Selection and use of hair curlers for long hair

Many women, in spite of modern fashion trends, prefer luxurious curls. Not all representatives of the fair sex nature they endowed, so using curlers, wind hair will be even at home. The main thing is to understand their types and techniques of application.

  • Varieties
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Boomerang
  • Foam
  • papillotte
  • Velvet
  • Bobbin
  • Screws
  • Velcro
  • Metal
  • Thermohair curlers
  • Elektrobigudi
  • As screwed


There are many varieties of rollers which differ in size, shape, material, andmethod of use. Not all of them are harmless to the hair, so they are best used only in emergency cases, while others are suitable for daily styling.

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The most simple and common type of curler. They come in different diameters. Hair after winding retains the fixing element of the appropriate diameter and shape, but because of it on the curls can appear ugly creases.

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These curlers have a slight flattened shape and are usually fixed with rubber bands. With their help, curls are shaped in a peculiar form.

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This is the perfect choice for those who want to get beautiful curls. They have a soft, flexible texture and do not cause discomfort during sleep. Modern manufacturers make boomerangs of different sizes, hence curls can be made both large and small. They have a fairly dense structure, so the curls, even during sleep, do not deform.

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Very convenient option for use at night. Their only drawback is that due to their softness they can take any form, and this will necessarily affect the curls.

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Similar curlers also allow you to create a hairstyle from the evening. In their texture, they are softer than foam rubber, so during sleep the curls can become angular. The advantages of these hair curlers is that they are absolutely not harmful to the hair and you can use as many as you want.

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These curlers are most often used in beauty salons, as they come in different sizes and can be used for absolutely any hair. They have velor covering and gently curl ringlets. Velvet curlers are not suitable for laying before bed. But if you use them in the morning, then by evening you can get luxurious curls.

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These curlers help to create small naughty curls. Very often, bobbies are used for perm. Hair should be wound on them in small equal parts. And after use, remove very carefully so as not to damage the structure of the hair.

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To twist the long hair on the curler-spiral follows from the base, and the ends are fixed with clamps. With the help of these curlers are obtained unusual vertical curls, although it is unlikely to create a radical volume.

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These curlers are suitable for short and medium hair, and for long curls, the Velcro is not very comfortable, but as a result, the curls are beautiful.

The advantage of Velcro is that they have a different diameter and can be used on both dry and wet hair. When winding, you need to make sure that the curls do not get tangled, otherwise the Velcro will break the hair structure and make them brittle.

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This is a type of Velcro with a metal brush in the center. They are very easy to attach to the hair. Thanks to a similar design when drying with a hair dryer, the heat is evenly distributed and the curls are formed more quickly. But you need to do this very carefully so as not to burn your hair.

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Hair curlers are considered to be the most harmful for hair, which must be heated in hot water before laying. But the curls are the most beautiful. To use these hair curlers do not take much time, they are preferred in the case when the styling needs to be done very quickly.

But on too long hair, even curls can not turn out, as the curlers cool down pretty quickly.

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They are suitable for fast installation. In each coil there is a wax which is melted by means of a heating element in the body. In 10 minutes after the inclusion in the network curlers are ready to work, and 20 minutes after winding you can get full curls.

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Some electric curlers have a ceramic coating, so they are less harmful than their thermal counterparts.

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How to screw

First you should properly divide your hair into zones, especially if you plan to use curlers of different diameters.

Thus it is possible to wind curlers as horizontal method,

and vertical, moving on a circle from a top of a head.

The width of the selected strand should be equal to the length of the curler, and the thickness should not exceed the diameter. When striking, the strand must be pulled at a right angle.

Basically, the curlers are wound onto damp hair and left until completely dry. If time does not allow you to keep the curlers for a long time, then after winding you can dry the curls with a hair dryer in the cold-drying mode or under a special hood-dryer. Cold air will not only preserve the health of the hair, but also make them more shiny and soft.

To save time on morning laying, you can wind curlers before going to bed. In this case, it is worth giving preference to options with a soft structure that will not create discomfort during sleep. For fast laying, you need to use thermalbuds or conventional ones, but to dry them with a hot hair dryer.

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Before unwinding the curlers, it is necessary to check whether the inner layer of hair is well dried. Owners of too thick hair should not twist thick curls on curlers, otherwise they will not dry out until morning.

When removing curlers, it is better to smoothly straighten the curls with your hands. If you comb them with a comb, they will become more magnificent.

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