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Red was always associated with love and passion. That is why a wedding in red has been popular for many years. How to decorate the interior, pick out decor, flower compositions, outfits and other trivia? The best ideas and useful tips are in our article.

Why choose a red color for your wedding?

In many cultures, red is associated not only with love, but also with wealth, happiness and well-being. For example, in Russia girls married in a red sarafan, and in China this color is considered a magnet for attracting money.

In addition to symbolism, red color has one more important plus - a lot of shades, so depending on the season, you can choose the most suitable:

  • for winter will suit a bright red, bloody shade that will be very beautifully contrasted with white snow;
  • spring will be more relevant soft shades and a combination with pink color;
  • in summer can combine red with a rich green, turquoise or choose mixed red shades: crimson, coral, scarlet;
  • in the autumn it is possible to issue a wedding in terracotta, orange, burgundy or dark red shades;
  • in addition, the combination with black, gold or silver will look great.

The most important thing in decorating a wedding is to avoid conflict of colors, and also to think over all the details. So, the chosen color should be present in every detail.

Wedding invitations

When preparing for a wedding in a red style, you should start by issuing invitations. They must necessarily convey the general idea and color of the holiday. Invitation design options:

  1. Print in scarlet letters on a white background. Font is better to choose bold, so that the text is read well.
  2. Coral envelope. You can decorate it with gold or silver beads or drawings. Another option is to make an envelope of red cloth, for example, satin or brocade.
  3. Lacy bezel. Beautifully looks a white postcard in a red frame or a thin strip of red and white lace.
  4. Red ribbon. For example, you can skip a tape around the perimeter or tie it in a magnificent bow.

It is not recommended to use a font of white or other colors on a red background. The style of invitations can also be used when making cards with the names of guests who will stand on the tables. It is advisable to indicate in the invitations the need to follow the dress code: red outfits or accessories.

Bride's attire

The bride's dress can be any shade of red - from tender coral to rich cherry. For those who decide to give preference to a white dress, the main shade of the wedding can be conveyed as follows:

  1. In the manicure of the bride. Nails should not be too long for a bright color not to look vulgar. Moderately need to treat the use of sequins and stones.
  2. In the hairstyle. Hair can be decorated with red flowers, hair clips with stones or ribbons.
  3. In make-up.
  4. With the help of a red belt, flowers on a skirt or décolleté.
  5. In accessories - ornaments, gloves.
  6. In the shoes.

You need to take care of the bridesmaids' outfits. Red can be as dresses, and only accessories, shoes, handbags, ornaments. For example, you can sew dresses from one fabric, but of different lengths. So, the first girlfriend will have a maxi dress, the second will have a midi, and the third will get a flirty mini.

Bouquet of the bride

The bouquet is one of the main attributes of the bride. It is for him that at the end of the celebration all unmarried girlfriends will fight, so he should look perfect.

The most popular flower for a bouquet of a bride is a rose. But to make a beautiful composition that will convey the style of the wedding, you can from many other beautiful colors:

  • tulips;
  • gerberas, peonies;
  • of dahlias;
  • gladiolus, lily;
  • in winter and late autumn - from the viburnum, supplemented with white flowers - callas, chrysanthemums, etc.

You can decorate the bouquet with a beautiful satin ribbon, artificial pearls, a tulle of tulle.

Dress of the groom

On the background of the bride's dress in red tones, the white suit of the groom will look very stylish. Bright in the groom's outfit can be:

  1. Socks.
  2. Suspenders.
  3. Belt.
  4. Butterfly or tie.
  5. Handkerchief in your pocket.
  6. Buttons on a suit or shirt.
  7. Shoes.
  8. Boutonniere.
  9. Shirt.
  10. Hat.
  11. Gloves or scarf if a red and white wedding is planned for the cold season.

Consider also the option with a red suit. In this case, the shade should be the same as in the attire of the bride.

In the suits of the groom's friends there must necessarily be red items. Very interesting look suits of the same, basic color - light gray, beige, complemented by red accessories. At the same time each guy should have his own red accessory: one has a tie, the second has a red lining of a jacket and a buttonhole, and the third has shoes.

Wedding motorcade

At the wedding in the red and white style will be appropriate to a variety of types of cars:

  1. Sports car.
  2. White cabriolet with leather raspberry salon.
  3. A limousine decorated with red ribbons and flowers.
  4. For a warm season, a white open carriage with horses is suitable. The coachman must be in a red and white suit, and for horses you need to pick up a red harness.

If possible, guests should rent a bus in English style.

Decor of the wedding hall

The room for the wedding banquet, decorated in fire colors, looks very elegant and stylish. A variety of details of the chosen shade in the hall should be provided in sufficient quantity, because the decor of the venue is one of the main points in preparation for a white-red wedding. Most often the main color is white, and the red is left to create bright accents.

It is very important to think carefully every detail, so as not to lose style:

  1. On white tablecloths, the red plates will look very stylish.
  2. A large bowl of water, in which lighted candles and fresh rose petals float, will create a unique, romantic atmosphere.
  3. You can decorate glasses on tables with raspberry ribbons and beads.
  4. Do not do without without bouquets. On the tables it is necessary to arrange compositions of red and white flowers. Freesia, poppies, dahlias, roses in selected in tone vases will look very impressive.
  5. Red candles. You can place them both in white and in transparent glass candlesticks. Another option - forged, gold or silver candlesticks.
  6. Red napkins can be decorated with a white ribbon, small flowers, beads.
  7. Balloons that can be used to decorate a restaurant hall or create an arch.
  8. Coral or burgundy curtains on the windows.
  9. White chairs with bard accent. Another popular option - covers and a lush bow of contrasting color on the back.
  10. To the chandelier, you can attach rose petals, pasting them to a silk thread - you will get a very romantic and gentle composition.

If the ceremony is held outdoors, then it's worth to decorate the surrounding trees and the wedding arch. This can be done with the help of flowers, ribbons, light tulle, balloons, paper hearts, birds, flowers.

In the evening, Chinese lanterns will look very impressive, they can be supplemented with paper figures.

Festive menu

In the white and red color there can be not only the decor of the restaurant, but also the serving of dishes:

  1. Red wine and champagne are an indispensable attribute of the celebration. The bottles or decanters themselves should be decorated with a cherry-colored cloth and ribbons.
  2. Cocktails."Bloody Mary", "Cosmopolitan", "Daikiri", author's cocktails based on cherry, strawberry, cranberry and other juices are the best drinks for a white and red wedding. Non-alcoholic juices and compotes should also be bright colors.
  3. Wedding cake. It can be completely covered with crimson mastic, decorated with white flowers and patterns or, conversely, create a bright decor on a white background.
  4. Presentation of dishes. Red sauces, berries, flowers will help bring each individual dish closer to the general idea of ​​the wedding.
  5. Berries and fruits - red apples and grapes, strawberries, raspberries, watermelons, currants, etc.
  6. Meat dishes decorated with bright vegetables - tomatoes, pepper, radish, onions.
  7. Desserts. They can be decorated with bright jellies, marmalade, berries, cocktail cherries or even served in a red bowl.

Gifts for guests

Separately I would like to mention gifts for guests. They must necessarily be a continuation of the red-and-white wedding style. It can be:

  • any gifts, packed in red-white boxes or paper;
  • miniature bright baskets with nuts and dried fruits;
  • jujube orange, crimson, cherry color, packed in a transparent wrapper;
  • jars of honey or confiture, covered with red lids;
  • desserts: macaroons, gingerbread in glaze, capkaki;
  • fragrant handmade soap;
  • candles in the form of heart;
  • aromatic bags with rose petals, coffee, cinnamon, etc.;
  • chocolate or sweets in their name packaging.

To make guests feel part of a stylish holiday, you can prepare inexpensive accessories for them.

Suitable glasses with a red frame, hats, butterflies, beads, boutonniere and other trifles.

Wedding photosession

This is an integral part of a modern wedding. For a red and white wedding, you need a suitable place for filming:

  • in winter is better to go into the forest - against the background of snow-covered trees and fir trees red will look especially bright;
  • Autumn itself can serve as an ideal decoration, trees, whose leaves are painted in autumn in red color - wild grapes, mountain ash, Japanese maple;
  • in late spring, the ideal place will be a flowering rose garden;
  • in summer, you can arrange shooting on a poppy or wheat field;

For filming in the room is best suited well-lit studio in white tones. If this city was not found, then you can go to the theater. Beautiful photos are obtained in an empty auditorium, in the hall, which is most often decorated in light colors.

It is important to prepare red accessories and items for the photo shoot:

  • beads;
  • bright suitcase;
  • velvet pads;
  • red umbrella;
  • plaids in a Scottish cage;
  • red wine;
  • cup;
  • white chairs or stools;
  • letters of a new surname;
  • basket with apples, pomegranates, strawberries or even tomatoes;
  • lollipops;
  • book in a bright red cover;
  • spool of thread;
  • knitted from red wool scarves, hats, mittens.

The choice of accessories for a photo shoot depends entirely on the place of shooting and the style of the outfits of the young. For shooting in the winter forest, a plaid and a mug of hot coffee are more suitable, and for an autumn city - rubber boots and an umbrella.

Therefore, preparing for a wedding photo shoot, you need to discuss in advance with the photographer the place and subjects of filming.

Other wedding trifles

To prevent spoiling the idea, you should take care of the wedding details, picking them, naturally, in red and white colors:

  1. Garter, which at the end of the celebration the groom will take off the bride's legs and throw unmarried friends.
  2. Glasses from which young drink.
  3. Pillow for wedding rings.
  4. Folder for marriage certificate.
  5. Towel on which the young grow.
  6. A pouch or chest to collect money donated at the wedding.
  7. Album for wishes from guests.
If at the end of the wedding fireworks are planned, then it must necessarily continue the general theme of the wedding.

Another very option - to launch into the sky red Chinese lanterns. It looks very romantic.

The couple who chose this color for their wedding, first of all, shows confidence in their feelings and demonstrates their desire to have a fun and bright day. Therefore, the most important thing is careful preparation, elaboration of all the details and details.

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