Ani Lorak - photos before and after plastic surgery

Ani Lorak is a popular singer, favorite of a multi-million audience. Her songs differ in crazy print runs, her work schedule does not have a single free graph, her life is a frantic run forward, to new achievements, new victories. She is one of the few who achieved success with her talent, bright, deep voice, the ability to convey the meaning of each song to the hearts of listeners, the ability to act, without which the real entertainer can not imagine.

But no matter how talented the person, he is forced to carefully monitor his appearance and sometimes make great sacrifices for the sake of the fans' love. Ani was no exception. Like most modern artists, she repeatedly turned to the services of plastic surgeons, which is evident not with an armed gaze, although she herself in a conversation with journalists in every possible way refutes this opinion. So, what was Ani Lorak before plastics, and what became after it?

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Ani Laura, real name Carolina Kuek grew up in a small Ukrainian city, in a boarding school. Her family was on the verge of poverty, her father disappeared from the horizon of the life of young Carolina, and her mother, torn in several jobs, was not able to raise children. Therefore, Carolina was identified in a boarding school. Yes, here she got shelter and food, but not the girl so lacked warmth and kindness: the rigid relationships of pupils, rudeness of teachers became a heavy blow to the vulnerable heart of a romantic girl. But this situation also tempered her character. She decided at all costs to become a famous singer, successful, rich, beloved in the whole world. No matter what. Even if for this it is necessary to pass the road of testing, even if for the sake of it one has to lie down on the table of a plastic surgeon.

In 1993, at the musical contest "Pervotsvet" lit a bright star of Karolina's talent. A tall, large-eyed girl with a simple cute features and a mane of red curly hair attracted the attention of the audience and producer Yuri Falesa. It was Thales that became the driving force that pulled an unknown girl from a provincial Ukrainian town to a big stage, he also advised Carolina on the services of plastic surgeons, motivating that the real artist should be immaculately perfect and attract the attention of the audience not only with excellent voice data. The spectator pays attention both to artistry, looseness, courage and to a bright, daring image. And there certainly is no place for the lovely innocent image of a romantic girl. So the young singer began to turn into a secular lioness.

The first plastic intervention was the change in the shape of the lips. Banal Botex in moderate quantities made Ani's lips more sensual, the image more attractive. But, as practice shows, people, especially artists, rarely know how to stop in time, once they taste the fruit of plastic. And then they are no longer stopped by the monstrous agony experienced by a person who survived the plastic surgery and undergoing a rehabilitation period, or a huge financial expenditure. The desire to be better and better makes them move on and on.

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Already at the beginning of the two thousandth Ani decided on a more serious intervention. Here surgeons worked on the shape of the cheekbones, making them more expressive. Of course, this operation took a lot of time and effort. But the result was successful.

Next time, after Eurovision 2008, Lorak had the courage to implant the implants by enlarging the chest. Experts argue that this process took place in several stages, because the singer repeatedly appeared in public with a new breast size. Fortunately, unlike many of the fair sex, Lorak managed to stay in this issue on a reasonable size.

And, finally, the last change, which experts noted, is the shape of the nose. In comparison with the photographs of the nineties, Ani's nose became straighter and thinner.

Did an already pretty Ukrainian girl go through so much torment on the table of plastic surgeons, can only tell an objective audience. But the fact remains, Ani did not pass this way. And we can only hope that in the future it will not become a victim of plastic deception, because the operation is always a huge risk, both for beauty and for life.

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