How to choose a fashionable long summer skirt

Lightweight, pleasant flowing fabrics are the best solution for sultry summer. The skirt in the summer season is simply indispensable, especially long. It will help create a feminine, romantic image, and protect from the heat and scorching sun, and the pleasant waving of the fabric will lift the mood. Pick up a summer skirt you can have a lot of beautiful images.

  • Style and fabric choice
  • Examples of full women

Style and fabric choice

More often than summer skirts, there is no pronounced silhouette, but models made of more dense fabric can preserve it. Excellent looks comfortable style skirt-sun, skirts with a smell and skirts-trapezium with the length to the ankle. The ensemble with them can be collected in white, blue, blue beige and other natural muted tones.

The same style, but the floor and the more voluminous look good with the hinged top, especially if the skirt with an overstated waist. It can be combined with a top or blouse with a sleeve three quarters.

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In choosing colors for a day, you should choose clothes on a monochrome basis or leave something bright, or top orbottom, and for the evening the top and bottom can be bright. The image can be built on the contrast of colors.

An unchanged trend is a pleated skirt. Typically, such skirts are best to choose from chiffon or silk, the image with them will be more harmonious if the fabric of the skirt is monophonic.

Similar to them are straight skirts made of chiffon, translucent. Such skirts can become part of an asymmetrical ensemble, either daytime, evening or business.

Constantly popular are skirts made of lace or lace trim. The top to them can also be lace. But such skirts are successfully combined with things from jeans, chiffon, cotton and other fine fabrics.

Topical are the vivid floral prints and gradient color transitions. The top under such a skirt should be as calm as possible.

To create evening images suitable skirts are complex cut, with a hem, asymmetry, made of bright or shiny fabrics. Top to them, too, should be moderate.

And if for the evening choose a monophonic skirt made of half-dense fabric, the top in this case can be revived. It can be a bright top decorated with rhinestones or pawns, a suitable jacket, a blouse with a flashlight sleeve and so on.

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Examples of full women

In choosing a summer long skirt for young ladies who have extra roundness, it is worth considering the type of their figure. Thus, for an hourglass and a pear-shaped figure, fit at the waist level, and for all other types landing with an overstated waist. For no type is acceptable low landing!

The second condition is that the skirt should not be tight, especially when the hips are too fluffy. Also, the variegation and drawing can add volume. If you choose a print, it is vertical and restrained( peas, line, small flower).

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