How to cook cabbage for the winter

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Cabbage is a delicious and healthy vegetable that can be purchased in stores all year round. Nevertheless, the majority of the hostesses every autumn think about how to prepare cabbage for the winter. After all, home, from the garden garden will be much tastier and safer than the one that is bought in the store.


  1. Types cabbage
  2. methods preform cabbage for winter
    • Pickling
    • Sawn borscht
    • Cabbage leaves of cabbage
    • coleslaw at winter
  3. preform cauliflower
    • Freeze
    • Pickling
  4. preform broccoli
  5. Chinese cabbage in winter

Types cabbage

There are a lot of varieties of cabbage. The most popular in our country are:

  • white cabbage;
  • color;
  • broccoli;
  • is Beijing;
  • Brussels.

Each is good in its own way, and for anyone there is their own unique recipe that will delight the households with excellent dishes throughout the winter.

Cabbage cabbage

Cabbage is the most popular kind of this valuable vegetable in our country. It is rich in vitamin C and various useful micronutrients. They try to grow it, having even a small piece of land. But to get a rich harvest, you need to work hard. Unlike other greenery growing in the neighborhood, cabbage requires special care.

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It is important to know and when to collect a vegetable in time. Here's how to determine its maturation:

  1. The lower leaves of the cabbage bush begin to turn yellow. This indicates the cessation of the growth of head, as well as the first bell for harvesting.
  2. The head is tight and reached its standard size.

There are different varieties of cabbage that can be harvested from June to October. It is especially important to collect in time an early variety of cabbage. If this is not done, matured heads may crack.

Harvesting is best done in the morning on a cool, dry day. Cabbage of late varieties is well kept fresh all winter. You just need to keep an eye on and clean up the top prickly leaves. Its the best and prepare for the winter. However, in household preparations you can use medium-ripening varieties. But the early and soft cabbage should not be used.

Ways of harvesting white cabbage for the winter

In winter, pickled and pickled vegetables are eaten with special pleasure. Cabbage is no exception.

Kwasim cabbage

The most delicious and popular way is to sour. Crispy brackish-sour cabbage will be a perfect addition to dishes from meat or potatoes. To prepare it, it does not take much effort:

  1. Cabbage gets rid of a stump, shredded on a thin straw and mixed with grated carrots. The ratio of different housewives use different, but on average - 20: 1 or 10: 1.That is, 10 kg of cabbage is taken half a kilogram of carrots.
  2. Vegetables are densely kneaded in large containers and poured with brine( 200-250 grams of salt per 10 kg of cabbage).Some mistresses are added to the brine and sugar, about a tablespoon per 10 kg of cabbage.
  3. Other additives are often used for sour cabbage: cranberries, cranberries, apples, beets, various spices. Quantity - to taste, but in any case a little, so that they only emphasize and shade the taste of cabbage, but do not interrupt it.
  4. Then the cabbage is put under pressure. Do not fill the container up to the top, as a lot of liquid will form during the souring process.

Cabbage kvassitsya a few days, then mixed with a wooden spoon and sent to a cold place. The downside of this method is that the vegetable is not stored for too long. To do this, it is better to use a hot marinade, in which vinegar will be present. Such cabbage can be mixed with beets, sweet peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes. Stored pickled cabbage under oppression in a cool place throughout the winter or rolled into previously sterilized jars.

Quail and pickled cabbage can be consumed both independently and prepare various dishes from it. It will be good as a filling for vareniki, soup is cooked from it, stew is prepared.

Billet for borscht

To reduce your time for cooking borsch in winter, you can prepare a complex billet with cabbage. It is stewed together with tomatoes, beets, pepper, carrots and in a hot kind is sealed in jars.

Cabbage leaves for cabbage rolls

It takes a long time to prepare cabbage rolls, and it is difficult to find a suitable cabbage? There is a solution: prepare in advance a preparation from cabbage leaves which will be stored not one year, ukuporennaja in the sterilized banks. To do this:

  • cut off a kochenyku and cut it at the base 4 times;
  • place in boiling water;
  • the separated leaves roll into a tube and fit tightly into jars;
  • fill the leaves with boiling tomato and roll them;
  • cool under the blanket and send it to the pantry.

Cabbage salads for the winter

All kinds of cabbage salads are also good, which is not a shame to serve on the festive table. The flavor is given to the sour apple and cumin, which are included in the composition. Serve the salad generously strewn with herbs.


Cauliflower is a frequent guest in the beds of amateurs and professional gardeners. Although it is difficult enough to grow, and it is prone to frequent illnesses, it does not make it less popular. After all, this cabbage is a very valuable dietetic and vitamin-rich vegetable.

The harvest peak comes at a time when the heads have reached at least 10 cm in diameter and weighing 0.5 kg. Cut the heads with a sharp knife, grabbing a few lower leaves. Under the right storage conditions cauliflower can be stored for 1.5-2 months, remaining fresh.

To eat cabbage longer, you can freeze it or cook all sorts of pickled goodies.

How to freeze cauliflower

Freezing is the easiest way to store all useful substances in cauliflower. For this, the heads are thoroughly washed in warm water and sorted into inflorescences. While you are washing cabbage, a pot with boiling salted water should stand on the stove. The disassembled inflorescences are placed in boiling water and blanched for 2-3 minutes. After that the cabbage is cooled, packed in packages and placed in the freezer.

Frozen cabbage can be used in the same way as fresh. Steamed, fried in deep-fried rice, cooked mashed potatoes with milk, made all kinds of casseroles. It is very popular cauliflower and as the first food for small children.

Pickled cauliflower

If you want something spicy and salty, we advise you to cook marinated cauliflower. Also, previously disassembled on the inflorescence and washed cabbage is placed in jars and filled with a hot marinade, which necessarily includes apple or table vinegar. For the beautiful color of the inflorescences, you can use a little turmeric. A well-marinated cabbage is supplemented with carrots, peppers and beets.

This method of cooking is not easy, but the taste will certainly surprise you. The fact that the cauliflower is less difficult for digestion than the white-bellied cabbage will also please.

Broccoli Broccoli

Broccoli is less difficult to grow than cauliflower, but is difficult to store. It is a perishable product, and it is peculiar to it to quickly wilt and become unsuitable for consumption. Therefore, the timely preservation of the harvest depends on the time of harvest. Unripe it will be very bitter, but overripe for a long time will not survive.

Broccoli is not very resistant to variable weather conditions, so when planting, give preference to late-ripening varieties. Yes, and clean the vegetable better in cool weather. Determine the ideal maturity of cabbage will help such signs:

  1. The broccoli head has a bright saturated green color and is at least 10 cm in diameter.
  2. There are no yellow blotches on the inflorescences.
  3. The size of the central inflorescence considerably exceeds the size of the extreme inflorescences.

For the same signs of ripeness, you can choose cabbage in a store or on the market. But further to the hostesses there is another question: how to keep broccoli for the whole winter? After all, in the refrigerator cabbage remains fresh only a few days.

The answer is simple. Use the freezing method. This will help to save in the cabbage all the useful microelements and vitamins. Here is a brief instruction how to do it:

  1. Soak whole cabbage heads in water with a little addition of vinegar. This will help to rid the broccoli of insects and dirt.
  2. Disassemble the head on the inflorescence.
  3. Blanch broccoli, like cauliflower, for a few minutes in boiling water.
  4. Processed cabbage in boiling water, place it in ice water, so that the cooking process stops, and the cabbage does not lose its bright color.
  5. Dry the inflorescence, package by package and place in the freezer.

This method is the most acceptable for everyone, since broccoli is still a dietary product that is often used in diabetics' diets and small children. From frozen cabbage, you can prepare a variety of dishes that will please your unusual taste.

Peking cabbage

This kind of cabbage came to us relatively recently, but experienced agronomists-breeders have already brought out certain varieties that have adapted to the climatic conditions of many regions of our country. Such varieties and should be given preference to keep the freshness of the vegetable longer. With proper storage and collected in late September, Peking cabbage can lie before the New Year.

There are other ways that provide longer storage. One can immediately say that it is better not to froze this cabbage if you are not going to use it in soups. The leaves of the Peking cabbage are tender enough, and after thawing they will turn into an unappetizing shapeless substance.

There are a lot of interesting recipes of pickled Pekinese cabbage, which will be a wonderful addition to any dishes on the dining table.

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