Diamond anniversary of a joint life

  • Diamond wedding: the origin of the name and the main traditions
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Diamond wedding marks 60years of living together and usually becomes an important event not only for the spouses themselves, but also for all their relatives. Not all spouses are able to live side by side for 60 years, overcoming all crises and doubts about the strength of their feelings. What should I give to a diamond wedding, and what presents can the celebrities bring to each other? We will tell further.

Diamond wedding: the origin of the name and the basic traditions of

60 years of marriage are an incredible anniversary, which many couples can only dream of.

However, why did such an important day get such a name?

  • This is due primarily to the specifics of the eponymous stone. The diamond has long been considered a precious stone. The name of the celebration can be explained from the position of how precious bonds are between the spouses.
  • Another logical explanation is the characteristics of the diamond itself. It is famous for its resistance to external influences, it is beautiful with its versatility. Thus, it turns out that marriage, which lasted for 60 years, seems unbreakable and multifaceted. During this time, the couple managed to enrich their own feelings with a variety of colors, which made their life together unique.

What are the traditions typical for a diamond wedding?

  1. In this important day, the spouses must swear an oath again, securing their own union.
  2. It is customary to arrange a noisy party, which is usually invited to all friends and relatives.
  3. It is considered a good sign to decorate the whole house with white fabrics and shining, shiny objects( various candlesticks, pendants, vases, etc.).
  4. In many countries, the authors of the celebration write a letter for their children and grandchildren that day, which they can only read in their own 60th anniversary of the wedding.

In fact, there are few traditions for this celebration, and this is due to the fact that not all spouses survive the 60th anniversary. However, if the couple managed to live in marriage for so long, the husband and wife should necessarily repeat each other's vows. Usually this part of the celebration turns out to be incredibly touching, causing tears to all the guests.

Traditionally, a diamond wedding is celebrated in a big way, but many couples prefer chamber holidays.

On such a significant day, the spouses want to stay close to children and grandchildren, share their own experience in building an ideal family.

Traditional gifts for the diamond wedding

Each holiday has certain canons, and for the 60th anniversary of the wedding you can find your most popular presents. So, what can you give to a diamond wedding so that it reflects the essence of the holiday?

  1. Any precious jewelry with this beautiful and expensive stone will be an ideal gift for the celebration.
  2. Bouquets of 60 roses - a very common gift for such a significant date.
  3. Quite often the guests present the guilty parties with services, plaids and bed linens.
  4. Another popular gift is home appliances, which can make life easier for spouses. A variety of household utensils is a wonderful, and most importantly, a useful gift for the anniversary.
  5. You can safely present couples with services, beautiful wine glasses for champagne, unusual pillows and sets of bed linen. All this is useful in everyday life, but will not have a certain connection with the holiday. However, it is impossible to guess with such a gift, and usually it causes a positive reaction among the perpetrators of the celebration.

Of course, the name of the holiday itself pushes us to thoughts about certain gifts. Spouses can give each other beautiful diamond rings, having arranged a symbolic ceremony of their exchange. If you do not have enough money for such a precious gift, you can buy gold jewelry with pebbles that look like diamonds.

Some guests of the celebration go further, acquiring creative ornaments for each of the spouses. For example, men can pick up cufflinks or pins for a tie with a beautiful diamond, and an interesting brooch with a precious stone will suit a woman.

You can pay attention to household appliances. A new refrigerator, microwave oven - all this is very often given for wedding anniversaries. Just do not forget that the diamond wedding is a very serious holiday, and therefore the present should not be too cheap. The high cost of the gift will be an expression of the guest's feelings about such a significant and impressive anniversary.

Original gifts for the diamond wedding

Bright and creative presents are always welcome on holidays, because they make the necessary variety in the feast. Since the 60th anniversary of the wedding is considered a very serious date, many guests prefer to abandon the cool and original gifts, but in vain. Here are just a few great gifts that will be both original and touching:

  • video greetings or presentations, which will capture the main points of married life;
  • to present to the perpetrators of the celebrations it is possible and tours to the boarding house - for organizing recreational recreation in another country;
  • another original gift - a photo album, decorated with pictures of spouses and their relatives;
  • also from photos you can create a touching collage, decorating it and using a variety of drawings.

It is absolutely necessary to show imagination when creating such a gift!

For example, you can make a beautiful bouquet of 60 flower buds with the help of origami technique. Such a bouquet will never wither and will continue to please the spouses for a long time.

By the way, it is considered a good sign if on the 60th anniversary of the wedding the whole house of spouses will be buried in flowers. Therefore, the guest can present an unusual floristic masterpiece in the form of a figure of 60. Such a gift will not be too durable, but it will be able to impress the perpetrators of the celebration.

A good dozen of original gifts can be created with the help of photographs of the "newlyweds".

Here, and a variety of collages, and beautiful photo albums, and even the original presentation with video.
The donor can ask all friends to write congratulations in which they express their attitude to the holiday. As a result, you will get a very touching material that you want to revise.

You can take care of the health of your spouse by purchasing a coupon for them on a pair trip to the masseur. You can also buy them trips to the sanatorium, allowing the couple to spend many happy days together.

When thinking over a touching and original gift, do not forget about your talents. So, a person can write a song about the spouses, draw them to rub, or even create a poem dedicated to their love. In such a gift there will be much more soul and tenderness than in any diamond ring.

Example of a congratulatory slide show on the anniversary of a diamond wedding - video

Congratulations on a diamond wedding: how to write and issue

Congratulations on a diamond wedding must be sincere, expressing the feelings of a guest to a couple. It is for this reason that it is necessary to create it individually, in each case drawing on interesting details from the life of the family. For creative poetic congratulations you can use the following details:

  • names of spouses, their initials and date of the wedding;
  • names of children and friends who will make the congratulation even more individual;
  • character traits of husband and wife, which can be played in a humorous congratulation;
  • can also use pet names, address of spouses, major milestones of their relationship for inspiration.

The more original information a person uses, the better. In this case, the form of the narrative is also worth seeking a creative one. For example, you can come up with a jocular congratulation on a diamond wedding or touching verse, which should be presented in the form of a poetic parable.

But, when presenting your poem, it is worth remembering that its ideal size should not exceed 12-14 lines. If the verse is too long, then the guests are likely to get bored, listening to beautiful rhymes.

Another way to make congratulations is to write it on flowers made with own hands in origami technique. Such an inimitable present will instantly provoke a stormy reaction and will clearly demonstrate how important a person is to the celebration!

is of no less importance and it's right to present your congratulations. For example, a person can write it on a postcard made by himself. Quite interesting is the congratulation engraved on the decorative figure.

Prosaic lines can also be sincere and affectionate, if they are submitted correctly. For example, a person can beautifully say, what is 60 years of life, how great is the feat of people who celebrated a diamond wedding. Sometimes touching words in prose are even more sincere and more interesting than poetic creativity.

Diamond wedding is a truly impressive holiday, but, unfortunately, extremely rare. Not every couple can live in marriage for so long, but since this anniversary has come, it should be noted by all the rules! Usually such a celebration turns out to be incredibly touching and inspires every guest with the thought that a great, endless love really exists!

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