How to cook borscht with beets

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Beet is an important ingredient in the preparation of borsch. It is thanks to this bright root vegetable that the first dish turns out to be so fragrant and tasty. A rich burgundy color not only pleases the eye, but also has an appetite.


Preparation of ingredients for beetroot soup

  • Types of borsch
  • Ways and recipes for borsch with beets
    • On the plate
    • In the multistake
    • In the oven
  • To prepare borsch with beets, you need to know the main points of the process, to properly prepare the products and calculate the time. The peculiarity of the dish is that it becomes even more delicious on the second day. Therefore, you can safely prepare borscht for the whole family and do not worry that you need to cook again for tomorrow.

    Preparation of ingredients for borsch with beets

    You can prepare beets in several ways:

    • boil without peeling;
    • bake in the oven;
    • cut or grate and put out in a frying pan.

    Beets must be heat treated before being sent to the pan. If it is put in raw form, the borsch will acquire an ugly rusty color. For a brighter natural shade in the beets add lemon juice or table vinegar.

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    Preparation of the first dish becomes faster and easier with the use of canned beets. It is already flavored with vinegar to avoid loss of color, cut and does not require pre-heat treatment. It is simply sent to the pan after the potatoes become soft.

    Other vegetables( potatoes, cabbage, onions and carrots) are prepared in the usual way. Potatoes are cleaned and cut into cubes. Carrots rubbed on a grater, and the onion finely chopped. Cabbage is best chopped thin straws.

    Pulp or meat on the bone should be rinsed well, dried. Put into a saucepan, add water and cook until ready. That the broth was transparent, it is possible to throw an onion. Some prefer to drain the primary broth, cook the meat further, adding pure water.

    Types of borsch

    Borsch can be prepared on various broths:

    • meat( pork, beef, turkey, chicken);
    • of mushrooms;
    • vegetable( vegetarian option).

    Many culinary experts claim that it is better to take meat on a bone for broth. So it turns out more rich and rich. You can also use pork ribs, the brain and neck.

    Vegetarian borsch with beets is also very tasty and rich. Vegetables make it easy and at the same time satisfying. This dish is a success among those who follow a diet or fasting.

    Ways of preparation

    Beetroot soup can be cooked on a stove, in the oven or using the latest technology( multivarkers, microwave ovens).Each of the methods is good and has its own nuances.

    On the plate

    According to the classic borsch recipe, broth is boiled first. Then potatoes, cabbage, and then beetroot are added. At the very least turn the roast of carrots and onions.

    Sometimes, as a variety, you can add beans or green peas. Some people like it when there are mushrooms in the dish. This addition makes the first more interesting to the taste.

    The basic recipe for cooking:

    1. Cook the meat on the bone for at least 2 hours on a small fire. Then you can separate the bone and discard it, and cut the flesh into pieces.
    2. Then add the potatoes, chopped cubes.
    3. After 10 minutes, freshly squeezed fresh cabbage is sent to the saucepan.
    4. While the vegetables are boiled, you can cook the roast. Beetroot is fried in a pan with the addition of vegetable oil. You can cover it with a lid to make it soft.
    5. Separately need to fry onions and carrots, cut randomly.
    6. First, add the beets to the pot, then the onion and carrots.
    7. At the end of cooking, you can add spices, garlic and bay leaf.

    Serve borscht in deep plates, sprinkling with finely chopped greens. You can offer homemade sour cream or croutons from white bread.

    In the multivark

    With the help of such a wonderful helper, like a multivarker, you can quickly cook a delicious borsch. The technology allows to keep useful substances contained in products, and also to have an amazing aroma and taste at the output.

    1. Cut meat into medium sized pieces. Send to the multivariate bowl, which is pre-poured a little oil. After setting the "Hot" mode, you need to roast the meat for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
    2. Add the grated beets and carrots, sliced ​​onions.
    3. After roasting the vegetables, switch the multivarker to "Quenching" mode, fill with water and leave for 10 minutes under the lid. You can add tomato paste, sugar to taste and vinegar.
    4. Then you can fall asleep potatoes, chopped into small cubes. The next in the bowl is cabbage. The capacity must be filled with water to the upper mark.
    5. The contents of the bowl should be salted and seasoned. Set the "Soup" mode and cook for 45 minutes.
    6. At the end of the cooking, add garlic and greens.

    In the oven

    Despite the fact that the classical method of borscht cooking is the use of a plate, many prefer a brass version. At the same time, the products retain vitamins and reveal the taste at 100%.The first dish in the oven will be appreciated by nursing and pregnant women, it will be to the liking of children.

    Conveniently borscht cook in serving pots or in one large clay pot. First you need to prepare the ingredients, and then decompose them into a container and send them to the oven.


    1. Beetroot must be boiled with peel, peeled and grated. A little pasteurize in a frying pan with vegetable oil. When it becomes soft, you can add finely chopped garlic, tomato paste, lemon juice and sugar.
    2. The rest of the ingredients are cut and shredded in the usual way. If borsch is cooked on meat, then small pieces should be put on the bottom of the dishes.
    3. After spreading the products in layers and filling with water, the pots are covered with a lid and put in the oven. Do not forget about salt, pepper, bay leaf.
    4. Borsch should be baked at a temperature of 160 ° C for 2 hours.
    5. When the dish is ready, you need to turn off the oven and leave it under the lid for another half an hour.

    A beautiful serve in a serving pot is even possible about the occasion. So borsch can become not at all an everyday dish, but festive.

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