The Bulgarian Diet

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Probably, no real woman is completely satisfied with her figure, so she is constantly trying to improve something - then podkachat muscles, and then throw off the hated extra pounds, or get rid of the nasty fat folds.

There are many diets for losing weight, and every woman picks up the one that suits her. When choosing a diet, you should pay attention first of all to the order of nutrition and the consumed foods.

Advantages of the Bulgarian diet

Among others, the Bulgarian diet stands out. It is useful not only because it can lose more than 5 kg without much harm to the body. But also that is quite satisfying, during the observance of the Bulgarian diet usually do not experience a special hunger. Among other things, a large portion of the diet consists of fruits and vegetables, thereby not only maintaining a sense of satiety, but also saturating the body with vitamins and giving him vivacity.

There are various menus for the Bulgarian diet, differing not only in their composition, but also in duration.

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The diet of the seven-day Bulgarian diet

For example, a seven-day Bulgarian diet on the first day involves eating for breakfast: 2 chicken eggs, an unlimited amount of fresh cucumbers, peppers and cabbage, lean meat. In principle, this composition can be quite satisfying, except for those who are accustomed to eating bread in the morning. After a few hours, in the form of a snack, you can eat an apple or a pear. Lunch consists of 400 g of beef( without fat!) With horseradish or mustard, as well as vegetable salad( for example, from Bulgarian pepper) and apples. Salad is better to fill with vinegar or vegetable oil. Instead of dinner, you can drink tea or water. Naturally, tea should be without sugar.

The second day menu does not include breakfast. Again, you can drink tea. For lunch - again, vegetable salad and fruit, and dinner will not be again. On the third day you should eat only vegetable salad and fruit. Again, it is worth to clarify that the concept of "fruit" in diets usually does not include bananas!

Other days of the diet need to eat breakfast, which was the first day, for lunch - meat without fat with vegetable salad, fruit;in the afternoon snack you can drink hot tea with milk( without sugar!), for dinner - fruits and sour-milk products.

This is one of the most popular options for the Bulgarian diet. However, it should be noted that this diet is not helping everyone - many kilograms of such nutrition are not reduced, but, on the other hand, are not added. In any case, this diet will help to get rid of excessive consumption of salty foods( at first it will be very difficult!) And consumption of sugar, which, as is known, also has an extremely negative effect on the figure.

If the diet has not helped, do not despair - there are other options, and after a short break, you can try the Bulgarian diet with a different menu.

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