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Chic mane is the real wealth and adornment of every woman. Well-groomed and shiny hair has always been considered an indicator of health and attention to yourself, and a long braid in Russia was considered an indispensable attribute of a beautiful woman. However, they need a certain care, so in order for others to admire your magnificent mane, learn about the basic requirements.

How to care for your hair?

On the question of how to properly care for the hair, there is no single answer. For consideration of this issue, it is necessary to study some recommendations concerning the process of care for them under specific conditions. For example, courtship for hair prone to rapid contamination( fatty types) is fundamentally different from caring for dry.

Also has a number of differences in hair care in winter and summer, long and short, and accrued - require a special approach to them and care.

As general recommendations for hair care, you can give the following:

Wash your head only with soiling. This applies to absolutely all types of hair, regardless of their length. After all, fat and unwashed - they are very unpleasant for others and for their own self-esteem.

So, let's take a closer look at how to care for hair with specific characteristics.

How to care for blond hair?

Light-colored hair is rather soft and delicate, and for this reason, care for them should be especially gentle and tidy. Depending on the type, they can be fat or dry, and then you should wash your head a little more often if the hair is fat. And the water temperature should not be too high, since hot water will only provoke even more fat content.

Dry curls are washed infrequently, as they become soiled. Both types of hair should be rinsed with cooler water after washing. This is necessary in order that the pores that opened up during washing with warm water are closed. Also, cool water will give washed hair a shine and silky.

For light hair is perfect for rinsing them after washing with decoction of chamomile - it gives a golden natural shade, which is especially beautiful for them.
Also for washing, special shampoos and masks intended for light hair types should be used. They do not contain any tinted in dark shades of elements, so their use becomes necessary if the hair is light.

After washing, allow them to air dry naturally.

Hair care in winter

With the onset of winter cold our hair receives a significant load. After all, on the street they are waiting for the scorching cold, and in the room at this time the central heating is turned on, which to a considerable extent overdry.

So, let's look at how to look after them in the winter.

To prevent hair from drying out in the room, it is necessary to begin the procedures of their intensified moistening. This can be achieved with a variety of moisturizing masks and sprays applied to your hair. Particularly in need of this procedure are the tips of the hair, which are always drier and thinner than the rest of the length.

Never comb your hair in wet condition, otherwise it will lead to cutting tips.

Also after washing, it is necessary to apply conditioner to hair, and if possible, leave it for a longer time, with a towel wrapped around the head. This will give a greater penetration of moisturizing and smoothing the surface of the hairs of substances, and after carrying out such a procedure they will be more lively and shiny.

You should braid your hair in a pigtail before going to sleep - this method will help you avoid injury and tangling them during sleep, they will become thicker.

Use a hairdryer only for special occasions, not every day - so you can avoid drying and brittle hair.

Comb your mane no more than 3 times a day, otherwise it can be detrimental to their quantity.

In the street, at especially low temperatures and a sharp wind, you should try to hide your locks under headdresses or a hood. Hair, which in the winter becomes more fragile and brittle, will gratefully take all the procedures to moisturize them.

Hair care products

Currently, there are many different products designed to care for your curls.


Their variety makes it possible to purchase this type of shampoo, which is suitable for your hair type. For example, dry hair types should not be washed with shampoo intended for washing fatty, and vice versa. Also, do not focus on the smell of shampoo. Since the harsh odors of flower and fruit shampoos are mainly made from a variety of different essential oils( which do not always blend well together, but have a good smell in the aggregate), and in turn make them very harmful to our hair. The smell should be light.

Conditioners and balms

Their main task is to restore the smoothness of hair, prevent fluff. After using the conditioner, the hairs are more docile, easier to comb, style and make hairstyles. Balms and conditioners are used after washing, and they remain on hairs for a limited time, after which they are washed off with a large amount of water.


A wide variety of masks also allows you to restore a specific type of hair. Usually they have an effect similar to that of balms and conditioners. Masks are applied to washed hair, then washed off. There are also indelible masks that give hair elasticity and shine. After application, they do not need to be rinsed.


Sprays containing various active substances, for example, based on the extract of nettle - can accelerate the growth of hair, and applying it does not require subsequent flushing.

There are also complexes of hair care products. Most often, these are the funds of one manufacturer, which carry out a full range of procedures for your curls. For example, a series of burdock remedies includes burdock oil, considered particularly effective in hair loss, slow growth, and even with alopecia. Also included in the complex is a shampoo with thistle extract, air conditioner with burdock and spray applied to clean hair.

How to care for hair extensions

To add extra length or thickness to the hair, girls often perform an extension procedure. This procedure has become very popular today, as beautiful curls, differing in length and density, attract the attention of others and significantly increase self-esteem. It's so nice to feel beautiful and well-groomed!

However, they need special care, because this requires a special technique of attaching them to their hair. The fact is that scalable locks are attached to their hair with the help of capsules. These capsules will stay well for a long time if they do not get any fatty substance, otherwise the capsules can simply slip off the hairs.

How is care for hair extensions performed?

When washing accreted hair, avoid tilting the head down and washing your head in this position. The head should be kept evenly, so the capsules will hold more firmly on the hairs.

To rinse hair from any varnish or other styling products, use mild shampoos and conditioners. Use cold or warm water for this, but not hot!

For the beauty of accreted hair, use any hair oil. Leave for an hour, if necessary, use a towel to remove excess oil, then wash them with a mild shampoo and rinse.

Combing with hair extensions requires special skill. After all, now the presence of capsules will not allow you to hold a comb from the roots to their tips. Now you should carefully untangle them, trying not to damage, and then comb as much as possible with a special comb for hair extensions, since ordinary combs can damage, loosen and pull up curls.

You can also use special unraveling sprays. They will help you avoid tangling your hair.

Concentrated hair can be dyed in the same way as usual, dyeing, drying and blowing. But neatness requires exactly the place of fastening the strands to your hairs.

And most importantly, do not forget to visit your hairdresser every 1.5-3 months for correction of hair extensions.

Oily hair care

Oily hair is a hairs that quickly become dirty and require more frequent washing. In this case, you should definitely use the means designed to care for fatty hair.

This primarily applies to shampoos. In them, as a rule, substances that make it possible to reduce the contamination of the hair are included. Such shampoos are not suitable for dry hair type, so you should be careful when choosing and buying shampoo.

Also for oily hair is recommended the use of herbal decoctions and infusions, which have astringent effect. So you can reduce their fat content. For example, together with the leaves of the nettle, you can use to make a decoction of the leaves of oak and chamomile.

Caring for fine hair

Melted hair looks very beautiful, because the alternation of light and dark colors give them volume and unusual. Melted hair perfectly mask the graying that began to appear, and also create an elusive play of light on strands. Two or even several different shades can be used for highlighting.

The proper care for the hair that has undergone melting is to regularly moisten them, because the colored strands become more drier and brittle due to the discoloration. Restoring masks, balms and conditioners, as well as various rinses for light curls will be excellent assistants in the process of caring for fine hair.

Care for long hair

Long hair, being the undoubted beauty and dignity of any woman, requires special careful and careful care.

First of all, this concerns their tips - they are the weakest in long curls. Regular application of masks, nourishing and moisturizing, application of balms after washing, and also sprays for pure hair with the effect of their moisturizing make it possible to save the braid and admire it by others.

Before washing, it is very useful to apply nutrient masks to the hair. Perfectly suitable and self-made masks at home, for example, based on yogurt, crumb of black bread, yolks of chicken eggs. The mask is applied to the roots, then spreads over the entire length. After that a polyethylene cap is put on the head to enhance the effect of the mask, and on top - a terry towel.

Long hair should be washed as thoroughly as possible. Indeed, it is because of their length that they accumulate more dirt in them, which must be washed away.

After washing, rinse them with a decoction of nettle or chamomile. Apply a moisturizing spray. Such care will save your mane and improve your appearance.

Care for colored hair

Painted hair also has a care characteristic. Under the influence of aggressive paint substances, they thin out, become more brittle and brittle. Hence, they should be supported as much as possible. What is needed for this?

When washing your locks, you should choose such shampoos that match your hair in color - for dark you need shampoos containing dark pigments( henna, basma), for those painted in a light color - with clarifying elements( eg chamomile).

Before using the washed hair, the use of a nutrient mask is perfect. And again, such common products as sour cream, eggs, kefir, butter will come to the rescue.

Painted curls will also require the use of air conditioners and balms for their care. These funds allow you to maintain a healthy hair color, as well as give them obedience.

For curls of any type, professional hair care products are perfect. This can be salon procedures, including pre-masking, washing with professional shampoo, applying moisturizers( balms, conditioners and sprays) and styling.

Caring for your curls is an obligatory procedure for maintaining and preserving the beauty and health of your hair. After all, every woman who has a magnificent mane will always be seen, and her well-groomed and healthy hair will cause admiration.

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