How to effectively cure pancreatitis with folk remedies

Pancreatitis is a group of diseases that arise against the background of inflammation of the pancreas, during which enzymes begin to act before they enter the duodenum, provoking the digestion of the tissues of the organ itself. Efficiently cure pancreatitis by folk remedies can be in case of a chronic form of the disease.

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Signs of acute forms of pancreatitis are very similar to symptoms of poisoning, becausedegeneration of tissues causes a strong intoxication of the body, the signs of which are:

  1. Blunt cutting pain in the left or right hypochondrium or girdle if the entire gland is affecteda.
  2. Constant nausea, bile vomiting, hiccough, frequent eructations and dry mouth.
  3. Pale complexion, up to earthy-gray. In the hypochondrium, on the abdomen, and in the groin may appear blue spots, located like a marble pattern, caused by the ingress of blood into the abdominal cavity.

  4. Elevated temperature, high or low blood pressure, shortness of breath, sticky perspiration.
  5. A frequent and frothy stool or constipation, hardening of the abdominal muscles or bloating.
  6. There are signs of jaundice caused by the release of bile due to narrowing of the bile duct.

In the described situation, you can not hesitate to call an ambulance.

It is important to be able to distinguish chronic pancreatitis from acute. Since they are characterized by the same pain in the hypochondrium, they can be distinguished by the strength of the attack and the intensity of pain. When the chronic form of the disease manifests the following symptoms:

  1. Frequent lack of appetite, especially with regard to fatty foods. If the disease is accompanied by diabetes, the situation is directly opposite.
  2. Combination of several manifestations: flatulence, bloating, loose stools, dry tongue, unreasonable weight loss.
Pancreatitis can be masked for other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, so a professional should be diagnosed.

It is important to remember that a timely onset of treatment means a faster recovery. In addition to basic therapy, folk remedies that can alleviate symptoms and speed up the healing process will be useful.

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Herbal collection

Effective monastic collection, which includes:

  • sage;
  • elecampane;
  • St. John's wort;
  • chamomile;
  • calendula;
  • wormwood bitter;
  • horsetail field;
  • Swamp Swamp.

Tea from these herbs:

  • increases the secretory function of the digestive organs;
  • has a bactericidal, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • promotes general strengthening of the body and healing of mechanical injuries of internal organs;
  • removes intoxication;
  • with regular admission slows down the tumor processes.

Preparation: pour 1 teaspoon of collection of a glass of boiled water, brew for 20 minutes, then drink in 3 divided doses. One course of treatment lasts about three months.

Since the cause of the disease may be cholelithiasis, you should get rid of the underlying cause. This will help the collection, which removes inflammation and improves the secretory function, as well as the motility of the biliary tract. It consists of:

  • celandine grass;
  • sporis;St. John's wort;
  • three-color violets;
  • fruit anise;
  • stigma of corn;
  • of the dandelion drug root.

This herbal infusion is drunk warm, thrice a day, a glass, 30 minutes before meals.

The progression of the disease becomes easier under the influence of components that have antispasmodic, analgesic, soothing effect, as well as choleretic, tanning and antibacterial effect. For example, the collection from:

  • fennel seeds;
  • peppermint;
  • of hawthorn fruit;
  • flowers of the immortelle sandy;
  • colors of chamomile medicinal.

Herbs are recommended to drink 100 grams at a time after each meal.

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Recipe 1

A small piece of propolis is chewed beforefood intake. This method helps the food to be fully digested, without being torn off by the pancreas. So pass all the symptoms of inflammation. Propolis is active due to its antiseptic and healing properties.

Recipe 2

Pour 15 drops of propolis alcohol into half a glass of warm milk. Use for a week before going to bed. This method contributes to the improvement of the gland and removes the symptoms of the disease.

Recipe 3

A solution of propolis on water in combination with a decoction of herbs is recommended to drink on a tablespoon twice a day. The duration of the course should not exceed two weeks.

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Kissel from oats

In a three-liter jar, pour in 1/3 cup of kefir, add 300 grams of small and 4 tablespoons of large oatmeal. The remaining volume is filled with warm water, mix everything and close for two days in a warm place. After opening the jar, the contents should be well stirred and cooked on low heat until a consistency of low-fat sour cream is obtained. Ready jelly can be drunk in small sips no more often than three times a day. Such a remedy helps to relieve inflammation, and also normalizes the production of digestive enzymes.

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Golden mustache

A decoction of a golden mustache is prepared from three leaves of a plant: one 25 centimeters long, two - 15 centimeters. They must be crushed and poured in. 7 liters of hot boiled water, after which 25 minutes cook on low heat, stirring constantly. The broth should be insisted for 8 hours, then used warmed 3 times a day for 0.5 hours before meals.

This agent improves metabolism, is a natural analgesic, heals wounds and prevents the development of tumors.

Store the product in the refrigerator. Start taking should be from small dosages, gradually increasing to 50 grams. Before use, consult a physician.

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Potatoes and carrots

Potato-carrot juice has analgesic, spasmolytic and wound-healing effect. For its preparation, 2-3 washed, unpurified potatoes( cut out "eyes") and 1-2 carrots are required. Vegetables must be passed through the juicer, and drink ready-made juice only one hour before a meal. The duration of such a course should not exceed a week.

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Buckwheat with kefir

In the evening, one tablespoon of buckwheat chopped on a coffee grinder and pour 200milliliters of low-fat kefir. In the morning, you should have breakfast with a useful meal or drink the mixture before breakfast, or you can divide the portion twice and drink half before bed. This method is aimed at normalizing the work of the organ by purifying the entire gastrointestinal tract. A noticeable improvement in the state of health comes in no more than 10 days.

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Tincture of barberry

100 grams of ground barberry roots should be poured with a liter of vodka and left for two weeks. Ready tincture is taken on a teaspoon 2 times a day. The therapeutic effect is due to the fact that barberry contains alkaloids and tannins, which help regulate the isolation of enzymes. Also tincture is cholagogue, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic.

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To improve the condition of the disease, berries and cranberry leaves are actively used. From berries you can make mors, jelly or compote, and even eat raw with sugar. From the leaves brew tea, decoction or infusion.

Useful substances contained in cranberries( especially urosolic acid) help to heal wounds and relieve inflammation.

Cranberry also provokes increased secretion of gastric juice, which is effective for the normalization of the secretion of digestive enzymes.

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Treatment of pancreatic inflammation with lemon is a mixed matter. Some say that it is strictly forbidden to take it, because citric acid simulates the production of digestive enzymes and aggravates the situation. Others - that with the help of a lemon you can bring the work of the body back to normal. In order not to risk, before using lemon consult with a doctor: he will exactly tell the right way.

The recipe for lemon therapy is as follows: cut the citrus into 4 parts and remove the bones, pass through the meat grinder along with several cloves of garlic, add on a bunch of finely chopped dill and parsley. Stir the mixture for two weeks, then take three times a day, 30 minutes before eating. It is better to wash down the product by collecting from the leaves blueberries, cowberries and strawberries, as well as stalk corn and bean pods.

Treatment with folk methods often gives a better result than traditional medicine.

However, pancreatitis is a serious disease, and before you try this or that recipe, you should ask the doctor's advice.

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Tamara, 51, Izhevsk:

"I treated pancreatitis with traditional medicine, but after a short improvement the disease returned, and I began complex treatment with herbs, propolis and potato-carrot juice. After six months of my home "therapy", pancreatic pains did not appear so often, and a year later I felt like a healthy person. I recommend everyone to be treated by folk methods. "

Elena, 45, Volgograd:

"I combine non-traditional medicine with the usual. For half a year now, I almost every day have breakfast with oatmeal flakes, periodically I drink choleretic tea from celandine, anise, St. John's wort, maize, dandelion and violet. All this was bought in phyto-therapy. I feel much better".

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