuretics. And with ulcers and wound in the mouth, apply appliques and lotions from these funds.
      • When bronchial cough helps expectorant broth from dried fruits of the plant. He also relieves headaches and weakness.
      • For improving the structure of the hair and with alopecia effectively rubbing into the scalp of the decoction of rhizomes unabi.
      • To prevent diseases, to improve immunity, with chronic constipation, excessive weight is useful to eat dried berries of Chinese dates.
      • Fennel fruits are also effective in the treatment of hypertension. In this case, they are eaten on a handful three times a day for at least 3 months.
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      With hair loss

      To prepare the decoction from the roots of 2 tablespoons of ground raw material, it is necessary to insist on steaming in half a liter of boiling water for half an hour. Then add the squeezed broth with hot water to the original volume and wash your head before going to bed. After that, lightly pat the hair and allow it to dry. Repeat this process is necessary daily for a month.

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      For the treatment of

      wounds Decoction from the roots and leaves of the plant is prepared in the same way as described above, but with half the volume. Used in the form of lotions and compresses.

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      For inflammation of the skin, ulcers and black spots

      Leave the olive oil in 5 times more volume, then preheat the mixture almost to the boil and insist for a couple of weeks. The resulting ointment lubricate the problem areas. This remedy rejuvenates the skin, making it tender and smooth.

      Useful properties and contraindications for persimmons for the human body http://woman-l.ru/poleznye-svojstva-xurmy/
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      Soothing tincture

      For normalization of sleep, palpitation, with dizziness and weakness, tincture from unabi stones is recommended. Half a cup of raw material cook for 10 minutes in 2 glasses of water. In a cooled broth pour a glass of strong alcohol and stand for several hours. A filtered preparation is drunk four times a day on a tablespoon.

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      From diarrhea

      A decoction from the bark helps. A tablespoon of raw material pour a glass of boiling water and cook for a couple of hours. A filtered means to drink 2 tablespoons before each meal.

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      With anemia, smallpox, dry cough

      10 dried dates cook for 20 minutes a couple in half a liter of boiling water, after insisting for an hour and drain. A healer means to drink half the glass three times a day, and with hypertension - up to 6 times a day.

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      For bronchitis and hypertension

      Prepare an infusion of jojoba leaves, which are previously ground. One tablespoon of raw material pour a half cup of boiling water and soak under the lid for half an hour. Then strain through a double layer of gauze. Drink 2 tablespoons four times a day. The curative is stored in the refrigerator for no more than 5 days.

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      From insomnia

      Recipe 1.

      A handful of dried dates to infuse for several hours in a liter of boiling water, then heat and add a few spoons of sugar or honey. Fresh fruits to grind and cook for a couple of 10 minutes. Then sweeten the drink.

      Recipe 2.

      A couple of spoons, ground to a powdery state, the leaves of the ziphysus, insist in a liter of boiling water for 10 minutes, then add sugar or honey to taste. Drink half an hour before bedtime.

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      Zizifus in one case can be of use, in another - harm. The medicinal plant has the following contraindications:

      • In its leaves and fruits there is an anesthetic zizipin, which temporarily reduces the receptor sensitivity to the taste of sweet and bitter. People who have problems of this kind, it is better to refrain from this drug.
      • Because of the plant's ability to reduce blood pressure, it is not recommended to use( in any form) hypotensive patients.
      • To diabetics this medicinal product should be dosed or completely discarded.
      • The use of unabis in large numbers in pregnant women can provoke a miscarriage.

      Some people may be allergic to drugs from unabi or its fruits. Therefore, at first it is better to test for a natural medicine, starting with a reduced dosage. And in a day, if the body normally takes this drug, you can increase it.

      It is also not recommended to eat high-calorie fruits in large quantities at night. Especially this applies to unpurified fresh berries from the skin. This can adversely affect digestion or even cause gastritis.

      Those who want to get rid of excess weight with the help of unabi should monitor the blood sugar level.
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      Procurement and storage of

      The collection of medicinal raw materials from the ziphis( fruits, leaves, roots) is carried out in the second half of autumn. The bark is harvested during the spring sap move, when the flowering of the plant has not yet come.

      Fresh berries can be stored for only a few days, and in the refrigerator - a maximum of a month and a half. Therefore, after collection, they are dried in the sun or in special dryers at temperatures up to +65 degrees. Before this, they are kept for several minutes in boiling water to remove the enzymes. After they are dried, spread on the fabric. At home, you can dry the dates in the oven. Usually it takes 10 hours. Dried fruits unabi stored without losing their healing qualities for 2 years.

      Unabi leaves and roots are dried under a canopy or in a special, well-ventilated dry room. After that, you can keep the leaves for a year, and the roots - twice as long. The same amount of dry bark should be kept. And for its harvesting only plants older than 3 years are suitable.

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