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Curling - a procedure for the conversion of straight hair in curls or waves of different calibers. There are the following ways of its realization: hot, cold and permanent. Curlers and curling irons provide short-term effect, and a variety of chemical or biological compounds retain hair elastic for a long period. On the methods of curling hair, depending on the means and instruments for the restoration of the strands after the procedure and will be discussed further.

Methods curling

There are 2 main methods of creating curls:

  • The short-term.
  • curly hairPermanent (chemical).

They are divided into many subspecies.

The short-term method is more appropriate fickle natures that are constantly transforming its image. Create a lush head of hair, you can use curling irons or hot rollers, however, the effect will not last long, especially if you have the nature of smooth, hard hair. Plus the fact that the stacking can be done personally, without the use of harmful chemicals. Perm can do once per week.

As for the permanent wave, it is better to trust experienced master. Furthermore, to create curls applied to locks harmful chemical compounds that disrupt the hair structure. It is better not to do "chemistry", if you take hormones or have recently dyed hair. The ban also applies to pregnant and lactating women.

Methods temporary waving

Adaptations for a wave: curlers of different diameter, spiral, bobbin, curlers, curling and DT m. The most simple method of hair curling - it's pigtails in curlers:

  1. To do this, you need to wash the hair, gently dry with a towel, comb thoroughly, divided into the same strands, each handle fixing means with an elastic effect.curly hair
  2. Begin to braid tight braids, attach the ends of the elastic bands and immediately screw the hair curlers on the desired diameter (if you want a big curls, use the device with a diameter of 4 cm).
  3. 5-8 hours Unbraid pigtails, switch the hairdryer blowing in cold mode and aim the hair, straighten their fingers treated with lacquer.

Owners of thin hair is not recommended for large hair curlers, since the effect is not noticeable, it is better to take a small or medium-sized. If you do perm more than twice in the last 7 days, the hair will become brittle and weakened.

electric hair curlersCurling with a thermal or electric curlers requires less time:

  1. Wash hair, air dry, comb, divide to locks of the same thickness, treat with thermal protector means.
  2. Screw on the curlers.
  3. At the end of 2-3 hours, carefully remove them straighten hair with your fingers, cut the lacquer strong fixation.

Curling will help create lush curls:

  1. Clean thoroughly comb the hair moist, treat thermal protector gel or wax.
  2. Begin to curl the hair from the occipital region, upper part of the lock of hair at the crown. Separate thin a strand, clamp it between the end of heating elements and wind, count up to 20 and carefully release the lock.
  3. When the hair is cool they can be recovered and treated with lacquer.

Curling Curling - video

The essence of the perm

This hair treatment with special chemicals. The effect persists for a long time due to the interaction of keratin (hair protein bases) with chemicals. The hair becomes soft, obedient and keep their shape for a long time.

Means for himzavivki are not as aggressive as before. They can be used to create a soft, barely noticeable elastic wave or helix, it depends on the composition and the type of permanent wave.perm.

It is important to find a good specialist, who will assess the condition of your hair, to understand how chemicals will affect it. If the curls loose, you need to reset it, and only then carry out himzavivku using gentle composition.

Important information

  • It is believed that from smooth, hard locks can not create curls. However, this is not the case, there are different ways of curling, including the master will choose the most suitable. However, such locks you need every day to style and dry properly.
  • A girl with wavy hair perm do to improve the shape of the hairstyle.
  • stranded hairChemistry desiccate the hair, which is good only for oily hair.
  • After the chemistry is recommended to use professional shampoos, balms, masks for curly hair.
  • Thanks to the progress, as well as modern cosmetics, coloring and himzavivku can be made with a difference of a few hours.
  • Dyeing hair is necessary after wave, and not vice versa, because the chemical agent washes dye shade turns dim and blurred.
  • Choose a good master, even if the services are expensive, your hair health is more important!

acid perming

This method was used in the 60's, but the technology has evolved over time, so modern beauty got more refined version of the acid perm.

Chemical means for curling contains glyceryl monothioglycolate, its level ph - 6,9-7,2. Acid is easily penetrates into the structure of each hair, changing its shape. As part of the less mercaptoacetic (thioglycolic acid), so that it is less harmful to the locks.acid perming

Main advantages acid method:

  • Beautiful hair will please you for about six months.
  • Chemical preparation does not disturb the basic substance (cortex) hair, affecting only on its structure.
  • Due to the high temperatures and strong tension strands you get a strong, resilient curls.
  • You can choose any hair shape and diameter.
Before the expiry of the chemical agent to get rid of the curls you can not.

The acid method is contraindicated in young women with thin, dry, brittle hair. This option is ideal owners of thick and coarse hair.

water wave

Himzavivka using alkaline composition - this is the most common variant. The main active ingredient - ammonium thioglycolate, its level ph 7,9-9,2. Despite the aggressive effect, this method is quite popular and effective. Locks are held for about 3 months and they look very natural.water wave

Alkaline composition hurt the outer layer of the hair makes them dry and porous. The drug is not as aggressive as the acid, but still beware: if you overdo it, there is a burn on the skin of the head, and he curls badly hurt. In addition, the composition has an unpleasant odor resistant.

If you have a hard, smooth, thick and bushy hair, the alkaline method is just for you. Alkaline Permanent waving spoils thin, soft and loose curl.

If you wish to create a strong and elastic curls, choose a classic composition.

To receive additional hair care, prefer alkaline preparations, which included natural extracts. choose a slightly alkaline formulations to create a light undulation.

Neutral equipment irons

No matter what your hair type and how they are damaged, a neutral method is suitable for any occasion. Neutral himzavivka more long-term than alkaline, and it does not damage the hair, as does acid. As part of the preparations are no aggressive substances for her, because of which the strands strongly swell or deteriorate. Due keratin, smooth flakes, the structure of each hair is restored, and the strands are elastic and compliant.

The means for this procedure is a neutral environment, so that the risk of hair damage to a minimum. Human hair has an interesting feature: some areas more amenable to chemical, others - worse, as a result of stacking turns uneven. Composition with neutral ph equally affects all zones, so get the perfect hairstyle.hair chemicals

You will be able to enjoy the soft curls from 3 to 6 months. If you have thin hair, then the effect will last longer, and if thick - less. A few months later tresses begin to straighten and return to its original state. In order to prolong the effect, use only the special means of ph from, to 6-7. Otherwise curls lose shape within a few weeks.

Biological method of curling

Biochemical wave allows you to create curls of any diameter and volume at the roots. Means consists of natural ingredients, which preserves the structure of curls, they look shiny and healthy. The creator of a unique technology - an Italian company Green Light.Chemical waving of hair

As part of the preparation no acid, ammonia, perhydrol. The main active component is cysteamine hydrochloride - sulfur containing amino acid, a protein whose structure resembles human hair. It penetrates into the hair, nourishes them, as a result of hair look healthy and well-groomed.

Keratin perm can be used in classical composition, are also used, and its variants, enriched with silk fibers, oils, beta-carotene and various vitamins.

Biological wave is of three kinds:

  • "Moss" Italian production contains extract of bamboo leaves, which protects and restores hair, making them more manageable. If a woman has a thin or damaged strands, then this option is ideal for it.
    Light, natural healthy hair and rich color - these are the main advantages of a wave with an Italian agent. Using it you can create small curls, the level of fixation - high.
  • "Silk Wave" - ​​a drug that consists of silk proteins. He takes care of the locks, its ingredients penetrate into the hair structure, improving it. The hair becomes soft, manageable, shiny. This drug is designed to create a soft, natural curls, fixing the level of it is low. The effect will last about two months. Fit girl with bad hair.
  • Japanese biological wave is made up of lipids and collagen. A drug maintains water balance curls, and therefore they are elastic and shiny. This tool is suitable for women with medium to long hair. It allows you to create strong, resilient curls. fixing the level of his high.biological perm

If your hair is damaged, it is necessary to restore them, so hair will last longer.

  1. First, hair is treated with special tool that cleans the rod and opens the scales of each hair.
  2. Then the strands need to cheat on curlers, treat drug with cystine. Base material penetrates each hair and fills it with keratin.
  3. Then the hair is processed converter, which thickens the protein.
  4. Untwisted strands, they are applied to restoring and fixing composition.

The effect lasts from 2.5 to 10 months, depending on what type of hair.

Biozavivka hair - Review (video)

safe chemistry

This procedure is more commonly known under the name of "carving". It applies a light chemical drug that can increase the volume of hair, creating soft curls of different caliber.

Its main difference from the usual chemistry - the absence in the corrosive substances. Suitable for women with any type of hair. The effect lasts for about 2 months, depending on the drug used. Hairstyle needs to be updated every 3 months.

To create a wavy light styling applied chemistry. If you have loose curls, then this option - what you need. The disadvantage of this method is that the waves are rectified quickly.
  • To create a three-dimensional and elastic hair, it is necessary to use the drug with a more active compound. Hairstyle, created by this method will please you 4-8 weeks.
  • An easy undulation can be created even for a short cut. For this strand at the base of lift and wind on rollers. Hairstyle becomes more bulk and very showy.
  • To create elastic curls, use rollers with a small diameter. If you have medium length hair, you will need large curlers. The effect lasts for 4 weeks.
  • Owners of long hair curls, you can choose any caliber, though they hold out for 3-4 weeks.hair after curling

To the result to please you as much as possible, you should evaluate the condition of your tresses before the procedure. For example, if you make a carving on split ends, at best, the installation will look sloppy, and in the worst hair does not show up at all. Therefore, if there is such a problem that the damaged end of the next shave.

Master should evaluate the condition of the strands in order to understand what kind of carving is more appropriate to you. Then a professional should choose the rollers of the correct size, as well as beauty products for the protection and recovery.

How is the wave:

  1. The hair should be divided into thin strands, each is wound on curlers.
  2. Then the strands are processed by the selected composition, a head wearing a hat made of polyethylene, terry towel. Now we need to wait until the drug is absorbed into the hair.curling process
  3. The tool then be rinsed with water, wherein the rollers are not removed.
  4. Treat the hair fixative, wait a moment and gently Tie up long hair.
  5. Re-treated hair fixing agent, and after the specified time in the instructions, wash hair without shampoo.

Wash your hair only 4 days after the carving, so the curls will hold longer.

type irons

Curls look great, the main thing - the right to choose the form of curls, which will be suitable not only to the individual but also to the hair. And so it is best to turn to the master, he will pick up a form depending on the type of locks, hold test their strength.

spiral permType permanent wave depending on the devices and methods of wrap strands:

  • Spiral. The hair is divided into thin curls, which are wound on the spiral. This type of perm is best suited to girls with long hair. Curls are obtained by small and flexible.
  • Braids in curlers. The whole head braided many thin braids, the tips you need to wind it on rollers with a small diameter (preferably bobbins). Braids treated with the drug. Curling is suitable for medium to long hair.
  • On the soft curlers. To create large air and very natural curls using curlers. This soft rollers, which are made of a flexible material, such as foam rubber or rubberized.
  • On the studs. Strands smoothly wound on the curved devices. Pin must be made not of metal, otherwise it will damage the scalp. The method is suitable for girls with medium hair.
  • Vertical. Irons used a long spiral, they must be placed in an upright position and screw locks (top to bottom).
    Result - elastic, durable curls. It looks great on girls with long hair.
  • Horizontal. They use simple curlers. Place them perpendicular to provide designated, tighten the bottom up. During the installation is often used rollers with different diameters, so that the curls look more natural.
  • Twins. One half of the strands screwed vertically and the other - horizontally.
  • With a twist. Curl up in the middle of the wound soft curlers in a standard way, and then tighten up another. This results in curls of different diameters.
  • Root. This wave affects only the root zone. So perm update or create additional volume to thin hair.
  • Children. On his head wearing a hat made of polyethylene with special holes. Through them pull hair, is wound on curlers and treated with the formulated. It is the most gentle method perm.

Terms of hair care with himzavivkoy

hair after curling

  • Dry hair after chemotherapy, so systematically apply the mask to restore them.
  • That the ends do not Seclin, use special oils and emulsions, which are not washed off.
  • Protect your hair from the active summer sun using hats and sunscreen sprays.
    Do not tight hairstyles.
  • Follow wraps with olive, burdock and castor oil.
  • Do not brush wet hair. When they dry out, use a wooden comb with a few teeth.

No matter which method you prefer curling, remember: it is always an ordeal for your hair. Follow the rules of caring for them, treat your tresses carefully. Only healthy hair can look really beautiful and fashionable.

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