List of compliments to adjectives for men and boys

Compliments are like a magical elixir, because after them every man turns into a beautiful knight. One affectionate word can make a guy turn up mountains for you or get a star from the sky. But before you fill your young man with flattering words, you should understand what kind of compliments men and boys like.

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It is not necessary to wait for holidays to make a loved one a surprise. After all, every day with your soulmate is happiness. The original declaration of love will be a pleasant surprise! For example, you can make a box in the shape of the heart, and inside put notes with 100 compliments for the beloved man. Below are examples of pleasant words:

  • strong;
  • caring;
  • upright;
  • smart;
  • coveted;
  • witty;
  • is priceless;
  • elegant;
  • kind;
  • is extravagant;
  • expensive;
  • is incredible;

  • is not ordinary;
  • sexy;
  • courageous.
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Compliments are the main tool in the relationship between women and men. But often girls do not know how to make their ladies beautiful compliments. Here are examples that will help to surprise the second half:

  1. Loved, your tender smile opened the doors to my heart!
  2. Sweet, sometimes it seems to me that you do not have any flaws: you are the most gentle, beautiful and clever!
  3. Native, only with you, I feel really happy!
  4. Stupid women who claim that there are no real men left on the planet. They are simply unfamiliar with you!
  5. There is nothing more beautiful in this life than the minutes spent with you!
  6. With you, I rediscover the world!
  7. I feel your love with every cell of your body.
  8. You are my fairy prince, it was you I've been waiting for all my life!
  9. Dear, when you are not around, I'm like a fading flower without a caring gardener. ..
  10. In this world, there is no one happier than me, because I have you!
  11. You are irreplaceable, like air. I do not understand, how would I live without you?
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Guys will definitely love the comic compliments. For example:

  1. You are my perfect! You do not have any drawbacks, only features and special effects.
  2. Luck! Probably, Mrs. Luck is your close relative!
  3. You are like a button - you come off at the most unexpected moment.
  4. Your smell is unique, it draws me as much as the aroma of a flower attracts a bee.
  5. You are more unusual today than usual.
  6. So you are not only an ideal listener, you are still silent the best!
  7. Yes you are contagious, your optimism is transmitted by airborne droplets.
  8. What will you do if you have to choose: smart to the right, and beautiful to the left? You're going to have to burst!

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In verses

If a man is a true lover of poetry, please him with compliments in verse. For example, these are:

You can not stop admiring,
You are the most ideal on earth!
I'm talented, you must admit,
And you can not count all your merits in a year.
Eyes like diamonds,
And I can not describe everything at once,
You knocked me off my feet!
And my heart you conquered.
Clever, gallant and handsome,
Silen, not from the "timid ten".
The secret is hidden in your eyes -
The one that eats all the ladies without a trace.
And I, like everyone else, are captive to your eyes -
They do not have the strength to break away from me.
And only one thing to say now:
You do not hurry to change.
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In sms

What can be better than a pleasant sms from a favorite? Encourage your man with pleasant compliments in SMS.For example:

You are the most affectionate of men,
You are the most kind, brave, sweet,
I hope you will not give reasons,
You do not believe, my beloved.
Let all jealously remain silent,
After all, you have forever become mine,
You fulfilled my cherished dreams,
Know, you are always irresistible in everything!
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