Unusual Goji berry: what is its use and harm to health

Goji berries are not yet the most common product for our latitudes. However, the fame of them has reached our masters. Due to the fact that berries are rich in a huge amount of vitamins and beneficial substances for the body, some even attribute to them the effect of rejuvenation. But are these berries really so useful and do not do any harm?

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Properties and Composition of

Goji berries are considered very nutritious and useful for the human body, despite the small size. The composition of these berries includes much more vitamins than in oranges or apples, to taste they resemble barberry. According to experts, to keep the body in good shape, the right approach is to eat a small handful every day.

Goji berries contain a huge amount of microelements necessary for the normal functioning of the body: phosphorus, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, selenium, copper. When consuming 1 serving of berries( 40 grams), the body receives about 150 calories, 32 grams of carbohydrates and 5 grams of protein, as well as vitamins B, C and E.

According to the content of vitamin C, goji berries have overtaken even such well-known source as citrus,and in 500 times. It is especially worth noting that of the 18 amino acids contained in berries, 8 the human body does not produce on its own, they can only be obtained with food. At the same time, saturated fats and cholesterol are absent.

In addition, these berries have many useful functions:

  • stimulating the digestive tract;
  • ability to maintain the level of glucose and cholesterol at a normal level;
  • increased immunity;
  • improvement of brain activity;
  • restoration of normal circulation;
  • firmness of muscles;
  • improved kidney function;
  • increased daily activity and stamina under stress.

Another feature of the composition of berries is worth mentioning especially: during studies of their nutritional value, experts found that in Goji there are 4 types of polysaccharides, previously in such a combination not found in any of the plant products. Perhaps, it is the special composition that ensures the ability to rejuvenate the body ascribed to these fruits.

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The use of

Yagodam Goji is credited with many useful properties, many of them( rejuvenation, increase of mental activity of the body) do not yet have exact proofs, but one thing is certain - these fruits possess great therapeutic potential.

So, what is the benefit of these berries?

  • Prophylaxis in Oncology. In Goji berries, a large percentage of antioxidants and vitamins that contribute to the normalization of the immune system, they also effectively fight cancer cells and eliminate free radicals, which often cause tumors.
  • Due to the high content of zeaxanthin in berries in patients with ophthalmic diseases, there is an improvement in vision. Zeaxanthin helps with degeneration of the retina and macular degeneration - known age-related eye diseases.
  • Regularly using Goji, you can achieve a significant reduction in the level of sugar and bad cholesterol in the blood, and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and ensure its proper functioning.
  • Healthy sleep. Even the ancient healers of China in their manuscripts noted that Goji berries - a guarantee of a sound and restful sleep.
  • Protection against ultraviolet radiation. The antioxidants included in the fruit reduce the harmful effects of direct sunlight on the body and increase immunity.
  • Use for women. Berries Goji - a reliable assistant in the fight against obesity. As a rule, women mostly face this problem. The recommended dose for weight loss is about 20-50 grams of dry berries per day, while it should be divided into 2 doses.
  • Goji helps restore hormonal balance in menopause.
  • Restoration of metabolic processes in the body. Improves the working capacity of the intestine, and in gastric juice increases the number of enzymes that break down food, which promotes more active absorption of nutrients.
  • Many scientists believe that these berries are an excellent aphrodisiac and increase male fertility( the ability to conceive).

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Goji berries can bring not only benefits, because they have a number of some negative properties.

  • Fruits contain a lot of allergens, and strong enough. People suffering from food allergies should use these berries with great care, since they can cause hives, itching or a rash.
  • Children under 3 years of age with diathesis or dermatitis Goji eat is not desirable, it can trigger an exacerbation of the disease.
  • In case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract( pain, increased gas production, diarrhea), it is better to refrain from eating the fruits of this plant.
  • Fruits are not recommended for pregnant and lactating women( only after consultation with a doctor).
  • Women should pay attention to the fact that Goji berries have the ability to reduce the effect of some contraceptives.
  • People with kidney disease should better refrain from using Goji, as berries contain oxalate substances that disrupt the work of this body.
  • When hypertension to eating berries should be approached with caution. Fruits dilute the blood and increase the speed of its movement along the vessels, and this can provoke a hypertensive crisis in the patient.
  • Goji reinforce the action of medications, this is a plus, but the possible side effects can manifest themselves more strongly, this is also important.
  • In people who are active in nature, berries can cause insomnia and hyperexcitability syndrome with excessive use.
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Application of

How to take goji berries, the benefits and harm of which are so ambiguous that even experts sometimes disagree?

Doctors recommend consuming about 30 grams of this plant every day. In addition, berries, according to the advice of Chinese healers, it is better to use slightly dried. It is better to eat berries for breakfast on an empty stomach.

Can be dried( like raisins or dried apricots), washed down or not, depends on taste preferences. Berries are also brewed, you can offer such a recipe: a handful of Goji pour boiling water and leave for 30 minutes to brew. After this time, the resulting broth is drunk, and the fruits are eaten. This method is more suitable for elderly people, as well as for those suffering from gastritis.

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Goji can be added to all kinds of dishes: side dishes, soups, sauces, salads, desserts. They are often used as an additive to drinks, for example, fruit cocktails or popular smoothies with bananas and oranges, and of course, tea. For those who like muesli and porridge, berries can be used as a dried fruit.

It is worth paying attention to some popular recipes for the use of Goji fruit:

  1. Smoothies. Mix a glass of yogurt or kefir in a blender with 1 tablespoon of berries, and you can take an additional fruit - strawberry, kiwi, banana, orange and so on. If desired, you can add a slice of lemon and mint leaves in the ready-made smoothie.
  2. Tea. A tablespoon of berries is brewed in a thermos with boiling water and insists for half an hour. If there is no desire to experiment with pure brewing from Goji, you can add a tablespoon of tea spoon, even leaf, even granulated, to the thermos.
  3. Cocktail. In the blender, add two kiwis, one orange( it is better to divide it), one and a half tablespoons of goji berries and pour the juice of grapefruit. To taste add mint leaves. All thoroughly mixed and added ice cubes, getting a cocktail with a refreshing and invigorating effect.
  4. Salad. Cut two apples into small slices and mix with three tablespoons of berries, three glasses of walnuts. Add one handful of pine nuts and sunflower seeds. If desired, you can fill the salad with yogurt or kefir.

The use of Goji berries benefit and harm can bring to any person, so it's worth to be careful when trying this unusual delicacy. The main thing is to observe the norm when using, to approach this carefully, taking into account all contraindications and side effects.

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