How to apply ginger root

Since long ago, ginger is known as a very useful and even curative plant. To date, its root is mainly used, since only this part of the plant is suitable for food and has many useful properties. Almost in any supermarket you can buy a root of ginger in different forms: dried, ground into powder( which is very convenient, but, alas, most of the beneficial properties are lost), as well as fresh ginger. And it is in this form it is desirable to use it to get the maximum of useful substances from it.

Benefit of ginger

What is so rich about this plant? It contains such essential substances as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and many other vitamins of group A, C and vitamins B1, B2.And all this is just in the normalized quantities.

How to properly use ginger

How to properly use and process ginger? Professional( and not very) cooks have long used it in a variety of dishes: broths, soups, in the preparation of all kinds of meat, for side dishes, in sauces, add to compotes. It is ginger that adds to them a certain piquancy and unusual, but very pleasant smell. It is added as seasoning in pate and sausage. Candied and dried ginger is used for making candied fruits, jam, marmalade and sweets.

Ginger is added at the very end of cooking so that its taste and smell does not fade. At the same time, it needs very little, for example, one gram of the test will be enough for one gram of fresh grated ginger for a pronounced but pleasant smell and taste. If you use too much ginger, then the dish will be bitter, and you may get spoiled by the impression of this fine spice.

During the winter cold and the spring slush of March, we are all very worried about how not to pick up some nasty infectious disease. And here, too, ginger comes to our aid. After all, it can and should even be used to make delicious and useful ginger tea.

For its preparation you need to take a small piece of ginger, carefully wash it and peel it. After that, grate it on a grater, place in a liter jar and add to it the juice of half a lemon and a little honey( one to two teaspoons).This mixture should be poured with boiling water and leave in peace for an hour. After that, you can try and enjoy the inexpressible taste of this tea. By the way, it will not only increase your immunity, but also add courage, so it's just an indispensable thing on the gray Monday morning.

And may everything be sunny and sweet in your life!

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