How to store groats correctly

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Each housewife in the kitchen has a stock of different types of cereals. After all, we all love to cook a tasty garnish or useful gruel from them. Of course, the deficit times have long since passed, and no one is already holding "three-liter cans" stuffed to the eyeballs. But even when buying cereals often and little by little, it is very important to follow the storage guidelines so that the product does not lose its usefulness and food-friendly form.

Rules for storage of cereals of the house

It is not recommended to store bulk products in plastic bags or in a shopping bag. First, such containers are especially not practical and under uncomfortable circumstances( which often occur during the working period in the kitchen): there is a risk of simply scattering the rump and being left without food. Secondly, with this attitude to the product, it is easy for it to get into various garbage and even insects. Also, the groats may "suffocate" or damp, which will make it unfit for food.

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Here are some important tips for storing cereals at home:

  • If you do not plan long-term storage of the product, immediately after buying it should be sorted and poured into a glass or iron container.
  • If the croup is stored for a long period, then upon arrival from the store, it should be placed in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator for a day, without opening the factory packaging. After this, it must be moved to a plastic container with a hermetically sealed cover.
  • The best way to properly preserve any loose products will be glass or plastic jars with a tight fitting lid.
  • To increase the shelf life of cereals, flour or starch to the bottom of the can for storage, you can put a pouch of gauze filled with table salt.
  • To scare off different insects, it is advised to put something over the cereals with a strong odor - a clove of garlic, dried lemon zest, a leaf of a laurel tree.
  • From the appearance of pesky bugs will help a piece of foil or a simple metal spoon, which is placed in the center of the dish with croup. Method with a spoon is convenient doubly - it can immediately be used for measuring the product.
  • So that rice does not acquire the smell of mustiness, it is advised to place a pod of hot pepper.

And nowadays one of the best remains the way of storing croup, which was used by our grandmothers. They put the products in cloth bags, boiled in a steep saline brine, and considered this option the most correct. And not in vain - the matter allows the croup to breathe and not to lie, but the salt barrier does not allow various insects to penetrate inside.

To the taste of cereals never upset, it is better not to do bulk purchases, and update the reserves as they are used. This will allow the product to always be fresh and do not have time to lose its qualities.

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