2 years of marriage: what a wedding, what to give

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  • Why is the second anniversary of a joint life - "paper"?
  • How to celebrate a paper wedding?
  • What to present for 2 years of the wedding to friends?
  • Gifts for her husband?
  • What to give to his wife?
  • A gift for a paper wedding by one's own hands

Each family has its own traditions. To celebrate the anniversary of the wedding and give each other gifts is one of them. Today we will tell about the milestone in 2 years: what kind of wedding, why it is so called, how best to celebrate it. The best ideas for celebrations and gifts - in this article!

Why is the second anniversary of a joint life - "paper"?

Paper is a very brittle and at the same time elastic material.2 years of marriage - this is the period for which the marital relationship has not yet become stronger, they are experiencing the stage of building a family. That's why 2 years of wedding is called a paper wedding.

To celebrate this day and give gifts - the tradition of many people:

  • In the US it is customary to give figures from paper - origami. They symbolize transformation and impermanence in the relationship.
  • In Russia they give matryoshkas, symbolizing a large and friendly family. Supplement the gift written on paper with poetry-wishes.
  • The Greeks and Magyars have a dance of money: the wife dances, and everyone who wants to join her attach money bills to her clothes.

Another option for treating the name of the second anniversary of the wedding - easily tearing like a paper, relationship. Often by this day a child appears in the family, which introduces noticeable changes in the relationship of the spouses, complicating them. On the basis of fatigue and irritability in the family often there are conflicts. To a young family tore a paper, not a relationship, it was customary to replenish the paper stocks in the house. For this purpose, books, calendars, albums and so on were given.

How to celebrate a paper wedding?

Two years of marriage can be celebrated in a narrow family circle or invite friends and relatives. For a family holiday, you can choose the most unusual place:

  1. Go to nature. It can be a forest, a secluded beach or mountains. Even if the anniversary falls on the cold season, it is not an occasion to sit at home. To remember the holiday, it is necessary to take a small folding tent or a canopy and decorate it with paper garlands, lanterns, flowers. To make the situation even more romantic will help cozy chaise lounges, rugs, fruits, favorite sweets, tea, cooked at the stake.
  2. Arrange dinner on the roof. For this purpose a solitary roof of a multi-storey building is suitable. It is not necessary to equip it with a table and armchairs - the most usual blanket will do, but beautiful glasses and champagne are an indispensable attribute of a romantic evening. You can cook dinner together or order it in a restaurant. Paper Chinese lantern, launched from the roof, will be a symbol of the anniversary of family life.
  3. Arrange the quest in the library. On the eve of the holiday, you should prepare and hide on the bookshelves memos with riddles and romantic wishes. In the final of the quest can be gifts in the form of a collection of your favorite book or a new bestseller.
  4. Send to each other romantic letters. With the advent of the Internet and mobile phones, the custom of sending postcards and love letters is almost forgotten. Love recognitions, written by hand and sent by mail, will become a pleasant and touching little thing.
  5. Go to the master class on origami. Together, you can design from paper animal figurines or even home decor.
  6. Make each other cards with their own hands. It is best to attend a lesson in the production of postcards, where the master will help to realize any fantasy.
  7. Draw portraits or cartoons. Drawing is a process that helps to relax and get closer. In the figure, you can emphasize the best qualities and traits or, on the contrary, hint that one does not like the nature or behavior of the spouse.

For a holiday with friends the café or restaurant, cottage or camp site is perfect. You can also arrange a party at home. For entertainment guests can arrange:

  • master class on origami;
  • competition for the production of paper airplanes( the winner can be one whose airplane will spend the most time in the air, will fly further or just be the most unusual);
  • launch of kites;
  • launch of paper Chinese lanterns;
  • master class on papier-mâché.

Regardless of the place of the celebration, you should decorate the room and make pleasant surprises for the guests. For girls, you can make comic cardboard crowns or kokoshniki, for guys - cocked hat and skullcap.

Gifts for 2 years of marriage to friends?

For sure, for 2 years of married life, the young family has accumulated many happy moments, imprinted in photographs. Therefore, a great family photo album becomes a great gift for young people. It can not only be bought, but also made to order or made by hand.

In addition, an inexpensive and useful gift for a paper wedding will be:

  1. Subscription to periodicals about cars, gardening, interior and other magazines. It is important to proceed from the type of occupation, because it is unlikely that those who do not imagine life without fishing will be interested in fashion magazines.
  2. Book. It can be both fiction and a useful cookbook, dictionary, atlas or even Kama Sutra in the house.
  3. Puzzles. You can choose a reproduction of the picture, a photo of your favorite superhero couple or even order puzzles with a family photo.
  4. Diary is an excellent gift for a business family. They can also be made to order by decorating the name or photograph of the young.
  5. A set for creativity - a paper constructor or a set for drawing. Such a gift will necessarily dilute everyday life of family life.

What else do they give for 2 years of the wedding? Of course, money. They can be presented both in a beautiful postcard or envelope, and in the form of a whole bouquet. To do this, from the bills should be made tulips, as taught to make from paper in the classroom at school, and thread them on wooden skewers. From other denominations it is possible to make leaves so that the bouquet looks more magnificent. You can decorate a gift with ribbons and bows.

What to give to her husband?

A gift for a wedding anniversary of 2 years for a husband is not just a book or a subscription to a favorite magazine. Although for the lovers of printed literature, the smell of the pages of the new book is a real pleasure. My beloved husband can be presented:

  1. A poster with sweets, made by own hands. On the sheet of Whatman you need to write or draw a love letter, attaching a certain delicacy to each drawing.
  2. Coupons for massage of the back, legs, neck, etc. At any time, the spouse can give one of the coupons to the wife and get the procedure indicated on it.
  3. Bank with wishes or qualities of the husband for which he is loved. On a small leaf, you need to write one quality or affectionate word and wrap it with a tube. These leaves need to fill a neat glass jar, close it with a lid and decorate with ribbons.
  4. A frame with photos that will decorate his office or workplace in the office.
  5. Diary, decorated with his own hands. You can make a cover by yourself or make an entire notebook to order.
  6. Calendar. You can order a wall calendar for the house or a small desktop that the spouse can put on his desk. Its main feature is joint photos.
  7. Collage of family photos.
    You can print a large poster by adding photos to your favorite superheroes or cartoon characters.
  8. Chocolate, packed in a personal wrapper. You can order a whole set with different family photos. Chocolate must have a name, derived from the name.

What is the original gift for a wedding wedding to her husband? If the spouse is a connoisseur of modern literature, an excellent gift will be a book with the author's autograph or an invitation to present a new novel. And a few more options that give the wife a paper wedding to her husbands:

  • a certificate for skydiving from a bridge or roof of a multi-storey building;
  • certificate for a flight on a small airplane with the execution of air tricks;
  • joint flight in a hot air balloon;
  • kayaking on the river;
  • tickets to a concert of his favorite musical group, even if he passes in another city.

By the way, tickets for the game of his favorite football team - this is also a paper gift.

What to give to his wife?

Men choose a gift to his wife a bit harder, because it's difficult to choose a dear gift, but you do not want to give a cheap one. A few examples of what is given on the second anniversary of the wedding wife:

  1. If the wife is fond of astrology, making horoscopes, then the corresponding book will be the best gift. It also concerns divination, needlework and other hobbies. Books on cooking, dietology and fitness are best not to give, if the spouse herself did not mention it.
  2. For lovers of cooking and inventing new recipes, you can buy a special culinary notebook-album, where you can write down recipes and paste photos of your masterpieces. Perhaps in a few years the book can be printed in thousands of copies or it will become a family relic.
  3. The discovery card is a great gift for travelers. On the world map of large format, a special coating is applied, which must be washed after visiting a particular country. Another option for the map is small needles with flags that mark visited cities.
  4. Tickets for the concert of her favorite band. Suitable and tickets to the theater for the staging of her favorite work, in the circus or the Philharmonic.
  5. Tours to exotic islands and airline tickets are also made of paper, so they are ideal as a gift for the anniversary.
  6. Subscriptions to the spa, various creative master classes, photo shoot. Extreme lovers can be presented with a parachute jump certificate, riding a horse, etc.
  7. Certificate in a perfume or underwear store.

Not necessarily gifts for a paper wedding should be made of paper. A beautiful paper package or box with enough:

  1. Live tropical butterflies - one of the most romantic gifts. Colorful, bright moths will give the sea a positive.
  2. You can also present in the paper packaging a long-awaited gadget - a new phone, a tablet, a player, a sports device.
  3. Jewelry or expensive jewelry - earrings, bracelets, rings and so on.
  4. Dress, shoes, handbag or underwear.

An excellent addition to any material gift will be a certificate for the fulfillment of the wishes of his wife. This can be like one thing, for example, washing dishes or coffee in bed, and a whole set:

  • cleaning in the house;
  • massage;
  • laundry;
  • joint shopping;
  • breakfast in bed;
  • cooking dinner;
  • joint trip to the mother-in-law;
  • execution of any desire.
The variety of wishes depends on the imagination and habits of the family. You can supplement the list with various sexual desires and fantasies.

What is not given on the second anniversary of the wedding to their wives:

  • books on raising children;
  • cookbooks if the spouse can not cook;
  • tickets to the gym( except - the wife regularly visits him), because the gift can be regarded as an offensive hint of a bad physical shape;
  • paper flowers.

Gift for a paper wedding by own hands

Handmade crafts are becoming more popular every day. Made with a soul with their own hands, gifts from paper - an excellent surprise for the anniversary. It is best to agree with the spouse in advance that everyone should make a gift with their own hands. You can prepare:

  1. Postcard in the style of quilling - a special technique of twisting paper strips and the formation of individual elements of whole pictures - both flat and volume, as well as all kinds of handicrafts. Due to the intertwining of lines and curls, the outlines of any objects are obtained: plants, animals, letters, portraits or complex abstract patterns. Instructions for manufacturing can be found on the Internet or go to a special master class.
  2. Decor items for origami room. Different pigeons and seagulls, made from the most common paper with their own hands, will help create a home cosiness even in the most unpretentious interior.
  3. Picture. You can draw portraits of each other, landscape or reproduction of your favorite painting. You can draw as oil, and coals, watercolor, ordinary pencils.
  4. Frame for the photo. Often frames are made from papier-mâché, decorating with paper flowers, buttons, beads and other small trinkets on top. For the basis take a crushed newspaper or loose paper and glue the pieces together with a paste or gypsum, giving the craft the desired shape. In addition to the photo frame, you can make objects of the interior: models of cups, vases, carnival masks, various statuettes of bizarre shapes.
  5. Family Tree. You can cut out the base from colored cardboard, and on the branches and leaves you can put photos of great-grandparents, grandfathers and grandmothers, parents, your own and, of course, children, if they already exist. You can decorate a tree with flowers from colored paper, ribbons, bows, beads.
  6. Organizer for drawer with underwear. Traditionally, the dividers for the box or small boxes are bought in the store, but why not make them yourself? To do this, it follows from the colored cardboard to make simple boxes of different sizes, decorating them with various amusing inscriptions that would reflect the purpose of the box. For example, "for superman socks", "for fairy stockings."
  7. Casket for storing small items. For a basis it is possible to take the most usual wooden casket or to make of a papier-mache. Decorate the box can be artistic painting, photo cards, decoupage techniques, etc.

A common gift for a paper wedding is a letter to the spouse. They write a thank-you for love and care, describe positive and negative qualities, express grievances about which they did not dare to tell, share plans for the future. It is important to remember that making gift handicrafts requires some time, so it is worthwhile to prepare.

The anniversary of family life is a wonderful occasion for a holiday and a gift. It does not matter how expensive it will be. The main thing - it should reflect all the warmth and love for the spouse.

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