Cooking tricks in a double boiler

Many modern housewives have long heard about such a useful kitchen assistant, like a steamer. It is easy to cook almost any product. However, we must remember that there are dishes that do not recommend cooking for a couple.

What not to cook in the steamer

Steam is not cooked with a pair, as well as representatives of the bean family. All this must first be immersed in water. Many modern models are equipped with special bowls, in which it is possible to cook cereals, such a device is suitable for macaroni.

But to cook beans is still better in the usual pan, due to the fact that cooking with steam takes a lot of time, and by taste, they are no different.

Some mushrooms and by-products are also not cooked in a double dishes containing the listed components, involves boiling in several waters to get rid of harmful substances for the body.

Rules for cooking in the steamer

Multi-level models of steamers suggest the preparation of several types of products at once. It is important to understand the time spent on cooking. Dishes with the longest cooking time frames are put on the lower level, and those that are prepared quickly are located on the top.

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In the presence of a single tray, aromas from several products can be mixed, if they are prepared simultaneously. To avoid this, you can prepare everything separately.

Products are placed in the steamer after the boiling water, for which a special container is installed. Water is poured in such a way that it is a few centimeters below the bottom of the dish.

It is recommended to lay the ingredients in one layer. In the event that they have different sizes and there is no possibility to cut into identical slices, small pieces should be put up.

Vegetables, cut into large pieces, retain almost all useful substances when cooking in a double boiler. Do not neglect the juice from the products, which will be collected in a pan, from which you can cook a wonderful sauce.

If you add wine to wine boiling water, herbal spices or lemon peel, then the dishes will have special taste qualities. But to salt or add this or that kind of seasonings is recommended after preparation of products.

Filling the steamer will completely increase the cooking time.

It's hard to say how much this or that product will be prepared in time, it's all about its scope, the quality of the ingredients and the technical characteristics of the steamer. To ensure that the products are not digested, they need to be looked after to determine the degree of readiness.

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