Apple diet

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Apple diet helps to cope with excess weight, and in some cases even to normalize the metabolism. Apples are a very useful product. They contain almost all vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, they help improve digestion, normalize the intestine.

There are several variants of the apple diet. Like most other mono-diets, the apple diet is best used in the form of "unloading apple days," for weight loss - 1-2 times a week, for prevention and maintenance of weight - 1-2 times a month.

Apple unloading days

You can try these options for apple dessert days:

  • During the day there are only apples. And as much as "fit".But it is necessary to drink a lot of liquid: soothing infusions of herbs, green tea( of course, without sugar).
  • A more rigorous version of the apple day of unloading: one and a half kilograms of fresh apples per day. And while not drinking anything. Enough of the liquid that is contained in apples.
  • It will be easier to transfer the unloading day, if you also eat kefir in addition to apples. For 1 apple - half a cup of kefir, 5-6 times a day. Sometimes it is called: kefir-apple diet.
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Apple diet for 6 days

There is also a variant of apple diet lasting 6 days:

  • 1st day - 1 kg of apples;
  • Day 2 - 1.5 kg of apples;
  • Day 3 - 2 kg of apples;
  • 4th day - 2 kg of apples;
  • 5th day - 1.5 kg of apples;
  • Day 6 - 1 kg of apples.

You can drink tea, preferably green, infusions of herbs, and eat a few slices of black bread per day( preferably crackers).

Some useful tips

In conclusion - a few tips on eating apples and applying apple diet.

  • With constipation, 2-3 apples on an empty stomach will help every morning for a month or more. Those who have problems with the intestines are simply obliged to eat apples every day.
  • For those who quit smoking, but the process is "squeaky", the apple diet is useful for three consecutive days. It is recommended to green tea.
  • It's important to know which types of apples suit you. For example, with gastric ulcer, sour apples are contraindicated, and "sweet" or even baked sweet are allowed. And on the contrary - in the case of gastritis with a low acidity, apples of acidic varieties, for example antonovka, are appropriate.
  • To make the apples more quickly digestible, they should be eaten grated.
  • By the way, lovers can bake apples in the oven - there is almost no difference.
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