Yogurt diet

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Yogurt diet is perfect for those who have set a goal to lose weight. Yoghurt is one of the most useful fermented milk products, and at the same time low-calorie. True, this applies only to natural yogurt without any additives, which should form the basis of diet diets.

You can eat yogurt every morning for breakfast, combining it with oatmeal or fruit. Such a breakfast will contribute to the normal functioning of the intestines. Live yogurt can be used as a dressing for salads, add it to casseroles and sauces. It is an excellent alternative to sour cream and "unhealthy" mayonnaise.

Menu of yoghurt diet

The menu of yogurt diet can be different, however, as a rule, it includes the consumption of 500 g of yogurt per day, this amount can be divided into four portions. Before you eat yogurt, you need to drink half a cup of warm green tea. In the day menu you can include fresh fruit( except for melon, watermelon, grapes, sweet pears), vegetables, dried fruits, berries and boiled meat( fish).From the drinks already mentioned green tea, as well as black tea, juices( cherry, apple, pomegranate, orange, grapefruit), mineral and ordinary clean water without gas.

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Natural yogurt may well become a component of delicious and healthy dishes.

Here are a couple of options for a menu of yogurt diet for weight loss.

1 option

Breakfast. Have half a cup of tea. Eat jelly with natural yogurt and berries. Finish the meal with half a glass of pomegranate juice.
Lunch. Eat cold soup based on yogurt with fresh cucumbers, olive oil, chopped fresh herbs. As the second boiled meat( 100 g).Drink half a glass of any permitted juice.
Snack. Eat a yogurt dressed with tomato salad. Drink mineral water.
Dinner. You can afford boiled asparagus, seasoned with yogurt, and a glass of any juice.

2 option

Breakfast. Eat 150 g of natural yogurt, 100 g of fruit, 30 g of dried fruit. Drink 100 g of juice.
Lunch. Eat the same amount of yogurt as for breakfast, 100 grams of boiled meat, a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers. Drink 100 g of juice.
Snack. Eat a salad of vegetables, dressed with yogurt.
Dinner. Eat yoghurt, stewed vegetables and juice.

You can make your own diet by analogy with the described menu options, adhering to the above recommendations.

You can stick to a yogurt diet for a maximum of ten days, after which you need to take a break for at least two months.

Unloading day on yogurt

You can also arrange a fasting day on yogurt. In five receptions during the day, eat 500 grams of natural yogurt. It is permissible to drink water, green and herbal tea, a rose hips infusion. You can repeat this unloading once a week.

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