Diet "Beloved"

Favorite diet - this is an unusual name, apparently, had to taste for many people who want to lose weight. At least, this diet, invented not so long ago, quickly became one of the most fashionable and popular among slimming.

Actually, there are several diets with this name in different sources. We will tell in detail about some of them.

Twelve-day favorite diet

1 - 3 days .Kefir in any quantity and at any time of the day.
4 - 6 days .Apples, also in any quantity and at any time of day and night.
7 - 9 days .Chicken without skin, cooked in any way you like( boiled, fried, stewed), but without any seasonings and additives, also without restrictions on the amount and time of consumption.
10 - 12 days .Red dry wine( in any quantity) with cheese( 30 grams of cheese per glass of wine).

The developers of this version of the diet, designed for 12 days, promise that you can lose weight by 8-14 kg. That's just whether your body will withstand such a diet? Especially the last 3 days?:)

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Seven-day favorite diet

There are two options for a seven-day favorite diet: a harder and relatively more sparing. In a rigid version of the diet, we are promised a loss of 10 kg of excess weight, in soft - not less than 8.

Hard version of

This variant of your favorite diet can be used no more than once every three months and only people who have no health problems.

1 and 2 day: drink kefir 1% fat in any amount.
Day 3: eat only apples of unsweetened varieties, in any quantity and at any time.
4, 5 and 6 day: use only chicken, cooked in any way, but without skin and without seasonings.
7th day: drink red dry wine in any quantity with a piece of hard cheese. For one glass of wine - 30 gr.cheese.

Gentle variety of

Day 1: Drinking. Throughout the day, you can drink any non-alcoholic and non-carbonated liquids, ranging from water to broths.
Day 2: Vegetable. It is allowed to consume vegetables and vegetable salads in any quantity. Of course, you can not fill salads with butter and sour cream. It is desirable that in every meal there is cabbage. Cabbage is an excellent fat-burning agent.
Day 3: Drinking. The conditions are the same as on the first day of the diet.
4th day: fruit. You are allowed to use any fruit in any quantity. It is desirable that grapefruits are present among others. Day 5: Protein. We need to eat eggs, boiled chicken fillet and natural unsweetened yoghurts. Again in any quantity.
Day 6: Drinking. The conditions are the same as the first day of the diet.
7th day: exit from the diet:
- breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and tea;
- snack: any fruit;
- lunch: broth or light cereal soup;
- snack: any fruit;
- dinner: vegetable salad-assorted, seasoned with vegetable oil.

In addition to these products, during all seven days of your favorite diet is allowed to drink water, in any quantity, how much you want. It is also recommended to take some vitamin and mineral complex to compensate for the lack of vitamins and trace elements in the diet, which can lead to unwanted disorders in the body.

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