Gift to the tutor at the prom: best options and strict taboos

  • The best gifts
  • Presenters that should not be given

Not so long ago your child went to the kindergarten group for the youngest children. But time flies quickly, and not far off is the day when it will be necessary to say goodbye to the tutor, nannies and leave the walls of his native garden.

The teacher is the person who took your child by the hand the day you first brought him to the kindergarten, tried to entertain and persuaded not to cry when you were in a hurry to work. For several years, teachers have taught children the first skills of communicating with their comrades, playing with them, going for walks.

Grateful parents are trying to make their beloved teacher pleasant surprises, presenting gifts by March 8 or by birthday. And now the time comes when the gift to the tutor will not be the next one, but the farewell.

At this stage, almost all parents are asked a perennial question about what to give the tutor at the graduation. All want so much that she remembered these children, so that the gift turned out to be pleasant and useful!

The best gifts

  • Indoor flower.

As a rule, educators are women. And all the representatives of the beautiful field usually just adore flowers. Today in flower shops a huge number of various very beautiful houseplants in pots are on sale. If you "throw off" the whole group, then the cost of such a gift will not become unbearable for those who are constrained in material means. The nursery teacher can leave a house plant in the kindergarten as well as take it to decorate the interior of his house.

  • Decorative casket.

If the teacher does not neglect make-up and likes to wear jewelry, then a beautiful gift box for make-up can become an excellent gift for her. In this box, besides cosmetics, you can store many different women's jewelry - earrings, beads, rings.

  • Diary.

You can make a gift for the caregiver taking into account his profession. So, the necessary, stylish and professional thing will be a fairly expensive multifunctional weekly. But when choosing such a presentation, it is necessary to consider what your teacher will use, most likely, in the next school year. Therefore, it is better to buy the weekly not for 2017, but for the following years.

      • Watch.

Wonderful gift to the graduation will be a watch. In this case, you can give as elegant ladies watch on hand, and functional desktop or original wall clock.

But the most stunning version of such a presentation will be a clock with a built-in voice recorder with a record of poems that children read from the group. This presentation will certainly touch your teacher.

And if you present him a wall photo-clock with a picture on the dial of the collective photograph of the whole group, then such a gift will become one of his favorite subjects.

      • Phone or smartphone.

If your educator is a modern and well-off woman, then, most likely, it is better to refuse this gift option, since, probably, she already owns the smartphone of the latest model. In the same case, if the parents noticed that the teacher's phone is old or not modern enough, then, most likely, she will be happy about the new mobile phone.

      • Soft toy.

What else do they give to the teachers at the prom? A soft toy is a rather original gift that is close to the professional activity of the educator. Particularly appropriate would be such a present, if the educator is a young girl, and your group - the first of its release. A soft toy will remind her of her first children released for many years.

      • Camera.

Such a gift can be presented to a person of any gender and age. Especially if he leads an active lifestyle, likes to travel and visits various interesting places. However, an elderly teacher who does not go anywhere from her home, except for work, will also find use for such a gift. For example, the camera can be used to shoot interesting events, in which the children participated in the kindergarten.

      • Laptop.

If you do not know what to give to your favorite tutor, then pay attention to such a useful and functional thing as a laptop. The advantage of this gift is that it can be chosen at the best price. Of course, a laptop is quite an expensive thing, but in this case you will be sure that your tutor will be satisfied with the presented present.

      • Multivark.

Multivark is an indispensable thing, which every woman dreams about, if, of course, she did not have time to buy it. This multifunctional little helper knows almost everything: to cook and fine pastries, and yogurts, and cereals, and many other dishes. Therefore, if you chose this option, it's worthwhile to carefully find out whether your caretaker has a multivarker at home. If it turns out that there is not, then you can safely buy it!

      • Certificate for women.

A young modern woman will not remain indifferent to such a presentation, as a certificate, with which you can visit a spa, massage or a session with chocolate wraps. The advantage of such a gift is that the educator will receive positive emotions first from the attention given by her parent's team, and then from the well-spent time at the spa salon.

      • Name service.

Everyone knows that the best gifts for educators are memorable and unique presents. You can, of course, present just a beautiful service of modern design, but much more interesting can be a personal service, on each of the cups there will be pictures of the names of the kids of the group. With each tea drinking, the teacher will remember his children - what could be better!

      • Food processor.

If the parent company knows that the teacher is a good housewife and likes to cook, then there is a high probability that she will like a gift in the form of a multifunctional kitchen assistant. Choosing a similar gift, you should not dwell on indecently expensive options, because, it may be that some parents will be costly to pay a large sum. In addition, too expensive a present can embarrass the teacher and put her in an awkward position.

Gifts from a series of home appliances are a good option, but if the parents do not know which of the electrical items the caregiver has and which ones do not, then you can spend a considerable amount making a useless gift. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, it is best to present the tutor to the final certificate to the hardware store. In this case, the teacher will have the opportunity to choose her own exactly what she needs.

Presenters who should not give

If even a gift presented or a souvenir turns out to be completely useless, then, of course, a person is still pleased to receive it, since, as you know, the main thing is not the gift, but the attention itself. But the person who presents the gift, always wants very much that it was not only pleasant, but also useful. In addition, spending money on absolutely useless things is just silly. What kind of presents are not recommended to give to educators?

      • Money.

The most inappropriate gift for a children's teacher can be money, presented in an envelope. The task of parents is to leave the teacher with the memory of their children, and not pay for their upbringing. In addition, the donated money can be perceived as the fact that the parent collective did not find it necessary to work hard to spend a little time and buy a gift.

      • Clothing.

Even if you are well aware of the size of the teacher, her preferences and tastes, you should still refrain from shopping as a gift of blouses, blouses, gowns and other things. It is necessary to understand that it is customary to give clothes only to relatives and close people, in the case of a tutor, such a present is inappropriate. If, nevertheless, the parents' collective has a great desire for the teacher to buy herself something from wardrobe items, then give her a certificate to some good fashion store.

      • Personal hygiene items.

Gifts such as bath foam, shampoos, shower gels, creams are best given to your relatives or friends. Even in the presence of friendly relations with a teacher, such a present may turn out to be somewhat familiar. In addition, the memory of your children this gift will save a very short time - only for several months.

      • Jewelry.

If you want to present a kindergarten teacher for a graduation gift, you should not give jewelry at all. Despite the fact that almost all women just love to receive presents in the form of rings, chains and earrings, it should be remembered that jewelry is considered a personal gift.

Similar decorations can be given to educators or teachers only on their birthday or on March 8 and, preferably, as a certificate to a jewelry store.

The most important thing is that the gift, expensive or not, was filled with your warmth, sincere gratitude to your favorite tutor. And do not be stingy at the same time for warm and kind words, which can be much more important than any presentation.

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