How to apply Troxevasin - instructions, indications, pluses and minuses, reviews

Troxevasin, a drug designed to reduce swelling, pain, changes caused by venous insufficiency, to reduce the fragility of the walls of blood vessels, improves blood circulation and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The pharmacological action of the drug is aimed at reducing leakage and pain, seizures, and reducing trophic ulcers .

It is also prescribed for hemorrhoids, it removes pain, itching, bleeding. It contributes to slowing the development of one of the types of complications of diabetes, damaging the vessels of the eyeball( prevents the formation of blood clots in the retina of the eye).


  • pharmacokinetics of drugs
  • When the assigned drug
    • Contraindications
  • Mechanism of Action As used drug
    • issuance
    • Troxevasin capsules
    • Troxevasin gel
    • Dosing
    • Dosage
  • Overdosing and additional guidance
    • Side effects
    • Specific guidance
    • interaction with other drugs
  • Applicationduring pregnancy and lactation
  • Reviews of patients and doctors
    • Pros and Cons of Practicalth application
  • Release forms, price
  • Analogues Troxevasin gel 2%

Pharmacokinetics of drug

The presence in the blood is observed after two hours after administration. And it is observed in it for eight hours. It dissolves in the liver.

It is excreted from the body in part by kidneys( urine) and bile.

When the drug is prescribed

It is prescribed for many diseases:

  • venous insufficiency( pain, swelling), varicose veins and trophic ulcers;
  • with nocturnal leg cramps;
  • for prophylaxis after sclerotherapy;
  • for prevention after removal of varicose veins;
  • with hemorrhoids, when there is itching, pain and bleeding;
  • during pregnancy, for the treatment of hemorrhoids, troxevasin, is used from the second semester;
  • for abnormalities associated with the retina of the eye, in patients with diabetes more than five to seven years;
  • for pain from received injuries and injuries.


Contraindication may be a separate intolerance of the components of the drug.

Do not recommend the use of medication with pregnancy in the I trimester.

With certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, for example, ulcers or gastritis. For kidney diseases, the drug should be used exclusively under the supervision of a doctor.

Mechanism of action of

The component of troxevasin is troxerutin. A substance found in plants of yellow shades.

The action of troxerutin is directed to the tonicity of veins and the release of antioxidants. Troxerutin, once ingested, is involved in the repair functions of cells.

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Destroys the action of the enzyme that destroys hyaluronic acid. Strengthens the walls of vessels, reduces their fragility.

Once in the vessels, the improves the movement of blood , resulting in less swelling and pain. It blocks the formation of blood clots. With constant use, it improves the nutrition of tissues.

How to use the preparation

Forms of release

Troxevasin is available in capsule form and as a gel. Troxevasin is absent in tablets and ointments, and if it does, it is most likely a fake.

Troxevasin Capsules

Cylindrical form, hard shell, yellowish in color, both the capsule itself and the powder inside it.

Instructions for use of Troxevasin in capsules indicate that this preparation is prescribed for 1 capsule 3 times a day .

The course of treatment is about a month.

Throxevasin in capsules has the same pharmacological action, pharmacokinetics, indications for use, like Troxevasin gel 2%.

Possible overdose, dizziness, vomiting, skin rash, which disappear immediately after stopping the drug.

Price Troxevasin in capsules is higher than that of gel, but the effect is slightly stronger. Achieved by the fact that it does not require suction through the skin, but falls immediately inside.

Troxevasin gel

In the instructions for use of Troxevasin, it is said that the ointment( it is quite rare, it is most likely a fake), or the gel is applied to the damaged surface with light circular motions by the pads of the fingers.

When used on a damaged surface as a compress, apply a thin layer on gauze or bandage.

Can be used as a concomitant aid in compression therapy. The result is achieved with regular, prolonged use.

How to use

The drug is administered twice a day. The interval between receptions should be between ten and twelve hours. More frequent use can lead to skin irritation.


In case of bruises and injuries, seizures, should be rubbed 2 times with a 10-12 hour break of , until the edema or bruises disappear completely.

In severe cases( varicose, trophic ulcer), when combined with the prophylaxis after surgery( under medical supervision), combine with the capsules of Troxevasin

Overdose and additional indications

Overdose Troxevasin gel is not possible due to low absorption and external application.

Overdose of the drug in capsules However, all these symptoms disappear after discontinuation of the drug.

To find out what side effects trental 400 has, the instructions for use, which is located on our website, will be very handy.

Is it possible to independently identify signs of venous insufficiency of the lower extremities and how to do it?

Side effects of

Seldom, but it is possible to cut the skin and itch( allergic reaction), associated with individual tolerability of the components of the drug.

Special instructions

Apply the gel only to the damaged surface. Avoid contact with mucous membranes , in case of contact, rinse with water. If the child takes the medicine inside, you should induce vomiting and rinse the stomach.

If Troxevasin is prescribed for scarlet fever, influenza, measles, is applied with ascorbic acid to enhance the result.

Interaction with other medications

No data on the interaction of Troxevasin Gel 2% with other medications is available, so consult a physician before using. The action of one drug can enhance or decrease the effect of the other.

Application in pregnancy and lactation.

In pregnancy, in the I semester, the drug is not recommended for use. Starting from the second semester, only under the supervision of a doctor.

No data on the effect of the drug on the fetus, therefore, before the beginning of the course, consult a specialist, the same applies to the lactation period.

Reviews of patients and doctors

In view of the wide use of the drug in therapy, in the medical forums a large number of reviews of doctors and patients about Troxevasin and in capsules and about Troxevasin gel.

Here is one of the them:

"Troxevasin has a wide range of action of , there are practically no contraindications. Assigning it to the patient has no fear that side effects can occur.

Treatment and achievement of the result depends on regular use. There are many modern, new drugs, with a strengthened and "instantaneous" action, but also fears that there may be consequences too. "

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. The opinion of doctors. .. "

Patients, as a rule, negatively refer to the drug , this is not surprising, because the result compared with high-speed drugs is much less, and everyone wants to get results immediately, forgetting that the disease was not oneday, and cure, too, does not come in a short time.

Here is what a tip about Troxevanin left one of the patients:

"Apart from the fact that I would like to see the result immediately, on the whole I'm satisfied. The price, for me, a pensioner, is quite acceptable, it helps at all as well as expensive drugs.

I use already almost half a year, any rashes on a skin are not present. My pressure is normal, but I'm hypertensive. "

Pros and cons of practical application of

Not an "instantaneous" action of , almost the only negative Troxevasin gel 2%, not including allergic reactions associated with gel components( rare cases of redness and rash).

The pluses include the price and the minimum side effects of taking the drug.

Form release, price

The gel is available in tubes of forty grams. The drug is produced in Bulgaria and Switzerland.

Gel of Bulgarian production will cost you about 145 rubles , while the Swiss Troksevazin price is somewhat more expensive - about 195 rubles. The price is approximate, depends on the premium and the region in which the pharmacy is located.

Analogues Troxevasin Gel 2%

Analogues are represented by two main drugs:

- Troxsevenol;

- Troxerutin.

Troxevasin is very common because of the wide use of the drug in the treatment of a wide range of vascular diseases.

It is often prescribed in view of the almost complete absence of contraindications and side effects.

However, do not self-medicate and use the drug without prescribing a doctor. Before using the drug, be sure to consult a doctor.
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