How to wear a tie and shirt with a short sleeve

  • Features of style smart casual
  • How to choose a shirt with a short sleeve?
  • Which tie is right for a shirt with short sleeves?
  • Stylish models of ties
  • Fashionable ties in 2017
  • With what to combine a tie and shirt with a short sleeve?

A shirt with a short sleeve is a special subject of the men's wardrobe, and its wearing causes a lot of questions. Especially often men want to know if it is possible to wear a tie with it.

Why does this question arise? Yes, because it is customary to wear jackets and long-sleeved shirts in combination with a tie. They were always considered a sign of consistency and success, were more expensive simply because more fabric was used to make them, not all men could afford them. This is precisely what explains the presence in the official dress code of a jacket with cuffs peeping out from under the sleeves. Less well-off young people hid their short sleeves under their jackets.

The fashion is constantly changing, and today the combination of a tie with short sleeves does not seem such a mauveton, as it used to be, and no one canceled comfort. Men tend to change the official costume, make it more convenient. And this is understandable, because it is not so easy to obey a strict dress code, for example, working in hot weather in a jacket and a classic shirt.

The very idea of ​​a tie assumes its wearing in an official style, but modern fashion trends quite allow other options. Style smart casual( smart casual) allows you to wear a tie and shirt with short sleeves, the main thing is to do it right. Moreover, designers and fashion designers in 2017 strongly recommend choosing only short-sleeved shirts, they are again at the peak of popularity!

Features of the style smart casual

The dress code in the style of the smart cache is quite "blurry" and, in general, involves a combination of elegant, classic things with everyday. For example, you can wear jeans with a jacket, not only at a party, but also in the office. The main requirements of the style can be defined as follows:

  1. Comfort and naturalness. You need to choose clothes and shoes from natural fabrics( cotton, wool, linen, leather), focusing on the main purpose of the style - to look fashionable and not lose the comfort and convenience.
  2. Stylish accessories. It is they who add a touch to the image and emphasize individuality and excellent taste. Men should not be afraid of experiments and choose unusual accessories: thin or knitted ties, bright butterflies, breastpacks, glasses, bags.
  3. Balance between Formality and Informality. For the basis of the image is better to take smart clothes and dilute it everyday, add more colorful things to the wardrobe( but do not overdo it).

How to choose a shirt with a short sleeve?

  • It is better to choose a shirt with a monophonic or minimal pattern.
  • A more fitting style with tight sleeves is desirable( beautiful man's hands are very attractive in such).
  • The model of the shirt should be properly sized( it is not hidden under the jacket): do not squeeze the neck, do not hang, do not tighten the stomach and chest, be of sufficient length so as not to get out of the trousers while sitting. With the right approach, this shirt can be chosen for any shape.
  • For more informal options you can wear a shirt with a collar, then you also need to think about its length.

Which tie is suitable for a shirt with short sleeves?

Ties - not just an accessory, but a way to express yourself, to show individuality and taste. The attitude towards them is very ambiguous: somebody does not tolerate them and only wears them if necessary, and some do not think without them.

Tie there is a great variety to choose the right one and suitable for a shirt with a short sleeve, you need to know a few nuances:

  • choose contrasting in color or one or two tone darker or lighter than the shirt;
  • give preference to narrower or narrower models.
Do not be afraid to wear non-standard options.

Men's fashion differs from women's by a large number of conventions, and the men themselves are more conservative. The latest trends and fashion trends have a freer style of clothing and offer men of different ages first of all to trust their own taste and not be afraid of the new. Of course, the taste must be developed and developed. Using any type of accessories to create an image helps to emphasize the individuality and the presence of its own unique style.

Such a simple thing can make an image strict or frivolous, romantic or sexy. A suitably matched tie can even visually adjust the figure, you just need to observe a few simple rules.

Rule no. 1 - drawing

Ties with horizontal stripes and prints are suitable for men tall and thin, vertical pattern and monophonic version - for low and stocky representatives of the stronger sex.

Rule number 2 - form

Narrow ties of colorful and bright colors( so suitable for shirts with short sleeves) very well distract attention from the male abdomen, while large and tall young people should choose the options for ties of wider models. Also, narrow ties do not fit the full and men in their ages.

Rule number 3 - length

A very common mistake is the incorrectly selected length of the tie. It should not be lower and much higher than the belt.
Looks interesting tie, tucked between 3 and 4 buttons, shirt, military( military tuck-in).

Rule number 4 - node

There are hundreds of tying tie options, but men usually use only a few. In fact, the knot is selected depending on the style. For narrow "herrings", small tubular knots are best suited, for example, the "four" and "half-scan".By the way, narrow ties are fashionable to wear knotted a little on one side, with small folds on the knot. Thin neckties look great with knots "kristensen" or "baltus".

Stylish models of ties

  • Bow tie. A huge number of colors, options and fabrics allows you to choose a butterfly for every taste, this stylish and fashion accessory adds spontaneity and individuality to the image.
  • Neck shawl. One of the options for replacing a tie, a stylish and interesting way to attract attention.
  • Knitted tie. For several seasons, a knitted tie remains in fashion. It fits perfectly into the style of "smart kazhual" precisely because of its unusual and formalities at the same time.
  • Bow tie. Perfectly combined with jeans and trousers. Two ropes with a clasp only slightly resemble a tie, but look very original and unusual.

Fashionable ties in 2017

  • Colors.

There are many colors: it's a geometric pattern, specks, contrasting stripes, and bright monochrome colors. Designers are attracted by multi-layered and multi-color options.

Do not forget that you need to correctly combine a bright tie with the rest of your clothes, without overloading the color solutions. It is better to play in contrast or monotony. As for the flowers, the actual ones are orange, wine, violet, red indigo and gray-green.

For more brave men, floral and patterned prints will be an ideal choice. A bright trend - checkered ties in all their diversity.

  • Form.

In the coming season, special attention is paid to a narrow tie and its combination with shirts with short sleeves. Designers recommend in 2017 to choose more strict classical colors: black, blue, gray. This concerns the official style to a greater extent.

Butterfly ties do not give up their positions and are becoming more interesting and unusual, changing not only the colors, but also the shape. Now butterflies resemble neckerchiefs due to volume.

Why combine a tie and shirt with a short sleeve?

To create a more harmonious and stylish image you need to be able to combine things with each other. To make the set of tie and shirt look interesting, you need to add a few accessories, do not be afraid to experiment and trust your own taste.

A few tips will help you understand the nuances of combinations that vainly seem complicated:

  • Choose a narrow bottom. This may be slightly narrowed jeans or fashionable in 2017, chinos pants or khaki.
It looks better not classic shoes, but fashionable lofers, shoes, monks or brogues. Avoid the black color.
  • Do not be afraid of accessories: hats, glasses, bags in the color of a tie.
  • Narrow ties do not fit well with the massive wristwatch.

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