Ways of preserving products

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To date, it is not possible to name all available methods for processing products of different types for their long-term storage. Microflora can be destroyed in various ways, leaving the product suitable for human consumption only.

Ways of preserving products from different nationalities, peoples, in addition, they differ depending on personal preferences and the products themselves. Each housewife has secret ingredients( marinades and spices), which are added to the jar with cucumbers or tomatoes, before they are sent for storage. However, with all the arsenal of methods of conservation, they can be disassembled into main groups, which we will talk about in more detail.

Types of canned food

Various canning methods are designed to remove moisture, as a result of this process, a beneficial environment for the multiplication of bacteria is destroyed, and products can acquire a longer shelf life or be filled with microbes, but still remain edible for humans. We will analyze each of the known methods.

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  1. Drying. The method is used for certain types of vegetables, fruits, fish or meat. The essence of the method is that a special apparatus for drying or the sun's rays have time to remove moisture from the products before the bacteria begin their offensive.
  2. Pickling. Products, more often meat or fish, are abundantly rubbed with salt, which removes liquid, depriving bacteria of habitual habitat.
  3. Marinating. As a result of this method, the products are saturated with acetic, lactic or citric acid. For humans these substances are not harmful in small concentrations, but bacteria can not reproduce in them.
  4. Crushing. This type of canning is used mainly for products of milk origin, sometimes for some vegetables. The principle of action is similar to the previous method, only canned foods are saturated with specific bacteria - lactic acid, which process the sugar contained in the product.
  5. Sugaring. The method has also the industrial name - kandirovanie( comes from the English word candy - sweet / candy).A large amount of sugar added to the product, removes moisture from it and kills bacteria. A vivid example of candling is fruit candied fruit.
  6. Smoking. The product destroys bacteria in the process of treatment with campfire smoke. A huge plus of the method is the delicious flavor of the finished product.
  7. Sterilization. Products are subject to severe heat, which results in the death of bacteria. If you heat foods several times in a row, then you can destroy spores - they are a more stable form of microbes.
  8. Sealing. The method follows immediately after warming up. Such a tandem excludes multiplication of bacteria, which require oxygen for vital activity.

It should be noted that today canned products can be considered those that are hermetically packaged. Of course, before they can get a reliable "clothes", they can be processed by various methods, which will certainly affect the appearance of the product and its taste qualities.

It is up to each person what to choose in the process of compiling a diet, but remember that canned food, even expensive and of high quality, can not be considered a natural product, so use them infrequently and for a short time.

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