English technology of hair extensions

  • Hair correction

English hair extensions technology appeared in the 80s of the last century, when the British hairdresser Simon Forbes developed a special glue for fixing overhead and natural hair. Today this method of building is chosen for several reasons: for most women it is affordable, and for those who like to experiment, it is doubly attractive: artificial strands are represented in a rich color range, they are made of different lengths( up to 70 cm) and volume.

English hair extension is one of the hottest methods of hair extensions. It is carried out with the help of a special glue gun and an organic resin based on keratin. A strand of hair is usually added to the occipital or temporal part of the head. At the junction of their own hair and added strands, a small ball is produced. The melting point of the resin is much lower than the one to which irons and curling irons are heated, and the gun only delivers it to donor strands. With natural curls, he does not contact, so they are not damaged.

Building on English technology is performed only on clean hair of 6 cm in length. It is necessary to thoroughly wash the head with a special shampoo - with this the master of English hair extensions technology and starts work. The procedure for building up is spent about 3 hours. At a distance of 1 cm from the roots, the master presses a strand of resin with a special hot tongs to the hair of the client. On the average 100-150 donor strings are used. Places fixing overhead and natural curls - like tiny grains: they are almost invisible, except that the touch is a little palpable. The resin is presented in various shades, which allows it to be selected for the color of natural hair, and a pistol is used to build up in the parietal zone and the region of the temples, which feeds the heated resin in small portions.

Hair correction

Hair extension in English technology is an opportunity to enjoy a new hairstyle for 2-4 months. The term of wearing false hair depends on several factors: the type, condition and speed of growth of your own hair, the quality of resin and, of course, the professionalism of a master in English hair extension technology. The longer the hair has not been dyed and the more dry they are in structure, the less likely they will need correction. The more experienced the master and the quality of the resin that he used, the stronger will hold the artificial strands. Timely correction will help prevent combing of accreted strands, because resin capsules eventually break down. The master processes the places of the bindings of the native and donor locks with a special liquid that softens the resin, then breaks the capsules and easily removes the overhead strands, which they then tidy up and re-build.

Advantages of the English technology of hair extensions

  • A big plus in this technology is the ability to correct the hairdress when the hair grows: the accreted strand is removed, and then reinstalled closer to the roots of your own hair.
  • Suitable for all types of hair;
  • The size of the capsules can be varied;
  • The resin does not cause allergies and does not harm the hair;
  • Capsules neat and inconspicuous;
  • After the hair extensions look very natural;
  • Donor strands are worn for up to 1 year, they can be used for repeated corrections;
  • With accustomed hair, you can do the same thing as with natural hair: curl, straighten, fit in any hairstyles - there are no restrictions;
  • Strands are formed manually, which allows you to take into account the most original wishes of the client, for example, to combine in one strand a hairs of different shades.

Cons of English technology for hair extensions

  • However, there is in this technology hair extensions and a significant disadvantage: over time, hair from the accreted strand is combed, but with a qualitative increase, proper care and timely correction of this can be avoided;
  • You can not build bangs;
  • It is very undesirable to apply masks and balms on capsules;
  • If the resin is of poor quality, the hair will stick together;
  • After the English build-up, visits to the sauna, sauna, solarium are not welcome;
  • It is forbidden to dry hair with a hair dryer( in the "cold air" mode it is possible), and combing them must be very carefully so as not to damage the capsules.

Contraindications to the use of English hair extension technology.

The English method of hair extension is not recommended for girls suffering from dermatological diseases of the scalp, alopecia, vegeto-vascular dystonia, which has very fine hair and regularly takes hormonal preparations.

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