A hat. Fashionable haircut and its variants

  • Features of cutting the hats
  • All pro and contra
  • To whom is the haircut a cap?
  • Variations of a haircut
  • How to arrange a haircut?
  • Ways of laying the cap

Smooth outlines, soft rounded contours, noticeable volume, characteristic styling - all this about the popular hairstyle from the distant 60's, which is called "cap".There are different variations of haircuts for short, medium, long strands. This is the choice of original and stylish people! Grooming the cap allows you to create a bright, dynamic and at the same time elegant image.

You can use contrasting staining or highlighting as the decoration for this styling. Creative hair will look great on straight and curly hair.

In addition, it well masks defects in appearance and easily fits.

Features of cutting the hats

This haircut is universal, its variations can be embodied in strands of different lengths. To give the hair an effective texture, splendor and a specific shape, it is necessary to consult an experienced master.

  • Squirrel - dense or torn, short or long, with a smooth transition or asymmetric. Its classic version looks perfect on flat strands, on the waves or curls the haircut is simply lost.
  • One of the most important features is a three-dimensional top that simply does not work if the strands are too short.
  • A characteristic feature of the haircut is the smooth transition of the tips. To display it, you need to profile them.

The cap on medium hair is a bit like a bean, graduated or ordinary square. Many people confuse these haircuts, but an experienced hairdresser will notice the differences:

  1. The classic square is of equal length.
  2. Bob - bare neck.
  3. Graduated quads with a ladder on the face( from the temples to the chin).
  4. And the technology for performing these haircuts is different.

A thin type of hair is ideal for creating a hairdo cap, such curls are very docile, quickly take the desired shape.

This haircut will suit both the girl in the kindergarten and the woman for 40 years.
Universal hair style perfectly complements any style of clothing and type of face. This hairstyle is not recommended only to those girls whose hair is thick and stiff, because they will not keep the shape.

All pro and contra

A feminine haircut with a hat has its advantages:

  • The hair can be selected for any shape of face. Especially it goes to the oval or square. For chubby, you can also choose the option.
  • To lay this haircut, you will need a minimum amount of time and very few fixing tools.
  • Any variant of the hairstyle looks great on a girl or a mature woman.
  • There are bangs of different variations: straight, asymmetrical, smooth, torn, stepped.
  • If you have a round face, long hair, then the "cap" will visually make it narrower, hide the defects of appearance. If the shape of the face is square, then the hair will smooth out angular features due to smooth transitions and soft outlines.
  • If you grow a little curls, you can make a classic, graded or Bob-kar.

Despite its attractiveness, the haircut has drawbacks:

  • To make the styling look large, beautiful and well-groomed, it is necessary to regularly update the length of the occipital and temporal strands.
  • This is a complex haircut, and therefore it is very important to find a professional who will perform it in accordance with the type of hair, their structure, length.

Who is the haircut cap?

Laconic and stylish styling does not have strict limitations and is suitable for almost everyone. It does not matter what strands you have - thick, thin, even or curly, the cap will fit, the main thing is to choose the right haircut in accordance with the shape of the face. The only exception is thick, stiff curls, which are almost impossible to give the desired shape, even with the use of intensive fixation.

  • Another important point is the degree of openness of the neck. A cap on short hair completely bares the neck, emphasizes all its pluses and minuses. If your neck is too long and thin, then a short version is not for you, since the head will seem too big because of the specific amount of hair.
  • A short haircut will not add attractiveness to women with a stocky, short or full neck. In this case, it is better to give preference to a medium or longer cap.
  • The hairdress looks differently on different types of face:
    1. To the wearer of a round or oval face, the haircut visually lengthens the neck, making the eyes more expressive.
    2. If the shape of the face is square or rectangular, then the hair will smooth out angular features, highlight the neck and cheekbones.
    3. If the face is in the form of a triangle, then the cap accentuates the eyes and narrow chin.

Variations of a haircut

It is a haircut-transformer, it is easy to diversify. There are variations that vary in length and technique. The classical version is popular among girls from 3 years old, and girls and mature women prefer more interesting options.

Popular types of hats:

  1. Usual has a smooth cut, and its shape is similar to the eponymous headgear. The nape of the neck can be lightly shaved or leave long strands that will lie on the neck. The deep bangs reach the eyebrows, merge with the side strands, the parting is absent. It is worth noting that this is a short haircut. Recommended daily styling.
  2. Haircut with elements of the cascade has a characteristic feature - a smooth transition from the lush crown to the long curls. Limitations for maximum length are not available. This option is ideal for girls who really liked this haircut, but you do not want to cut long hair.
  3. The shortened version of the haircut "on the leg" looks like a classic version. The only difference is a very short-cut or shaved occipital area. From the front of her hair looks like an ordinary hat.
  4. Hat with a bang - this is one of the most popular options. Here, the bang acts as a separate structural element, which completely changes the appearance of the hairstyle. It can have different shapes and lengths.
  5. With long side strands in front. Externally, this haircut resembles a classic or graded Bob-kar. This option is suitable for any shape of face.
  6. Cap with geometric cuts and texturing hair. The master with the help of a haircut creates the effect of tousled feathers. The top is slightly raised, and the main volume is located on the vertex.
  7. Very creative double-cap looks. Its main feature: the first line ends above the ears, and the second closes the lobes. As decoration is especially popular two-color painting, for this use contrasting shades.
  8. The haircut with elements of asymmetry is creative. A characteristic feature is an elongation on one side or a long string near the face.

How to make a haircut?

If you decide to make a haircut under the hat, then you and your master should think about the design of the hair.

The main thing is a bang. It should be a thick straight line, merging with the main mass of hair. As for the length of the bangs, it can be small or large. The ideal option for girls with an outstretched face is a short fringe, the rest is more suitable for a long one.

Color registration is the second important point. Here, the opinions of experts are divided:

  • , some believe that the most suitable for this haircut is a one-color painting;
  • and others are sure that highlighting is a better option.

Therefore, rely on your own taste preferences.

The hat looks equally beautiful on dark, light and red strands. Uniform coloring creates the appearance of a single volume, and this is the main feature of this haircut. And thanks to melirovaniu or coloring of the hairdress gets additional volume and ease.

To improve the appearance of the haircut, you can use creative coloring, but for this you should use contrasting colors. With the help of them, one can identify elongated strands or asymmetry.

If you have a double cap, then the lower level is painted in a light shade, and the upper one - in a dark one.

Ways of laying the cap

  • The shortened version of the cap almost does not require stacking, especially in cases with straight, dense curls.
  • If you have a thin type of hair, then you need to correct your hair with a hair dryer and a round comb.
  • Haircut cap on medium hair looks very attractive and original. To change its shape, work with tips: they can be straightened, wrapped to themselves or outward.
  • Cap for long hair allows you to experiment with styling. It can be a ponytail, a bun, a shell, bundles, weaving elements, curls, etc.

Whichever option you choose, make sure that the hair glitters, because in the dull strands this haircut does not look. And the rest of the hat will make you bright, stylish and attractive!

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