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Advantages and disadvantages of waxing, contra-indications
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  • Since ancient times, the representatives of the fair sex in different parts of the world have tried to remove unwanted vegetation from the body. For this purpose, various means were used, not the least of which was occupied by wax. It is depilation wax at home and will be the object of our attention today.

    Today, waxing is one of the most popular procedures. And it's not accidental. Depilation with a cream or a razor allows you to get rid of only the visible part of the hair, without affecting the follicle. With wax depilation hair breaks out together with the roots. Of course, the skin remains clean not forever. But it will please smoothness for a long time.

    Advantages and disadvantages of waxing, contraindications

    Wax depilation has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's name the main ones. Advantages:

    • Can be used on any part of the body.
    • Has a lasting effect.
    • Virtually does not cause allergies.
    • Suitable for home applications.
    • Completely removes even hard hair.


    • The procedure is associated with painful sensations.
    • If the hairs are not completely removed, they need to be pulled out with tweezers.
    • Redness of the skin can persist for several days.
    • Regular removal of soft fleece hair can trigger the growth of stiff dark bristles.

    Unfortunately, the procedure for hair removal by wax is not recommended to everyone. It can not be carried out if:

    1. Skin is mechanically damaged.
    2. There was inflammation or a rash appeared.
    3. There is diabetes. With this disease, the skin is very poorly restored.
    4. A woman is waiting for a child. During pregnancy, pain can lead the uterus to tone and cause premature birth.
    5. In the area of ​​suspected depilation are moles or warts.

    Which wax for depilation is better than

    You can use different types of wax to perform the hair removal procedure. They are divided into 2 groups:

    • warm( soft);
    • hot( solid).

    Let us dwell in more detail on each of them.

    1. Warm wax consists of resins mixed with various softening additives. It quickly heats up to a temperature comfortable for the skin, thanks to a fatty base and after cooking has a thick consistency. To use it, you need special fabric or paper strips.
    2. Hot wax is made from pine resin or its substitutes and vegetable oils. It requires a strong warm-up( up to 45-47 degrees) and is ready for use when it becomes liquid. After application, the wax solidifies, and it is torn off the skin, pulling one of the edges of the application.
    3. Film is one of the types of hot wax. Moreover, it has many properties of warm:
      • Melts at a temperature of 37 degrees, so when it is used, burns can not occur.
      • Economical, as it is applied in a thin layer.
      • Thanks to the rubber included in its composition, it does not lose its elasticity even after cooling. Such a wax will not break during epilation.
      • Has sufficient long hardening time( 7-10 seconds).This is quite enough that each hair has time to get stuck to the application, and the roots are warmed up.
      • Can be used in any zones. Manufacturers produce this type of wax in two forms: in cartridges and in granular form.
      • The product in cartridges is most conveniently used in small areas of the skin. For epilation, the wax heats directly in the cassettes.
      • Granular is suitable for cleaning from unwanted vegetation of a large area, since it is not difficult to quickly prepare it in the right amount. The main disadvantage of this variety is the laborious process of melting.
    4. Wax strips. They are ready-made cuts of fabric, on one side of which a layer of soft wax is applied. They are glued to the right place and tear off with a sharp movement. Strips are easy to use and suitable for epilation of not only the legs, but also the most sensitive places: face, bikini zone, armpits. In addition, with their help you can remove even short hairs.

    Preparing for waxing

    Before proceeding to wax epilation, several preparatory procedures should be carried out.

    • Before epilation of any part of the body, make sure that the composition does not cause an allergic reaction. For this, 2-3 days before the procedure, it is necessary to apply wax on the elbow or inner side of the wrist. After 10 minutes, the smear should be removed with a tampon moistened with warm water, and watch the skin for a day. If the test application does not provoke irritation, you can proceed to remove hair.
    • A few days before waxing, you should clean the skin with a scrub. And before the procedure, thoroughly wash the areas of the body from which the hair covering will be removed, with the help of a shower gel or soap.
    • Treat the skin with an anti-inflammatory agent that contains an extract of chamomile, calendula, mint or sage.
    • On dry skin, apply powder. This remedy will help remove grease and sweat, which prevent the fixation of the wax mass on the hairs.
    • The length of the hair should be evaluated. If it is less than half a centimeter, then you can use only wax strips.
    • After that you can start working. The sequence of actions will depend on what type of wax is used and on which parts of the body the procedure is performed.

    How to make wax for depilation at home

    First of all, it should be brought to the desired consistency. It is most convenient to use for this purpose a special heater, or a wax-up. It can be canned, cassette or universal.

    The choice of device will depend on the following factors:

    • type of wax packaging;
    • required for one procedure the amount of mass;
    • required temperature after heating.
    1. Cans are more capacious. They are used in the event that you need to remove hair from a large area. At the same time, expensive models have a thermostat and thermostat. The first allows you to use both warm and hot wax. The second is to maintain the desired temperature for a long time.
    2. Cassettes are designed to heat wax directly into cartridges. They are more compact and affordable. When choosing this type of device, you should pay attention to the fact that some of them can only work with containers of certain manufacturers.
    3. Universal are suitable for preparation of wax in any package.

    In addition to waxing, you can use a microwave or water bath to prepare the wax mass at home.

    1. To melt the wax through a water bath, you will need two containers: one large and one smaller. In a more voluminous dish poured water, which is brought to a boil. In a large container set a smaller, with a wax. At the same time, the liquid level should not be higher than the wax level, so that it does not fall on it. On a low heat, heat the open dishes until the wax melts. Before boiling up the mass can not be brought. Usually the process takes 5 to 10 minutes. Granules or cassettes are placed in the dishes entirely. The solid mass is cut into pieces. Before use, the wax for depilation should be carefully kneaded, making movements with a spatula from the center of the dishes to the edges.
    2. The recipe for cooking wax in a microwave oven is even simpler. You need to put it in a suitable container and heat it for a minute. You can leave the wax in a package, previously cleaned from the foil. The time required for heating can be viewed on the packaging.
    In addition, after melting, make sure that the wax has not overheated. After all, when wax for depilation at home is done without the use of wax, it is difficult to regulate its temperature. To do this, you need to make a smear from the inside of your wrist. If the skin does not feel severe burning, you can make hair removal.

    Working with wax of different types

    Each type of wax has the features of preparation and use.

    1. Working with granulated wax. The set for depilation with granulated wax includes the following components:
      • wax;
      • blade for application of mass;
      • melting tank;
      • waxing.
      1. The desired number of pellets is placed in the melting vessel. For this purpose, you can use, for example, a glass cup.
      2. The contents of the container heats up until it resembles thick sour cream. The optimum melting point is 37-40 degrees.
      3. Using a spatula, a thin layer of wax is spread over a small area of ​​the skin. After this, you need to take your fingers over the edge of the application, slightly pulling it toward you.
      4. When the wax solidifies, but does not harden completely and stops sticking to the pads of your fingers, you need to sharply pull the wax layer off the edge, the other hand pulling the skin next to it.
      5. After this, you can proceed with the processing of the next section.
    2. To prepare wax in cartridges, you will need:
      • cassettes containing wax;
      • heater;
      • scapula.

      The cartridge is placed in the device for 20-25 minutes. During this time, the mass must acquire a liquid consistency. After that, the procedure is carried out, as in the previous case.

    3. For wax depilation, you need:
      • wax;
      • waxing;
      • blade made of wood or silicone.

      The mass is brought to a temperature of 38-40 degrees and a spatula lubricates her skin area in the direction of hair growth. Heat promotes the opening of the pores, as a result of which the hair can easily be removed from the selected surface along with the bulb.

    4. To get rid of hair with the help of warm wax you need:
      • working mass;
      • heater;
      • roller or spatula;
      • fabric or paper strips.

      The heated mass is distributed over the area of ​​the skin and covered with a special strip, pressing it to the site of epilation. After a few seconds, the strip is torn off with the hair.

    5. The choice of wax strips for depilation depends on the length and stiffness of the hair, as well as the place where they are supposed to be used. They differ in width, in thickness of the wax layer, and in the quality of the composition. Apply them as follows:
      1. The strip is held in the palms until it slightly warms up.
      2. Apply it to the selected area of ​​the skin and press against it with the palm of your hand.
      3. A sharp motion is broken, grabbing fingers on one of the edges.

      After use in one section, the strip is used again. The next one is taken only when the hairs do not stick to the previous one.

    Waxing - video, recall

    Hair removal from the armpits and bikini zone

    For waxing the underarms and bikini zone, it is recommended to use wax strips or warm wax.

    Since it is a zone of intense sweating, before treatment with it should always remove the deodorant and sprinkle it with talc so that sweat does not reduce the result.

    Warm wax is applied in the direction of hair growth with small strokes, the length of which should not exceed 5 cm. Wax strips are laid on top of the wax with the help of which the hair covering is removed.

    Brazilian epilation

    To remove hair in the zone of deep bikini, it is most often resorted to epilation with Brazilian wax. It has been the most popular for almost 4 decades.

    The peculiarity of this procedure is that the hair from the pubis, labia and between the buttocks is removed completely. At the request of the client, sometimes only a narrow vertical stripe of hair remains untouched. The specialist needs about a quarter of an hour to do this.

    At home, it's difficult to carry out Brazilian hair removal, but it's possible. To acquire the skill of doing this uneasy work yourself, it is advisable to visit a specialist in the beauty salon at least once.

    To be successful, you should prepare for it.

    • By the time you visit the beautician, the hair in the deep bikini area should grow no less than half a centimeter. Otherwise, the applique can not completely capture them.
    • A few days before the treatment should be done peeling. This will significantly reduce the possibility of ingrown ingrown hairs.
    • Because the procedure is associated with pain, people with a high threshold of sensitivity one hour before epilation should take pain medication or, 45 minutes prior to treatment, apply local anesthetic agents to the intimate parts of the body.
    • Hair removal is recommended in the first week after the end of menstruation or not later than the middle of the cycle. During this period, the skin is least susceptible to pain.

    Brazilian epilation is carried out as follows:

    1. Wearing disposable underwear, the woman lies on the couch.
    2. The master sprinkles the epilation area with talc and then smeared the wax with a warm wax paste using a spatula.
    3. A strip of fabric is pressed against the lubricated area. When the appliance has cooled, it is torn off in the direction opposite to the growth of the hair. The procedure begins with the pubic and ends in the buttock area.
    4. After the session is over, the treated area is lubricated with cosmetics that remove irritation. In addition, it is proposed to design the remaining hair path( special haircut, staining or tattooing with permanent ink).

    Brazilian hair removal is performed every 3-4 weeks, depending on the speed of hair regrowth.

    To carry out Brazilian hair removal at home, you will need:

    • soft wax;
    • tissue strips;
    • wooden spatula;
    • tweezers;
    • is a small mirror.

    Let's analyze the process of carrying out this procedure in stages.

    1. Before epilation, intimate places should be thoroughly washed and dried. Thus hair on them should be the same length which is necessary for carrying out of salon operation.
    2. Wax is heated until it gets a temperature comfortable for the skin.
    3. In a small area of ​​the body, the wax is smeared with a spatula, and then a strip of fabric is laid over it, pressing it with your hand and smoothing the wrinkled places.
    4. Do not stretch the skin under the patch with the appliqué, remove the strip against hair growth with one jerk. To reduce the pain, after the operation, press the finger on the epilation site. As in the salon, the treatment is carried out, starting with the pubis.
    5. When cleaning is complete, use a mirror to inspect the skin and remove the remaining hairs with tweezers. Then wash off the wax residues with warm water.
    6. To save the result for a long time, you can use a means to slow down hair growth. And to eliminate irritation - herbal decoction or cream, eliminating irritation.

    Skin care after depilation

    1. After wax depilation, ingrown hairs may appear. To prevent this unpleasant side effect, you should regularly use scrubs, which include glycolic or salicylic acid. Peeling should be done not only before the procedure, but also 3-4 days after it.
    2. Quickly get rid of reddening of the skin and red spots will help hydrocortisone ointment.
    3. Irritation of the skin is well removed from the broth of chamomile and calendula, as well as soothing drugs with herbal extracts.
    4. Carry out the treatment is best closer to bedtime. This will enable you to put on loose lingerie from cotton or soft jersey and let the skin rest. Synthetic panties are not recommended for the next 2 days.
    5. 2-3 days after waxing, do not take a hot bath and visit the beach.

    As you can see, depilation wax has a wide scope of application and gives a stable result. Of course, it is associated with pain, but if you follow the recommendations, they can be significantly reduced. At the same time again, you will experience discomfort not earlier than 3-4 weeks. Related Videos:

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