What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from London

Souvenir shops and shopping centers in London are replete with wonderful and original things that will please anyone, both an adult and a child. Truly English spirit and color store elegant and elegant gifts for men and women, sports fans and enthusiastic history, fans of the English way of life and connoisseurs of culinary delights.

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English alcohol is of the highest quality,and the choice of brands of whiskey, beer or ale locally produced in London stores is very extensive.

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Choosing souvenirs from London, you should choose whiskey. The most famous English brand is "The English Whiskey", which is produced in strict accordance with the old technology. This type of whiskey is aged for three years in wooden barrels.

Also popular are the brands Laphroaig, Maccalan, Glenfiddich, Isle of Jura, Tallisker, Highland and others.

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Choosing a more expensive souvenir, it is better to give preference to the world-famous Scottish scotch. This noble drink can be purchased at any London supermarket. The choice of brands is quite large, the most famous ones are: Johnnie Walker, GlenWolf, BlackBarrel, GlenClyde and Invergordon.

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An excellent souvenir will be real English beer, known throughout the world. In London, you can buy popular brands "London Pride", "Bombardier", "Young's London Gold" and many others.

Ginger beer is also sold in London stores - it is a very popular low-alcoholic beverage among Britons, very similar to traditional beer with its consistency, but to taste quite different.

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British ale is a great gift for a man. In London, there is a huge selection of ale varieties, the most popular of which are Bitter, Barley Wine and Porter. You can also buy ale with a long exposure, but it will cost much more.

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In an effort to find something unique, the way of all the guests of London lies in the direction of the marketsPortobello and Covent Garden. Here you can find exclusive antiques - antique engravings, statuettes, silver dishes, elegant porcelain, antique watches, records, rare books and much more.

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As the climate in London is rainy, an umbrella is an integral part of the life of local residents, as well as one of the most common gifts. Workshops for the manufacture of umbrellas are scattered throughout England, so you can easily buy handmade products.

The price for them varies depending on the model, but you can be sure that a quality umbrella manual assembly will serve its owner for more than one year.

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Choosing a gift to the fair sex, it's time to think about what cosmetics to bring from London. The most popular cosmetic brands: Rimmel, Burberry, Makeup Revolution, Urban Decay, Bamford brand body products, created on the basis of natural ingredients, organic cosmetics "Neom Luxury Organics", a line for the care of the body "Aromatherapy Associates", and a line of cosmeticproducts «Margaret Dabbs».

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Musical instruments

Many London musicians have glorified the capital of Great Britain for the whole world, and all probably because the city has a lot of shops that manufacture and sell musical instruments.

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In the central part of the city you can find whole streets filled with guitarists and saxophonists - here you can buy both a new instrument and all kinds of accessories for tools.

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Clothing and footwear

London is one of the world's fashion capitals, so you can easily buy quality clothes, shoes and accessories from beginners and famous brands. Collections of beginning designers are widely represented on the London markets at quite affordable prices.

In the central part of the city, premium class stores are concentrated where you can buy products of the famous brands Prada, MaxMara, D & G, Burberry, Luis Vuitton, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Nicole Farhi "," Mullbearry "and many others.

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What culinary souvenirs can you bring from London? First of all, jam, without which there is not a single traditional English tea party.

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The assortment of jams in London grocery stores is so large that the eyes scatter in the literal sense of the word. Pleasure sweet tooth and candy, packed in boxes in the form of famous double-decker buses.

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Neither adults nor children can remain indifferent by trying the Scottish Shortbread - this is the most delicious shortbread cookie. His tender taste made him famous throughout the world. Produce it in Scotland, but love it everywhere.

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Chocolate of English production is not inferior as its German and Swiss competitors. The most popular in London is the company "Cadbury", and the chocolate box of this factory will cheer anyone up.

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The choice of souvenirs in London is huge. On the shelves of souvenir shops are all kinds of charms, magnets, plates and cards with images of the views of London and its environs, children's toys, mugs, and a host of other trinkets.

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In the English style

The most common gift from London are souvenirs made in a purely English style. These are miniature copies of the famous monuments of architecture of the Big Ben Tower or the Tower, as well as an integral part of the London landscape - the red buses of the "doubledecker".The latter are very popular.

Figures of policemen and royal guards are in great demand.

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In the style of Sherlock Holmes

The best gift for the admirers of Sherlock Holmes will be souvenirs from the museum of the legendary hero Arthur Conan Doyle. The choice includes caps, watches, smoking pipes, pillows, cups, T-shirts and other attributes. The cost of such souvenirs is not the lowest, but they deserve it.

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Symbols of the royal family

The royal family is without a doubt the most popular family in the UK.Therefore, a huge part of the souvenirs is dedicated to the members of the royal family. A lot of souvenirs are issued in honor of the most significant events in the family of Queen Elizabeth - birthdays, weddings and others.

On the shelves you can find everything from t-shirts with portraits, ending with dishes and jewelery. In kiosks you can buy royalty kits.

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Cheedder cheese

You can please gourmets, the English cheese Cheddar, which has gained popularity all over the world. The name of hard cheese with a sweetish-sour taste was received in honor of the village, where the first production of this variety. The technology of Cheddar production can vary, and depending on the conditions of aging it can be of different consistency and different taste tints.

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Football attributes

London is home to many famous clubs such as Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United. In sports stores you can buy a company uniform with the names of popular players, as well as various attributes of these clubs. On sale there are attributes of other teams of the English Premier League.

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English tea is one of the main symbols of Great Britain. You can buy tea in any shopping center, but the biggest choice is in specialized stores. In addition to tea, they also sell accompanying souvenirs in the form of tea sets or small cups and saucers.

The most popular in England are such tea varieties as "Clippеr", "Thе East India Co.", "Neath &Heather, Harnye &Sons "," Ty-phoo Fruits "," London Fruit &Herb Co., Yorkshire Tee from Taylors of Harrogate.

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It is worth paying attention to the excellent English porcelain. The most famous company producing porcelain products is "Royal Doulton".For many years she has been supplying dishes for the royal court. No less popular is the company "Wedgwood".Their elegant porcelain figurines and dishes will be an ornament of any house.

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The British crystal "Bristol blue crystal" is not inferior in popularity, it is the famous crystal tableware produced in Bristol. Decanters, glasses, vases, chandeliers - the choice is simply huge.

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In a cool and humid London climate, a warm scarf is simply indispensable. The variety of models and colors presented in the stores will surprise anyone.

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