Wedding in the autumn: design ideas, photo

  • Image of the bride and groom
  • Ideas for the wedding celebration
  • Venue and decoration of the hall
  • Ideas for the wedding photo shoot in the autumn

Many couples dream of carrying out the wedding ceremony in autumn, because the streets are still warm and very beautiful. Autumn leaflets of different colors can become an excellent decorative motif, and adding to the wedding attributes several thematic elements, you can very revitalize the holiday. So, in the center of our attention is the autumn wedding. Tell you how to organize a celebration, what nuances need to be taken into account.

The image of the bride and groom

The wedding in autumn raises many questions about the bridal dresses. If it comes to early autumn, you can do without cloaks and insulated jackets, but if the bride and groom are going to get married in November, then without additional elements of clothing the image will be incomplete. What kind of dress is best for an autumn wedding?

  1. The bride should give preference to models in which it is convenient to move and, if necessary, can easily jump over a puddle.
  2. This image looks great variety of sheepskin coats, hats, long gloves. They will have a purely yet practical purpose.
  3. Also, the bride can easily decorate her dress with appliques that mimic autumn leaves, which will look extremely relevant in the framework of such a ceremony.
  4. With the help of autumn leaflets, you can decorate both your hair and your wedding bouquet, giving your bow an individuality.

Specific requirements for wedding dresses do not exist, because every girl is free to choose exactly the outfit, which she so long dreamed of. The only thing that should be remembered is comfort. Also, the bride can choose for her image a beautiful umbrella in case the ceremony will be overshadowed by rain. By the way, thanks to the umbrellas of the bride and groom, the photographer will be able to make original pictures.

Traditionally, the autumn weddings are dominated by a range of shades, close to red and yellow. That is why the bride can boldly create a bouquet of red or yellow roses with the addition of autumn leaves. Such a detail will give a coloring ceremony.

The image of the groom is also worth picking up according to the expected weather. If it is a question of late autumn, then instead of a usual jacket it is necessary to pick up a warmed coat in classical style, which will perfectly blend in with the general mood of the holiday. Boutonniere can be made up of the fall leaves, as well as the branches of mountain ash.

Many men for some reason prefer to marry in autumn in a variety of hats or even bowlers, because of which their onions acquire historical motifs. This effect can be strengthened by handing the groom an umbrella-cane, which, if necessary, will cover a couple of rain.

As a shoe groom should choose closed shoes of the classic type.

Ideas for the wedding celebration

Modern couples very carefully pick up ideas for a future holiday, realizing that the design will directly affect what impression will remain from the celebration. The wedding, held in autumn, gives several ideas at once, which can be used advantageously in the framework of the celebration, and here are just some of them:

  • hall and costumes of all participants of the ceremony can be decorated in the style of Halloween;
  • beautiful autumn leaves, twigs of mountain ash and viburnum can also become the main inspiration for couples, and with the help of these materials it is possible to decorate everyone around;
  • is another idea for festive decorating - the "autumn table", and within the framework of this theme you can safely use pumpkins, late vegetables, hawthorn - in short, everything that ripens in the autumn, adapting it for decoration;
  • autumn is considered rainy at times, so the motif with umbrellas can also be used by decorating the entire hall;
  • also many couples prefer a wedding in retro style, beating it in the design of the outfits, and in decorating the hall.

It is not difficult to manifest a fantasy in the realization of certain themes, because modern weddings do not tolerate restrictions.

For example, deciding to arrange a celebration in the style of Halloween, the bride and groom can decorate the hall with artificial bats and numerous pumpkins with scary muzzles carved into them, and invite guests to dress in gloomy colors.

Another popular idea is autumn harvest. In the Middle Ages, a feast was often held in honor of harvesting, and the bride and groom can bravely arrange a wedding within the framework of this topic. In this case, on the tables will be treats from those vegetables and fruits that ripen in the autumn season, and the tables themselves can be decorated with modest linen tablecloths. Competently withstood such a specific theme, lovers will be able to fully express their imagination.

Very often for the inspiration of the newlyweds use autumn leaves, various late flowers, umbrellas and pumpkins. The more original and courageous the couple, the brighter their autumn wedding will turn out.

Venue and decoration of the hall

The wedding in the autumn style can be arranged both indoors and outdoors, but experts still advise to impose certain restrictions related to the weather. For example, do not undertake to organize a celebration on the bank of a river or a lake, because in the autumn season it is very cold near water bodies, and such a ceremony will bring considerable discomfort to each of its participants.

Where to hold the autumn wedding ceremony, in order not only to bond the couple in marriage, but also get pleasure from the holiday?

  1. And the painting itself, and the subsequent celebration can be organized in the park, where the newlyweds will be able to make very beautiful photos against the background of yellow trees.
  2. And a festive dinner, and a symbolic painting can be organized in the middle of the field, where the guests will have a tent, and lovers can make stunning pictures against the backdrop of the setting sun.
  3. Walking in a restaurant is also an excellent option for a newly-married couple, especially if they take care of the proper decoration of the hall.
  4. The ceremony can be organized outside the city, on a tourist base, providing for themselves and guests the last holiday in nature this year.

Outdoor activities are an excellent alternative to a standard holiday in a restaurant, but there are also disadvantages here. For example, in the autumn season the risk of bad weather increases, and the prospect of celebrating a wedding in the pouring rain in the middle of a park or field will not appeal to everyone. That's why the bride and groom prefer to celebrate in restaurants.

The main thing that should be done after choosing a room is to think over its decoration. Tables can be decorated with bouquets of autumn leaves. Also on the tables you can place decorative pumpkins with candles inside. Some newlyweds go further, picking up dishes in the form of yellow maple leaves.

The room itself can be decorated with a scattering of yellow or red flowers, satin fabrics, which can be wrapped in columns and chairs.

Ethnic motif in the elements of decoration can be made with the help of unusual figures from flowers or Native American dream catchers. All these details should be combined and harmoniously looked within the chosen color scale.

It's great if the presenter thinks through the contests within the framework of the autumn celebration, then the image of the wedding will be perfect.

Ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the autumn

Usually the design and organization of a wedding photography is handled by a photographer, and he also thinks out the main ideas. However, responsible couples are trying to show their imagination here, making a photo session not only bright, but also thematic. Here are just the most popular ideas:

  • photography in the forest in an armful of autumn leaves always looks bright and original;
  • newlyweds can arrange shooting in front of a fireplace in a restaurant or a special studio, which also fits into the theme of the celebration;
  • various photos of a pair in umbrellas or in rubber boots look both original and humorous;
  • very often for shooting newlyweds use their pets, for example, dogs, organizing a truly atmospheric photo session;
  • also the newlyweds can be photographed in makeup or costumes for Halloween, having beaten this autumn tradition.

Of course, it's better to organize a wedding photo session not in the room, but on the street. Even in the most dull autumn days one can make several bright shots, especially in the forest or in the park. Beautiful trees that are already dumping foliage, fill each frame with colors, making the photo session an unforgettable part of the holiday.

Some newlyweds bring additional props with them to make shooting even more interesting. For example, you can decorate a forest glade with a few pumpkins and cloth in yellow tones. As a result, the photo session will be even more atmospheric.

In the process of organizing a holiday, newlyweds can include in the celebration several humorous elements. Rubber boots will serve as a props not only for a photo shoot, but also for decorating the hall. Also, the bride and groom can create their own invitations by cutting them out of colored paper in the form of maple leafs of yellow and red color. In a word, showing imagination in such details, you can easily organize the wedding of your dreams.

Now the tradition has been established to hold a wedding in the summer, but this does not mean that the autumn celebration will pass a priori worse. Preoccupied with the organization of the holiday and correctly selecting the costumes for themselves and guests, the newlyweds can make this day truly magical, despite the vagaries of the weather. Ideas for an autumn wedding.

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