45 years of age to the family: what kind of wedding, what to give, how to celebrate

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Today you will learn about the anniversary of 45 years: what kind of wedding, what is its name and traditions, what can you give to spouses. People who are married such a large amount of time celebrate a sapphire wedding - the 45th anniversary of a joint life.

Sapphire personifies wisdom, has positive energy and the ability to contain negative emotions. This stone is a symbol of good health, fresh feelings and devoted love.

Anniversary of the wedding is a great and bright event for the whole family and close friends of the initiators of the celebration. In order to find out how to arrange a holiday and what you can give to a sapphire wedding for your parents, we suggest you read our article.

Holiday design. Fashionable and stylish

The jubilee of 45 years is a great and significant celebration, on this date it is necessary to arrange a magnificent banquet and invite the whole family and closest friends. Traditionally, children and grandchildren participate in the organization of the holiday and actively help the heroes.

Preparing the hall for the event, use the following shades: light gray, white, gold and silver - they are best combined with blue. The table can be decorated with transparent blue dishes, candlesticks, and also a beautiful sapphire tablecloth on top. In the light blue candy bar, put the sweets in blue and purple wraps, and decorate the hall with bright garlands, golden ribbons and balls.

Any yellow flowers, such as gerbera and sunflower, will give a triumph to the highlight and create an unusual contrast.
As an alternative, designers and florists offer flowers of blue shades: delicate hyacinths, playful lobels, unusual delphiniums or other plants.

It is not necessary to choose an outfit suitable for the holiday color scheme, it is enough to dilute the image with stylish blue and blue accessories: a hair clip, bracelet, necklace or brooch. If you still want to wear a bright dress, you can pay attention to silvery and gold shades. Men will look great in a sapphire shirt, along with a classic black suit. Accessories - gold or silver watches and other men's jewelry.

As a pleasant surprise, the guests of the celebration can prepare small presents in the form of bags of organza, which are filled with sweets or Swarovski crystals.

What do they give to a sapphire wedding?

For 45 years of living together it is important to choose a beautiful and original gift, which will be remembered for a long time by jubilee.

  • Jewelry is a universal gift for anniversaries and anniversaries. A woman will be pleased with a smart sapphire ring with diamonds, and a man who loves costumes should like the original cufflinks with these stones. If the wedding is celebrated in the first month of autumn, such a gift will be valued twice, since sapphire is a stone born in September.
  • The shades of blue will always be in fashion, so you can give suitable clothes to the jubilee. Tie and suit - for men, dress or sarafan - for a woman, lovely pajamas for both.
  • If a celebrating couple does not have a beautiful blue service, it's time to give it to them.
  • For avid gardeners and those who have a summer house, a good gift will be a seedling of some blue plant or flower: give the spouses a periwinkle or blueberry.
  • Guests of the celebration can think of gifts such as bathrobes, blankets, blankets, bed sets, towels or curtains.
The blue color symbolizes not only flowers and precious stones, but also water, so for 45 years of living together you can give things that are somehow connected with water. Such ideas can be embodied in the following gifts: an aquarium with fish, a beautiful little fountain, bathroom items.
  • In order to impress the "newlyweds" and guests of the event, order from the master or make yourself a large quilt with a print. You can sew photos of all family members or only spouses at different periods of their lives.
  • Photos - a wonderful gift for the wedding. If you do not want to make a blanket, think about the photo album with the most significant moments or collage. Or maybe it's a good idea to shoot a small family video and show it during the celebration on the big screen?

Congratulations on the sapphire wedding

We present you the ideas of congratulations on a sapphire wedding, with which you can complement the gift.

  • Today is a significant day, you are celebrating a sapphire wedding. A little more, and we will sit at the same table and celebrate the golden wedding. Dear our jubilee, we wish you never to know the losses and disappointments, and to overcome troubles only with a smile on your face!
  • As you know, sapphire is a stone that marks the wisdom, depth of feelings, fidelity and pacification. These are the things that come to us during life, and their true essence we can understand only with age. We wish you that your union will last as long, and your life will never be abandoned by wisdom, faithfulness and true love!
  • Blue is royal, noble. The same is true for you: the head of the family is the king, and the other half is the queen. We wish you not to lose this status, and let in future your companions be joy, tenderness, love and health! We love and appreciate you, dear parents.
  • Together you are 45 years old! You have remained as beautiful and healthy as you were in your youth, and over the years have acquired only wisdom and patience. Much behind - raised children, there were grandchildren, and how many still have to survive! We wish you infinite happiness and love, and that close people are always there!
  • Your family today celebrates its anniversary. The whole eternity is behind, and today you are sitting in the center of the table, like forty-five years ago - you are the bride and groom! Congratulations, we wish you health, happy grandchildren and only good luck on the way!
  • Dear our bride and groom! I look at you and understand that you are very similar. Your words, movements and gestures indicate that you are people who are related to each other.45 years ago, fate brought you together, so be grateful to her. We wish you happiness, health and long life.
  • Everything in this world is not accidental, everything has its own reason, its meaning, and all things are interrelated. Dear ones, fate brought you together, taught you how to be together and spent years, so that today we could celebrate the anniversary of your union! We want to wish you a bright sapphire color illuminates your path right up to the golden wedding!
  • 45 years - it's quite a bit compared to eternity, but if two people lived together for such a time, it causes respect. We wish you to spend twice as long, enjoy the success of your children and nurse your grandchildren. Happy anniversary!

Scenario of sapphire wedding celebration

In order to organize a holiday on your own, you will need a scenario of celebration. We present you an approximate plan for the holiday. Do not forget about the fun games and competitions, in which both the initiators of the event and the guests participate. For the victory in this or that competition a prize is given: sweets or small souvenirs of blue color.

  1. The beginning of the holiday. The presenter welcomes the guests of the celebration, presents the jubilees, reads the greetings and invites friends, the family and the spouses themselves at the table. Guests sit down, wishing to pronounce toasts.
  2. Competition "Let's change".For this fun game you can use real rings or various items, for example, drying or steering wheel. Guests should share equally and line up. The commander of the first team is the husband, the second is the wife. Those who stand last receive rings. The time is being marked, the guests take turns to put a ring on each other's fingers. The team that finished the baton first, wins.
  3. Congratulations and toasts are continued, presents are given. In the intervals, songs continue to sound. Periodically given time for something to eat.
  4. Competition "Unexpectedness".A gift is prepared, put in a box and carefully packed. On each layer of the wrapping film is written, to whom the gift is intended."The youngest", "the smartest", "the fastest" and so on. The last wrapper says "jubilee".The gift is given to them.
  5. After a break, the favorite song of the couple sounds. You can ask one of the guests with a good ear to sing it. Dancing begins with the song, the main characters - of course, our "newlyweds".
  6. The game "Funny fitting."The presenter needs to pack a few funny and funny things into the box. Perfectly fit wig, children's cap, elegant cape. Music sounds, guests pass the box to each other. The guest, on which the music stopped, without looking, takes the thing out of the box. By the rules, he wears it on himself for 40 minutes. The action is repeated until the box is empty.
  7. The word is given to the children of the couple, and then to the grandchildren. Congratulations, toasts, gifts are given. The smallest guest in the hall can present a gift, reading a children's poem or singing a song.
  8. Competition "Good Words".In turn, all those present say good and good words addressed to their spouses. Who says congratulations to the latter, he receives a prize. You can add a condition: each subsequent congratulator should repeat the words of the previous one, and then say his own, using a certain letter of the alphabet.

As you can see, there are many ways to congratulate your dear and dear people. It is not necessary to present expensive gifts, a pleasant surprise, along with touching words, will be remembered for a long time by jubilees. We hope that the advice presented in the article will help you to spend an unforgettable celebration and to congratulate the jubilees on an original occasion.


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