3 years together: what a wedding, what to give

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  • Why is the wedding called leather?
  • Traditions of a leather wedding
  • Where and how to celebrate a leather wedding?
  • Conducting a leather wedding
  • What to wear to a wife for a wedding wedding
  • What should be on the table on the day of a wedding wedding
  • What to present for a leather wedding
  • How to congratulate young
  • Surprises to each other

Not all spouses know about the significance of the anniversary of the family for 3 years: whatwedding, which has a tradition and what is customary to give. We tell.

Why is the wedding called leather?

Leather is a durable material. The name of the wedding means strength and confidence in the relationship. Behind the shoulders of the couple a lot of events - both good and not so. It's as hard as leather to break a three-year marriage.

Psychologists believe that three years from the date of the wedding is one of the most difficult periods. Minor everyday troubles are already behind, ahead of the couple - a real family life, full of difficulties and everyday problems. Therefore, the wedding has another interpretation.

Skin is a symbol not only of strength, but of mutual understanding. Spouses feel each other literally skin. If you do not pay proper attention to the relationship - "skin" at this time, it can crack, thin out and eventually burst.

Traditions of a leather wedding

According to the old popular beliefs, before the holiday you need to get rid of the dishes that have become unusable because of cracks and chips, pay debts and throw away things or clothes that evoke bad memories and testify to grievances and quarrels.

Wife baked cookies in the form of pet figures. It was believed that they attracted good luck to the house and protected from the evil eye. A delicious baking was necessary to treat anyone who came to the house to congratulate the young. By the way, the recipe for cooking magic cookies from each woman was her own, which was passed on from generation to generation.

On the table among various dishes and raznosolov must have been a loaf of rye bread. With the beginning of the celebration, the husband ate a piece of loaf. This meant that the man recognized himself as the head of the family.

During the feast the couple were supposed to taste one red fruit. So, in the presence of all the guests, the husband and wife confessed their love for each other, because the red color is associated with fervent feelings.

Witness of the wedding acted as a toastmaster, entertained and amused the guests in every way, raised toasts for the health of young people and arranged comic competitions. During the festivities, guests enjoyed dances and songs.

The wedding ended after the spouses uttered a solemn speech and thanked all the guests, and they, in turn, threw rye in them.

Where and how to celebrate a leather wedding?

It is believed that the anniversary of the wedding - three years of marriage - should be celebrated in such a way that after this significant date the spouses forgot about all the quarrels and grievances and recalled only good things.

Three years of marriage are usually celebrated in nature, especially if the time of year is warm. Moreover, in such an informal setting, it is easiest to relax and get a charge of energy and positive. The celebration is accompanied by a feast, shish kebabs, songs and congratulations to the newlyweds.

If the weather does not allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature, the event is held in a closed room, restaurant or cafe.

There are three options for celebrating: in a close family circle, in a noisy company of friends and relatives, and finally, together for a romantic dinner.

If it is decided to celebrate the wedding fluently, then relatives and close friends are invited to the event, it is necessary to invite children to celebrate the holiday in a positive atmosphere.

An excellent solution will be a thematic photo session that captures all the joyful moments of the celebration.

Holding a leather wedding

The premise where the third wedding anniversary will take place should be decorated with original decorative elements, beautiful wedding pictures, figures of two pigeons and other festive decor.

The scenario of the celebration needs to be carefully thought through. Usually this task is taken on by the witnesses of the wedding and the most active friends invited to the event. The newlyweds do not need to know what awaits them, let them be conceived by mischievous guests to be a pleasant surprise for them.

Script ideas can be set. For example, reproduction of the first wedding, redemption of the bride in a game form. For this, the spouses wear leather things, characteristic for the style of western.

You can beat the golden wedding, which the couple will celebrate after 50 years of marriage.

What to wear to a couple on a wedding wedding

Thematic celebration suggests that the newlyweds should be dressed appropriately. Husband and wife usually wear leather clothes.

It is not necessary to put on your skin from head to toe, in the image of just one such piece of clothing or at least an accessory. In ancient times a woman tied her head with a red kerchief, it was believed that he drives away evil spirits from home, and also attracts luck and wealth.

What should be on the table on the day of the leather wedding

The date does not imply a wide scope and any gastronomic excesses, however there must be dishes on the table that talk about the prosperity of the family. It is best to serve meat and red wine.

According to a long tradition on the table you can put bread soup, which is a broth, which crumbles rye bread. This sign means a close connection of the newlyweds with their parents, relatives and friends.

Of course, a must-eat dish at a significant event should be a cake that matches the topic. For example, the confectionery made in the form of a leather sofa looks original. The cake is a symbol of a strong union, therefore it is necessary to work on its preparation, and it is best to entrust this task to professionals who will create a real work of art for the holiday.

Otherwise, no strict instructions on what should be on the festive table, no. The menu is made based on the personal preferences of the spouses.

What to give for a leather wedding

Gifts for "newlyweds" should be thought in advance. It is believed that the best present will be a thing of leather.

Friends and relatives can give their spouses:

  • leather accessories, preferably red( gloves, housekeepers, bags, purses, purses, belts);
  • leather suitcases, if the spouses like to travel;
  • photo albums or notepads in leather cover;
  • watch with leather straps;
  • figurines, covered with leather, depicting cattle( there is an opinion that they bring prosperity);
  • covers for phones, e-books, cameras;

It's great if the gifts made of leather are paired.

It is always appropriate to give generic presents:

  • tablecloths with napkins;
  • bedding;
  • dishes;
  • bed linen;
  • board games for a large company;
  • portrait of spouses;
  • certificates for dinner in the restaurant;
  • walk on the yacht;
  • photosession.

What to present for a leather wedding to friends, so that an unusual gift and after many years reminded of a significant date? The perfect choice will be morocco boots, oriental dresses, the genealogical tree depicted on a leather scroll, an original wall panel made of pieces of leather.

You can approach the choice of a gift creatively and make it with your own hands. It can be applications with the use of leather, original pendants, bracelets, key chains, soft toys.

What to give to a leather wedding for children? Parents who are ready to spend a large sum of money for a surprise to young people do not even think about it. As a rule, they present household appliances, furniture and things from the skin to the newlyweds.

How to Congratulate Young

Congratulatory speeches to spouses - an important part of the event, because in this way the guests want a couple of love, health, prosperity and prosperity to the family.

Congratulations can be in a poetic form. It's great to read poetry written by you personally. However, if you do not have a talent for versification, you can find many congratulations on the Internet, including in jocular form.

It is possible to make a photo album in which all the best moments of a life of spouses are embodied, or to mount a video including cuttings of all celebratory actions, including the wedding itself.

Touching sms and congratulations on the radio will raise spirits mood and will set on a positive wave on this momentous day.

Surprises to each other

What to present to the husband or wife on a significant date? The most important thing is to please your second half, express your feeling and affection, so the presents should be touching, romantic and memorable.

It is not necessary, as they say, to invent a bicycle, it is enough ordinary gifts for a leather wedding, the receipt of which will be a very pleasant moment.

You can give:

  • leather clothes, shoes and accessories;
  • leather covers in the car interior;
  • romantic trip;
  • candle light dinner at your favorite restaurant;
  • boxing pear;
  • certificate for visiting the spa, and the couple can go there together.
With the help of ordinary balloons and flowers, you can greatly enhance the mood of your beloved wife and then proceed with the presentation of the main gift.

Now you know how to celebrate a leather wedding. Love each other and be happy!

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