Slicing vegetables on a festive table

The obligatory part of any celebration is a festive treat. Guests will be invited to the table, covered by the efforts of the hosts, and there - a real tablecloth-self-dress: both salads and hot dishes, in the second shift there will be a dessert, and necessarily - slicing.

Without cheese, sausages, meat products, fruits in any way, but do not forget about vegetables. Cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers and similar bright colors will decorate the table.

Of course, provided they are neatly cut and nicely laid out on plates, dishes:

  • Vegetables, both raw and cooked, should not be served completely on the table: they are more like a still life than a prepared dish. Selected beautiful, not beaten and not deformed specimens cut into a vegetable board with a sharp knife. Cross, under a slight slope. This results in cute ovals. These blanks are flaked on a flat dish.
  • Vegetable cuts, laid by scales, look spectacular on the table. Thus you can lay out and mono-dishes, and combined from several types of vegetables. Colors selected in contrast, perfectly in harmony. And if the vegetable scales are expanded in the direction from one edge to the other, selecting a certain reference point, you will get a fish or a peacock with a trunk delivered from the potato.
  • Vegetable slicing is not worse - straws. For her choose vegetables fleshy, if tomatoes, then not too juicy varieties. Cut along along several plates, vegetables cut into strips a centimeter thick. The dish is laid out with small slides, combining colors. And if you cut vegetables with small straws, they will make a salad chamomile in contrast to the flowers, pour mayonnaise in the middle - and let the guests choose what they like, seasoning the pieces with sauce.
  • From the boiled potatoes in the uniform, almost real mushrooms are produced. Baked roots are cut into the "equator", the upper part is left in the peel. It's a hat. From the side of the leg part of the potato is cut, leaving a thick cylinder. Cuts are useful for salads, and mushrooms are spread on a plate with other vegetables.
  • It will look beautiful in a vegetable dish with a multicolored geometry. For her, vegetables of different colors are cut in circles, rhombuses, squares or stars. The reference point is the center and the diagonals from it. On them and lay out vegetable slices. So you can make a kaleidoscope with the reflection of three "mirrors".The dish is the bottom of the kaleidoscope.
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