How to decorate wedding cars

  • Recommendations for the design of wedding machines
  • Color solution
  • Decorating with your own hands

The wedding cortege is an important element of the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the machines of the newlyweds and guests are distinguished by their magnificent decor, for it is so important to tell everyone around about such a happy event. Design of wedding cars are handled by professional decorators or specialists from the rental office, but paying for these services can significantly undermine the budget of a young couple. There is nothing difficult in accomplishing the car decoration for the wedding with their own hands. So you can kill two birds with one stone: save and effectively highlight the motorcade or among other cars standing near the registry office.

Recommendations for the design of wedding machines

The brand and type of car play a great role in the design of wedding cars:

  • Limousines, as well as large business-class sedans, already look statistically themselves, so their decor should not be too pretentious. Minimum details and decorative elements are welcomed: contrasting tapes in a reasonable amount, small figures of the groom with the bride on the hood, modest floral arrangements.
  • Retro cars add romance and originality to the cortege, are its spectacular addition. The jewelry of such wedding cars should be moderate, the task - only to emphasize belonging to the solemn cortege. For decor, flowers are most often used, placing compositions on the sides of the hood, on the wings or radiator grille. A pair of rings on the roof, complemented by a flower arrangement, also looks good, but it all depends on the specific model. In this case, it's important not to overdo the design.
  • Cars give more opportunities for creativity. They are decorated with flower garlands, compositions of living or artificial flowers, bright ribbons, bows, thematic figures, balloons, etc.

Often, the wedding cortege is quite different, because in addition to the car of future spouses, it includes the vehicles of all guests invited to the celebration. There are different models of cars and colors. It is important to take into account a number of points that the tuple looks not only spectacular, but also harmonious:

  1. Machines of neutral colors should go first. These include black, gray or silver, white cars. They also need to be distributed according to the similarity of shades.
  2. Bright cars( red, yellow, blue) should close the column. The only exception is when the newlyweds' car is painted in a similar color.
  3. The design of all machines in the column must be consistent. The more cars in different colors in the tuple, the more moderate the color solution should be the decor, to suit every car.

Color solution

The style and color scheme of the car decor should match the outfits of the newlyweds to the maximum, so that in photos it does not look too contrast.

Excessively variegated design can spoil the impression. The ideal solution is to limit to 2-3 colors.

Decoration of wedding cars of dark colors is better to perform in light colors and restrained shades. White, beige, silver cars require decor in bright and saturated colors, light floral compositions can be supplemented with contrasting details.

Decorating with your own hands

When decorating a car for a wedding with your own hands, remember: decorate securely so that it does not fall apart on the road. The design should not interfere with the driver's overview, bulky constructions can cause an accident. For example, do not hang garlands or place floral compositions on the windshield, rear-view mirrors.

For self-design of the car for the wedding, you can use:

  • Live and artificial colors, the latter are ideal for a wedding in the cold period. Flowers can be single and used in combination with other decor elements or composed in a composition.
  • All kinds of ribbons( wide satin or lace, floral, corrugated).
  • Noble fabrics( silk, satin, organza, chiffon, guipure or lace).
  • Balloons, pompons of paper or fabric.
  • Thematic figures( newlyweds, pigeons, rings, hearts).
  • Stickers, applications( inscriptions, lace ornaments, wedding drawings).

Before decorating the car, consider the general style of the event. In particular, recently it has become fashionable to hold themed weddings, in this case, the design of cars must match the nature of the holiday.

For example, for a wedding in the style of a Boho car it is recommended to decorate with asymmetric compositions with wildflowers, white textiles of varying degrees of density, butterflies, slight negligence is welcomed. For lovers of maritime romance, cars can be decorated with shells, bundles of ropes, striped ribbons, anchors, etc. Ideas for such design are many, most importantly - to connect fantasy.

Flowers and textiles

Cumbersome bouquets decorating a wedding car can look too vulgar, so it's important to keep balance. Even a small bouquet will look spectacular and elegant, if it is made up of fresh flowers of the combined shades and species. Such floral arrangements can decorate car handles, grille, part of the roof or bonnet.

It looks interesting compositions in the form of a heart lined with flowers of the same color or two different - at the edges, in the form of inclusions.

Combination decorations from flowers and fabrics look very impressive. The latter can be either a transparent tulle or organza, or a dense silk, supplemented with lace inserts. For example, the hood of the car can be decorated as follows:

  1. One or more wide strips of fabric fastened in the area of ​​the glass in front or behind the car.
  2. Tighten the textile in the direction of the edge in the desired direction( straight, obliquely, at an angle, if there are several strips, you can make a mesh) and fix it under the lid. At this stage, the fabric can be tied in several places with knots, fastened with beautiful clamps or left as is.
  3. Fix individual flowers or small bouquets on the fabric. They can be located from one edge of the strip or immediately from two, in places of nodules or crossing.

It is interesting to look at the car, if on the hood stretches a triangle wide tulle, collected folds. In this case, the flowers can be grouped around a narrow or wide part of the fabric, evenly sewing them over the entire surface or just around the edges. Ideal for small roses or a combination of them with greens.

The fabric can be hung along each of the doors, the ends are fastened around the glass, and the middle freely sags in the center. Flowers should be fastened in the form of bouquets from both ends.

The simplest decoration of textiles is bows. They can be voluminous, flat, large, small, from one or more kinds of tissue. With their help, you can dilute floral compositions, but also look like a single decoration. For example, you can sew one big bow or a few small ones and fix them on the doors of the car. When creating a bow, you can leave a few freely falling ribbons so that during the movement they flutter. These bows should be decorated at once with all the cars in the cortege, it will set a single style, do not take away a lot of effort and money.

Butterflies in the car's decor

They add lightness, romance, touching. Such elements are used in conjunction with other design elements, for example, with ribbons or floral compositions. Butterflies can be bought in different sizes and colors. Such ornaments usually have a silicone suction cup, magnetic fastener or clothespin, by means of which they are easily fixed on the metal elements of the machine itself or attached to tapes, colors, rings, etc.

Butterfly is easy to make independently from a dense cardboard, papier-mache or polymer clay, having studied the appropriate master class and printing several templates. Such homemade butterflies should be painted in colors suitable for the style of the event. Very effectively looks the following decoration on the wedding car, which is easy to make by oneself:

  1. Of narrow satin ribbons of the same color make a kind of mesh or web.
  2. Pull it to the front of the bonnet.
  3. In places of weaving ribbons to sew on a butterfly, some nodules are recommended to decorate with small flowers.

Door handles decor

The design of door handles should not be too pompous, this can prevent them from using. Optimal solution:

  • A small bow of strips differing in texture( wide chiffon and a pair of narrow satin, organza with lace, etc.).
  • Boutonniere.
  • Silk flowers.
  • Decor of beads or crystals( it is important to choose the correct type of fastening, so that after dismantling there are no traces left, and the paint is not damaged).

Wedding rings

The use of decorative wedding rings has long become traditional, because this element is a symbol of the newlyweds. You can mount it:

  • On the roof, by placing it on top of the flower pillow.
  • On the hood over the belts, positioning horizontally.
  • On the radiator grille, wrapped in flowers or ribbons.

Instead of classic round rings, you can make two intertwined hearts of different sizes. Hearts can be lined with colors all over the surface, with two contrasting hues, for example pink and white.

Manufacture of rings with their own hands

Decorative rings and a composition with them are easy to make by yourself, you will need:

  • Flexible plastic or rubber hollow tube about 1-2 cm in diameter.
  • Finger batteries - 3 pcs.
  • Floral ribbon or decorative cord( golden color) - a few meters.
  • Artificial flowers.
  • Conventional wooden rulers - 2 pcs. Adhesive tape, scissors and superglue.

The process itself is extremely simple:

  1. The flexible tube is cut into 3 parts of different lengths. The longest will become the basis for the composition, and the two smaller ones - rings. The diameter of the largest ring should coincide with the length of the rulers, this is important.
  2. On one side of each tube, insert the battery by 1/2 the length of the latter. Close the ring by placing the protruding part of the battery in the free edge of the tube. If the structure is not securely fixed, strengthen the joints with adhesive tape.
  3. With a gold cord tightly wrap all the rings and both rulers, fixing the ends with glue.
  4. The small and medium rings are superimposed on each other with offset, super-glued in joints.
  5. Rulers are placed next to each other in the middle of the largest ring and glued.
  6. To paste the attached rings to the middle part of the rulers, fix it with tape for reliability.
  7. Hold artificial flowers over the steam so that all wrinkles and creases disappear. Make them an elongated composition, having the longest and the largest in the center, and the small ones at the edges.
  8. Attach a flower arrangement to the rings, fixing it on the base. The decoration is ready, you can install it on the roof.

If you do not use the base, then a pair of rings can be decorated with a flower garland and fixed on the hood or radiator. And if you make two small compositions, then they can effectively decorate the front doors.


A simple way to decorate a wedding machine with your own hands - decoration with balls. They can be attached to the web of ribbons, making garlands and compositions in the form of hearts, fixing them on the roof, complementing them with bouquets, etc. It is best to use for the decor small balls of 2-3 combined shades. Take care that such decoration does not interfere with the movement and does not fly away from the wind.

Wedding machines can be decorated in other ways: attach vinyl stickers, install dolls dressed up as newlyweds, make voluminous appliqués from ribbons, attach funny magnets. The main thing is to feel the mood of the holiday and pick out the decor corresponding to the character of future spouses, only then the design will be truly spectacular and unique.

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