How to prepare a cherry for the winter

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Cherry - a berry with a rich sourness. Fresh fruits are distinguished by a bright taste and aroma, which you want to enjoy all year round, including in winter. It is for such a case in the summer season that cherries can be harvested for the winter.


  1. Useful properties of cherry
  2. Methods of harvesting cherries for the winter
  3. Pros and cons of different procurement methods
  4. Subtleties and secrets of the cherry blossom for the winter

Useful properties

The cherry fruit contains many useful substances. In addition to vitamins E, C, PP, B1, B2, B9, the composition includes various organic acids, macro- and microelements, such as: copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, calcium.

Cherry is easily absorbed by the body and belongs to dietary products.

Thanks to the coumarin included in their composition, the use of these berries is a good prevention of blood clots and clogging of blood vessels.

Cherry juice is very useful for colds. It quenches thirst at high temperature, reduces inflammatory processes and has an expectorant property.

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Daily consumption of a small number of berries positively affects the work of the cardiovascular system.

Cherry takes the honorary title of nutritional value among berries. Regular use of fruits improves metabolism and relieves the body of excess salt, slag and cholesterol.

Methods of harvesting cherries for the winter

Cherries are prepared for various seasonal conservation. Simplicity of cooking, attractive appearance and taste qualities of cherry blossoms explain many recipes of winter blanks from cherries.

Methods of harvesting cherries for the winter are very diverse:

  • Freezing.
  • Jam.
  • Gem.
  • Puree.
  • Compote.
  • Juice. Cherries in marinade.
  • Drying.
  • Homemade wine, liquor and liqueur.
  • Cherries in their own juice.

Regardless of the method of harvesting seasonal conservation from cherries, it should be remembered that berries with bones have a short shelf life, only 3-4 months. Therefore, to enjoy a fragrant cherry all winter, it is better to prepare several types of compote and jam, including pitted.

Which way to prepare a cherry pick?

Each cherry preservative is different in taste and method of preparation. The main advantage of most seasonal blanks is that they are stored at room temperature.

  • Frozen berries retain all nutritional value. The main advantage is the taste and aroma of fresh cherries. They are used as fillings and decorations for confectionery products. The minus of this workpiece is a high energy intensity. Frozen cherries should be stored in freezers at a certain temperature. Jam and jam are the most common cherry preserves. These blanks are characterized by a rich taste. The downside is the length of cooking and the addition of a large amount of sugar.
  • Preparation of mashed potatoes does not take much time. Often it is prepared from cherries left in the juice cooker after making the juice. Such preservation does not contain much sugar.
  • Cherry juice is preserved in a concentrated form. When it is cooked, sugar is not used at all. Therefore, this is the lowest calorie conservation from cherry. When consumed, the juice is diluted with sweet syrup, and the amount of the drink is doubled. The minus of such conservation is that of a large number of berries you get quite a bit of juice.
  • Cherries in marinade canned with the addition of vinegar and various spices. With the help of such berries, the taste of meat dishes emphasizes and gives them originality.
  • Cherries in their own juice are closed without sugar. They retain an attractive appearance, rich taste and aroma.
  • Dried cherries practically do not change their composition and retain all valuable substances and vitamins. The downside of this preparation is that you can use dried berries only to make compote and tea.
  • Homemade wine, liquor and liqueur from cherries are very fragrant, with a rich cherry flavor. Plus such a preparation - cooked drinks are stored for a long time and do not change the taste. Over time, it only gets better. The subtleties of the cherry blanks for the winter
    • For the preparation of whole frozen cherries, quality, fully ripened berries are selected. They are washed under running water and dried with a paper towel. If the cherries are frozen without a stone, the berries stand for a while in the colander to stack the juice. One layer of fruits is poured onto the tray and completely frozen. Only after deep freezing the berries are packed in containers or packs in small portions.
    • When preparing cherries for jam, whole berries should be pierced with a needle and blanched for 15-20 seconds.
    • Piece of jam is brewed less time. Of the fruits, the bones are removed by a special kitchen device or pin. The berries are mixed with sugar in a 1: 1 ratio and left for 10 hours. Then you just need to bring the fruit to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes. If you want the berries to look like candied fruit, you need to cook the jam in 3 stages.
    • Cherries in own juice - the most simple way of preparation. You should just tightly put berries in jars and sterilize 20 minutes. To ensure that the banks do not burst during sterilization, a towel or tissue napkins should be placed on the bottom of the pan.
    • Juice from cherries is prepared with the help of sokovarki, but it can also be cooked without it. To do this, add a small amount of boiled water to the container with berries and press them with oppression. Heat cherries on low heat until soft, not bringing to a boil. Then squeeze the juice and immediately close it.
    • You can prepare a compote from cherries in two ways. In the first case, 200-300 grams of berries are poured into a three-liter bottle and filled with sweet syrup. When harvesting in the second way, the cherries are filled completely, filled with syrup and sterilized. Prepared in half-liter and one-liter jars.
    • When sterilizing whole cherries, it is necessary to heat water over a small fire. Only when the temperature rises slowly, the cherries do not crack.
    • Cherry pickling can be done in a cold and hot way. The following spices give a special taste to berries: clove, cinnamon, tubberry, sweet pepper. The rich taste of the berries is acquired after 30-45 days.
    • To prepare cherry wine from berries, it is necessary to remove the stone. It can give a bitter taste.
    • It is not necessary to remove bones when making a liqueur or liqueur. To make the drinks spicy and aromatic, they add nutmeg, cinnamon, vanillin.
    • All cherry blanks are prepared in stainless steel, enameled and glass containers.

    In the winter season, it is not always possible to pamper yourself with fresh berries and fruits. But it is possible to harvest cherries for the winter and diversify your winter diet, enriching it with natural vitamins.

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