40 years to the family: what kind of wedding that they give

  • What is the 40th anniversary?
  • Traditions celebrating the 40th anniversary of family life
  • . How is this anniversary celebrated?
  • Clothes for the spouses at the ruby ​​wedding
  • Table setting and festive menu
  • What do they give to the ruby ​​wedding?
  • Gifts of the spouses to each other

Anniversary of a joint life of 40 years - what wedding is celebrated, what has the tradition? We will discuss this in detail in our article. This significant jubilee of a happy and prosperous marriage deserves special attention.

What is the 40th anniversary?

Spouses for almost half a century together, only a decade separates them from the celebration of the golden anniversary. Well, after 40 years of a happy marriage, a husband and wife accept congratulations on a ruby ​​wedding. Why is this significant event associated with ruby?

Ruby is a rock of red color. Formless and faded, in the process of cutting it turns into a beautiful, sparkling stone-colored blood. Family relationships that survive to a ruby ​​wedding, it is customary to compare with a painstakingly crafted jewel, because over time they have become stronger, more versatile and more beautiful.

Traditions celebrating the 40th anniversary of the family life

Ruby wedding has many interesting customs. The most common of these is the exchange of rings. The essence is this: the spouses take off their old wedding rings and exchange new, decorated rubies. The old rings will also be used, but later, when grandchildren decide to acquire families. And until then, the rings should be quietly waiting for their time in the box along with other jewelry jewelry of the spouse.

Another curious and beautiful custom. Anniversaries tear off berries from a cherry tree, fastened with pedicels, eat, not disconnecting, and dig in bones into the ground. It is believed that if, after a while, two trees with woven roots grow on this place, this means that the husband and wife have lived a happy family life. It is not necessary to hold this ritual on the day of the anniversary of the wedding, it can be done on the eve or after the celebration.

And according to the Caucasian custom, the spouses eat one grenade for two. With each grain eaten, the husband and wife alternately refer to the dignity of each other. If they have never repeated in the list of laudatory epithets, then they have lived a happy life together.

How is this anniversary celebrated?

The wedding anniversary, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of a joint life, is usually celebrated widely, on a grand scale. This significant holiday is best celebrated by the whole family in a restaurant or cafe, which can accommodate a large number of guests. Choose an institution where the elderly couple will feel comfortable, relax and temporarily distract from everyday problems. There should be enough space in the room that guests can dance or retire for a spiritual conversation.

  • When planning a celebration, it is necessary to take into account that the interior should be designed in ruby ​​colors, because it is much easier to make additional decor elements than to start everything from scratch. Well, if the windows are maroon drapes, on the tables - tablecloths and napkins of the appropriate shade. To decorate the room used red flowers, balloons, garlands and serpentine, sustained in a color scheme that corresponds to the theme of the holiday.
  • The fair merry-go-round will look great: the red tape attached to the chandelier is fastened to the furniture and walls in a circle. Everyone sitting at the table will be in an improvised tent.
  • If the spouses for some reason do not want to celebrate the anniversary in the restaurant, then nothing will prevent them from accepting congratulations on the 40th anniversary of the wedding of the house.

In this case, the room should also be decorated in ruby ​​tones. For beautiful decor you can use flowers, colorful balloons, garlands, symbolic hearts. It will be simply wonderful if close people of heroes will take part in the festive decoration. Their efforts will not go unnoticed and will bring a lot of joy to the couple.

Each guest can be given a symbolic ruby ​​medal. So the guests will signify their belonging to a significant date and express respect and affection for the jubilees.

In warm weather, you can go to a big company for nature, fry shish kebabs, enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.
Noisy foray will surely leave an indelible impression in the soul of the couple.

It may also happen that the spouses will want to spend this day together, enjoying each other's company. Friends or relatives can take care of husband and wife to spend an unforgettable romantic evening, and order a table in the restaurant.

Clothes of the spouses at the ruby ​​wedding

The couple should prepare for the celebration of such a significant date and look great, regardless of the place of the celebration. What to wear for the jubilee is up to the spouses themselves. However, no one will argue with the fact that the clothes should be not only elegant, festive, but also comfortable, so that nothing overshadows the good mood.

Well, of course, festive outfits must match the subject of the event.

Clothing does not have to be completely ruby, it's enough if separate elements of red color are present in the images of the husband and wife: a necklace, a bracelet, a tie, a shirt.

Table setting and festive menu

The magnificent table, served for the anniversary of 40 years of marriage, is a true riot of red shades. This is a bright tablecloth - white with red roses or ruby ​​with white painting, and dishes with berry or floral ornament.

  • It is better to give preference to red wine from alcoholic beverages - it will look more than appropriate at the wedding table, because it perfectly matches the color of a ruby. It is better if guests are offered home-made wine - cherry, raspberry, grape. High quality and natural composition of the drink guarantee the well-being of the guests, and consequently, their positive mood during the celebration. It would be superfluous to put on the table red and pink varieties of champagne.
  • As a dessert, guests are offered fruit and berry jelly, marmalade, as well as fresh berries.
  • No solemn event can not do without a cake, will not be an exception and a ruby ​​wedding. If the anniversary will pass at home, then you can bake a cake yourself, but if in a restaurant, it's better to entrust this task to professionals who create a delicious dessert by individual order.

Scenario of the ruby ​​wedding

If the jubilee decided to invite a large number of guests and spend a wedding in a restaurant, it would be sensible to invite a professional toastmaster.

Perhaps , this duty will want to take on the most active friend or relative. He will read out funny congratulations, hold various amusing contests, dances, quizzes with traditional questions and in every possible way entertain those attending the event.

It is advisable to plan the scenario in advance and discuss it with the perpetrators of the celebration, in order not to put them in a ridiculous image before the guests.

What do they give to a ruby ​​wedding?

Guests invited to the anniversary of the 40th anniversary of their joint life have a huge selection of suitable presents, but all of them should in one way or another correspond to the theme of the celebration. Of course, the most luxurious gift will be considered jewelry with rubies, but not every guest can afford such a luxurious gesture.

What do they give to a ruby ​​wedding? To please the perpetrators of the celebration is possible with the help of any subject instructed by rubies. It is quite appropriate things not only with real stones, but also artificial, imitating a luxurious ruby ​​glow. It is quite appropriate to look any kind of things red. In the end, you can give anything, wrapping the present in a beautiful wrapping paper ruby ​​color.

Good gifts for ruby ​​wedding:

  • casket for storing ornaments, various trifles;
  • 40 bottles of vintage wine;
  • tablecloth, napkins, towels;
  • beautiful vase;
  • set of crystal glasses;
  • decorative figurines decorated with rubies;
  • candles , candelabra;
  • table, mahogany shelves;
  • interior items in red.

Presenting a ruby ​​wedding for parents can also be a more valuable gift, for example, home appliances in a red case.

A significant date can not pass without sincere congratulations with a ruby ​​wedding and the abundance of flowers that guests will bestow upon a married couple. But clothes and bed linen are not accepted.

Gifts of spouses to each other

For 40 years of marriage, the couple have learned to anticipate each other's desires. What can you please your second half for a ruby ​​anniversary?

Gifts for the husband from his wife

  1. Cufflinks, tie clips, seals, bracelet with precious red stone or interspersed with ruby ​​chips. A truly magnificent present!
  2. Dear collectible red wine. By the way, the bottle can be used during a romantic dinner on the day of the wedding.
  3. Shirt or tie of spectacular red color.
  4. Beautiful plaid in a red color scheme with a love theme.
  5. Wristwatch with their photo with a beautiful red bracelet. Men rarely wear clothes and accessories of red color, but fashionable watches with a stylish bracelet like even the most demanding of men.
  6. A cigarette-case or an ashtray if the spouse smokes.
  7. Dagger, the handle of which is instructed by stones.
  8. Red wallet.
  9. Cover for electronic device.

Gifts for the wife from her husband

Surprise for a beloved wife for a ruby ​​wedding should be luxurious, because this woman for so many years was not only his wife, but also a reliable ally. On this day, she deserves only the best, as well as the warmest sincere congratulations on the 40th anniversary of the wedding.

  1. Jewelry with rubies - a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, a pendant, earrings.
  2. Suitable high-quality jewelry with red stones.
  3. Indoor plants - for women, fond of floriculture.
  4. Clothing of red color.
  5. Cozy home slippers made of red fur.
  6. Phone, laptop.
  7. The original diary.

If the gift does not correspond to the theme of the celebration, then it should be wrapped in scarlet wrapping paper. As for the flowers, then to give 40 colors, of course, is not worth it. Adding one flower will serve as an eloquent hint to the continuation of equally lasting relationships not only until the next anniversary, but also to all subsequent.

But pots and pans are not worth giving, these are not items that a woman dreams of receiving as a gift from her beloved wife on such a remarkable day.

Well, the most luxurious gift for the wedding anniversary of 40 years for spouses, except rubies, will be a romantic journey. Perhaps they had planned a trip for a long time, but for some reason they postponed it. Give the culprits the opportunity to visit their beloved country!

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