What to do if the husband drinks

Unfortunately, there is no single correct option that would suggest to a woman how to act in a situation if the husband drinks. According to statistics, every second family has problems with alcohol consumption. Often such a problem is in the husband, because it is the male half that is most exposed to alcohol.

  • Reasons for
  • Tips for wife

Reasons for

The reasons can be a huge number, but some of them can be considered basic:

  • inability to refuse;
  • lack of willpower;
  • from boredom or company;
  • muffle the mental pain;
  • misunderstanding of self-esteem;
  • lack of feminine affection and attention;
  • relieve tension after a day's work;
  • desire to get away from problems.

The husband also begins to drink from a lack of sensitive and profound love. If a man does not get enough love, then he begins to psychologically drown in himself, and he needs recharging. This recharging can be gambling, drugs, and alcohol.

In such situations, some well-wishers are advised to divorce, others - to tolerate, and the rest - to encode the husband.

But, psychologists recommend initially to find out the true reasons why the husband goes into a drunken state, and to assess the scale of the family disaster.

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Tips for the wife

Consider how a wife can react to the fact that her husband drinks:

  • to make an appointment with her husband to an expert in narcology or a psychiatrist;
  • try to explain to a loved one the very situation that can lead to sad consequences and help him to draw conclusions that he is doing everything wrong;
  • in communicating with her husband to try not to lose his love for him and explain the cause of his deep concern;
  • put it before an important choice - family or bottle;
  • try to apply all possible ways to reach out to his consciousness;
  • does not resort to empty threats;
  • not argue with her husband-alcoholic;
  • does not enter into discussions about its depressing life;
  • to avoid reproaches;
  • do not hide the bottle and do not pour the contents into the sink;
  • does not control the behavior of the alcoholic husband.
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If you tried all methods, but nothing happened, there are only two options:

  • breaking relations and divorce;
  • develop a new line of their own behavior to save their psyche.

For example, you can apply to a special society where the wives of alcoholic husbands meet.

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