15 years of marriage: what kind of wedding, what to give

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  • Traditions of the holiday. How to celebrate a crystal wedding correctly?
  • Ideal gifts for wife and husband on the 15th anniversary of the wedding
  • Gifts from friends on the 15th anniversary of a joint life
  • Present from children for a crystal wedding
  • Congratulations on the anniversary of

Today we will tell about the anniversary of 15 years: what kind of wedding, what to give, whattraditions must be respected. The holiday on the 15th birthday of the family is called a crystal wedding. Usually, on the eve of the celebration, each of the spouses tries to come up with original congratulations for his half, along the way choosing symbolic gifts. What kind of presents for 15 years of joint life will be most relevant and in demand? We tell.

Tradition of the holiday. How to celebrate a crystal wedding correctly?

15 years together - it's a lot, and not every couple can hold up to such an anniversary. However, if the spouses have managed to live in love and peace for such a long period, special attention must be given to the celebration of the anniversary.

Since the crystal wedding has been celebrated for several centuries, this celebration managed to draw a variety of customs, and here are just some of them:

  • on this holiday, the spouses should drink and eat exclusively from crystal dishes, as this will bring them happiness;
  • also recommends at the end of the evening to drink champagne from crystal wine glasses, breaking them for luck;
  • is considered to be a good sign for putting on a festive table a new service, since such gesture symbolizes the beginning of a new, even more striking stage in the relationship;
  • traditional colors of this anniversary - white and beige, and this should be remembered when decorating a house.

Of course, most of the traditions of this holiday directly relates to its name. Crystal is considered strong, and most importantly, beautiful material. It has an ideal transparency, but it can be brittle with strong external influences.

The spouses' relationship fully corresponds to the characteristics of this material: they are as strong and transparent, but may suffer from outside interference. That is why on the anniversary of your wedding, it is worth remembering the importance of a trembling attitude towards your own love.

The most popular tradition is the breaking of crystal glasses. It is believed that broken dishes can bring happiness to the house, and therefore "newlyweds" should bravely break up a couple of wine glasses.
In this case, the relationship of the spouses will only become stronger, and no external influence can affect their feelings.

Ideal gifts for wife and husband on the 15th anniversary of the wedding

A gift for a crystal wedding from the second half must be touching and takes into account the main nuances of the holiday. What kind of presents for beautiful ladies are very popular?

  1. Crystal vase with a magnificent bouquet in it - a gift that fully corresponds to the nuances of the celebration.
  2. Jewelry from rock crystal can please the beloved on this joyful day.
  3. Now you can find a lot of decorative figures from crystal in the form of flowers or animals.
  4. You can give your wife a beautiful crystal casket for jewelry.
  5. Many men prefer more personal, intimate gifts, for example, underwear.

Crystal wedding( glass, as it is also called) itself pushes the perpetrators of the celebration on the idea of ​​ideal presents. Ornaments made from rock crystal, beautiful vases, wine glasses, caskets - all this will become a symbol of long love in a pair.

If a man really wants to surprise his soul mate, he can choose something more original. Very often the gift becomes a romantic evening or a set of underwear. Such a present only emphasizes that a woman is still loved and needed by her man.

Crystal wedding anniversary - 15 years, lived side by side! During this time, the spouses have time to perfectly familiar with the habits and interests of each other, so the choice of the presentation does not raise serious questions. Here are just the most topical gifts for people of the stronger sex for this anniversary: ​​

  • crystal chess made to order, will please the true admirer of this game;
  • a beautiful ashtray made of crystal with engraving is also an excellent version of the presentation;
  • picture made on glass is a creative and original version of the gift;
  • also it is possible to present to the liked husband a set of wine glasses for cognac or glasses for whiskey depending on that drink which the man prefers.

There are a lot of variants of presents, but the lady should still be imagining. The original picture on the glass, copied from the photograph of the couple, is the very gift that will remind us of the anniversary, about every happy year, lived together.

Gifts from friends on the 15th anniversary of the joint life of

The anniversary of the wedding( 15 years), many spouses are accustomed to celebrate extremely stormy, rolling up large-scale parties and inviting all their acquaintances to them. In this case, friends have a dilemma about the gift. As a basis, one should also take an idea with crystal or glass presents, but one should not forget about the creative note.

What can you give to a happy couple?

  1. Beautiful set of crystal dishes - universal, and most importantly, the right gift.
  2. Friends can present a cognac to a man with a 15-year-old aging in a crystal decanter, and a beautiful rose bouquet for a woman.
  3. Another fairly common gift is a variety of glass figures that you can paint yourself, making the present unique.
  4. Both to the husband, and the wife it is possible to present beautiful glass brooches which will bring to steam a good luck.
  5. Many friends prefer to give originators something original, for example, tickets to the theater.
15 years of marriage is considered a very serious time, and therefore the gift must correspond to the status of the event.
However, he must be touching and expressing the attitude of the guest to the couple. Do not forget about your own talents. For example, if a person draws well, he can create a very original picture with the help of colored sand. It looks such a present bright and usually causes a storm of emotions among the perpetrators of the celebration.

Standard gifts in the form of crystal dishes and a variety of glass figurines can also be served with a taste, because they can be decorated with engraving. With the wishes of love and happiness engraved on the glass surface, any present in this category looks more interesting.

Do not forget about the fact that by the fifteenth anniversary of the wedding, romance from the relationship is almost going away. That's why you can give spouses tickets to the theater or to a concert. Such a simple event will help to make a difference in a relationship, saving a couple from a possible crisis.

Presents from children for the crystal wedding

If the wedding took place 15 years ago, then the couple in 90% of cases meets the anniversary also in the status of parents. Kids usually do not have money for chic gifts, but they can really please their parents by making presents themselves. What do they give to 15 years of living together for parents?

  1. Children can buy a photo album and collect all photos of their parents in it, making an extremely touching present.
  2. You can make your own cards, incidentally, writing a poetic wish.
  3. Another wonderful present, which is often pleasing to the girl's parents, is knitted things made by own hands.
  4. You can cook for all guests of the holiday a beautiful cake, which should be decorated with a touching inscription.
  5. To make it pleasant for adults in such an important day for them, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. For example, pair pendants or charms with two halves of the heart are very popular. Usually such decorations bring good luck and best emphasize the relationship between spouses. They cost inexpensively, and for a fee for such costume jewelry can also be engraved.
  6. Children can show their own culinary talents, preparing for the parents a romantic dinner or a delicious cake, which will become the main decoration of the festive table. The main thing here is not to take on too complicated recipes, otherwise the gift is unlikely to turn out delicious.
  7. An elementary postcard, made with love and with your own hands, will become a very important gift for parents. On this day, the couple usually wait for touching words in their address, so the children should write the appropriate greeting.
What to present for a crystal wedding, if there is absolutely no money for present? In this case, children can take crystal glasses from the family fund and paint them with colors, depicting the parents, their initials and the date of their wedding. Such a present will make the adults smile!

Congratulations on the anniversary

Congratulations with the crystal wedding are usually considered a matter of secondary importance, without giving them even a little attention. A person simply buys a postcard in a hurry, sometimes even without having time to sign it, and this is fundamentally the wrong approach. The ideal greeting is that which was born with thoughts about the perpetrators of the celebration and the significance of their holiday.

That's why every verse or prosaic opus should be written by yourself. It's great if in the text a person names the names of lovers, the date of their acquaintance or a wedding. In this case, cool congratulations will be even more focused, personal, and therefore, remember all the guests without exception.

If there are certain difficulties with verses, then attention can be paid to the prosaic form. Congratulations in prose can also be sincere, very gentle. The main thing is not to go far from the topic, telling only about the relationship of the couple, and not about abstract arguments about love.

Ideal duration of any congratulations - no more than two minutes when reading it. The poem can be humorous or philosophical and very deep. If a couple is fond of a movie, then their relationship can be compared to a good film, and if the literature, then the book, which you want to come back to again and again. Of course, to write this verse you need to know the spouses well, to study their tastes.

Crystal wedding helps the husband and wife realize what an incredible way they have gone through life, having managed to keep tender feelings for each other. The most surprising is that there are even more bright and incredible events ahead of them, which means that the love of the initiators will only grow stronger!


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