Haircuts that go to the full face

  • Key rules
  • Short hair
  • Medium length hair
  • Long hair
  • Additional elements
  • Ways of laying
  • Unsuccessful solutions
  • Star example

A hairstyle can emphasize the beauty of a girl, and reduce all her efforts to create an image for nothing. That is why it is so important to choose the shape of the haircut, considering all the nuances, especially the shape of the face. Let's see what kind of haircuts for a full face are now in fashion.

Key rules

Before deciding which haircuts for full beauties will be most relevant, let's get acquainted with the basic rules of choice. Using them, you can choose not only the haircuts described below, but also your own options.

  • The bulk of the hair should be in the top of the head. If you leave smooth hair on top and the locks that border the face will be lush, this will make your face visually very wide.
  • Optimum hair length - to the jaw or slightly higher / lower( small deviations are permissible).If you decide to do another length of hair, you should be more careful.
  • To a person does not seem very round, it should not be fully opened. Let at least a pair of strands frame it.

So, your task in selecting the ideal hairstyle is to hide the fullness of the face, remove its excessive roundness, stretch the oval slightly and get rid of disproportions, if any.

Short hair

The first thing you need to know the owners of a full face: excessively short haircuts for them under the ban. On this form of face they look ridiculous and repulsive. But moderately short haircuts - what you need.

  • Two ideal solutions are the haircut of the bean and the A-bob. They fit well with girls and are very fashionable this season. By the way, there is a bean and A-bean and one more plus. If these haircuts are done correctly( an experienced hairdresser), then they will not have to be taken care of, the hair itself will lie properly.
  • Another successful short hairstyle for full girls: square with straight strands. In this case, the length of the hair should be just below the cheekbones to hide all the imperfections of the face and emphasize its dignity.

If you are confused by your chubby cheeks, try on an asymmetric parting. This non-standard solution will distract attention from the cheeks. Another way to harmoniously "hide" the cheeks is a slanting bang. However, it does not go to all girls, so rely on your own taste when choosing a bang form.

In addition, even with short hair do not forget about the volume. It can be presented with the tip milling or the so-called hidden support, that is, an easy cut of the lower layer of hair.

Medium-length hair

The medium-sized hair is still suitable for the hairdo, or rather, its elongated version. It is very important to observe the multilayeredness of such a haircut, then it will look both stylish and very feminine. But if you want to give yourself a more severe look and look like a real business lady, add a stylish oblique parting and an elongated bangs to your hair.

Another wonderful variant of a hairstyle for an average hair length is a cascade. If you like to often curl your hair in curls, then this is the perfect solution for you. The cascade perfectly suits such a perm, in addition, for such a styling you will spend a minimum of time.

Long hair

Many stylists unanimously say that for a round full face, haircuts with long hair and furs should not be rejected. However, what if you like just such haircuts and are not ready to part with the main female pride? There is an exit! Of course, creating the right hair will take more time, but the result will please you.

It is best to cut long hair with a cascade so that the front strands cover cheekbones and curvy cheeks. Such a haircut can be stacked in different ways( curling it inward or outward), introducing diversity into its everyday images.

To give your appearance a festive look, you can curl your hair into a medium-sized curl, slightly removing the bangs, if any. And of course, do not forget about the volume, because on long hair it is especially important. If nature has not given you magnificent hair and create a volume with scissors does not come out, try to make it while laying. To do this, slightly curl the hair at the level of the chin, and on the vertex make a small hair.

Additional elements of

Beautiful haircut is not only the right form, but also a number of additional nuances that you should not forget about.

  1. Felt - the perfect solution for chubby girls. In this case, it is better to give preference to bangs of medium density, since too dense a little heavier face. Regarding the shape of the bangs, you can show imagination. It can be, say, oblique or asymmetric. The length remains at your discretion. The only thing you should completely avoid is a straight long bang.
  2. Punching should also be paid attention. Direct parting is not the most successful solution, since it can make a full face very wide. But if you move the part to the side a little, it will immediately have a positive effect on your face, as it will get an elongated shape.
  3. Elongated strands on the cuts of full girls are allowed, as this is a good decorative element, which brings a zest to the hair. However, such strands should not be too thick. In addition, they should not end on the line of the chin. It does not matter whether you make them above the chin or below, it will look normal. But here the strand level with the bottom of the face instantly gives your jaw a massive look.

Ways of laying the

In order to always cut the girl's full face successfully, her hair styling needs to be paid enough attention, doing this every morning, unless, of course, the universal short haircut of the bean is selected, which was discussed a little higher. A professionally executed short bean is one of the few hairstyles on lush girls that does not require additional styling in the morning.

The easiest way to perform laying with a hair dryer and comb. This method will take you a minimum of time and does not require the presence of expensive styling devices. So, to make this packing, you need:

  • Dry your damp hair in the form of a haircut, combing them with a round comb.
  • After completion of the process in the top of the head, you need to make a small nap and sprinkle it all with a fixation tool. We recommend that you abandon the lacquers of strong fixation, so they heavily weight hairstyles, depriving them of natural movement.
  • Also for styling you can use a curling iron or conventional hair curlers, creating with their help curls or waves. It is better to give preference to ringlets of medium length or large variations. Very often, small curly girls on full girls look disproportionate and as a result completely unharmonious.

But from all sorts of waxes and gels for styling should be abandoned. Any luscious hairstyles created with these tools will make your face visually even more complete and broad.

Unsuccessful solutions of

  • The main taboo for girls with full faces is straight long hair.
  • Any symmetry in the hairstyle does not look too good on chubby girls. This also applies to even long bangs.
  • The most unfortunate length is on the shoulders. This length makes the face even more voluminous, so it is important to either grow the hair a little lower, or slightly cut it. This length is especially bad for girls with a double chin.
  • It's ridiculous to see short hairstyles of a strange shape, with which the head looks substantially smaller than the body.
  • In addition, do not forget about the color of hair. If the full girl decides to paint, she should avoid the one-color options, preferring solutions with a few well-chosen tones.

Star example

The best world stylists work on the appearance of stars, so sometimes it's worthwhile to peek a little at the Hollywood divas and adopt some tricks of their style. Let's give examples of several stars with a full round face. Each of them has an ideal haircut, which not only hides all the shortcomings, but also gives the person a vivid and memorable look.

  • The wife of Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta-Jones always looks in public very elegantly and with restraint. In this she is helped most often by high styling, which makes her round face by nature stretched and stern. In addition, it is often seen with long, freely falling strands. So Catherine visually makes her neck thin and long.
  • American Cristina Ricci, who remembered us in the film "Sleepy Hollow", as well as other Hollywood bestsellers, likes to wear a shortened square with a thinned bangs. Such a nice, but stylish hairstyle makes her face oval, and her chin is sharp.
  • British singer Kelly Osbourne( daughter of the same Ozzy Osbourne) is another big fan of quads. With different variations of the shortened quads, the girl looks very fresh, young and coquettish.
  • Actress, model and singer Selena Gomez from her early years was famous for her excellent taste. Despite the fact that her face is very wide, and her cheeks are childishly plump, Selena skillfully hides these shortcomings. Most often the girl appears in public with all sorts of variations of the hairdo.
  • But the magnificent beauty Adel prefers an elongated bean. At the same time, she usually curls her hair carelessly to look modern and tasteful. As a rule, to create such moving curls you need only 10-15 minutes, and they look worthy of the red carpet.
  • Secular lioness Chloe Kardashian is very proud of her magnificent black hair. This is a vivid example of how a girl with a full face can look great with this length of hair. The star prefers a simple cascade, so that her hair, flowing, fell down. In addition, Chloe very often brightens the tips of her hair, which gives her looks even more piquant appearance.

As you can see, you can choose the appropriate hair style for any shape of your face. You are not limited in length or shape at all. Experiment, starting from the suggested advice itself, and you will certainly find the perfect solution for yourself.

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