Vitamins for beauty nails

  • The most important of vitamins for beauty nails
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  • Vitamin complexes
  • Therapeutic cosmetics
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Well-groomed nails are the guarantee of the attractiveness of women at any age. But unfortunately, nature does not always reward the fair sex with flawless nails. To maintain them in health, additional nutrients are required. About how to choose vitamins for nails, will be told in this article.

The most important of the vitamins for the beauty of nails

To make the nails have a presentable appearance, a number of vitamins should come to them in the right amount. We will name the most necessary of them.

Vitamin E( tocopherol), which is often called the "vitamin of beauty".It performs the following functions:

  • Increases blood flow to the nail bed.
  • Retains moisture in the skin and horny plates.
  • Activates cell repair after damage and prevents their aging.

With a lack of tocopherol, the nails will fade and thinen, their growth slows down, yellowness and dryness appear, gloss is lost. Adults need to consume at least 10 mg of this substance every day. Especially good effect can be achieved with the simultaneous use of tocopherol with vitamin A.

Vitamin A( retinol acetate, or simply retinol) is needed to strengthen the nail plates and improve their structure. Only 1 mg of this substance per day will relieve the plates from brittleness and delamination, will make their surface smooth, and also prevent the appearance of burrs.

Vitamin C( ascorbic acid) has a dual purpose. On the one hand, it provides nutrition to the nail plates and prevents their thinning and the appearance of white spots on them. On the other hand, it promotes a better assimilation of the organism of tocopherol and retinol. The body should receive approximately 90 mg of this substance per day.

Vitamin D is necessary for the assimilation of calcium by the tissues, which, among other things, is responsible for the strength of the nail plates. People, starting at the age of one year, require only 15 μg of cholecalciferol per day.

Vitamin H( B7, coenzyme R, or biotin) is involved in the synthesis of collagen, which protects the nails from the aggressive environment and makes them strong. To horny plates ceased to crumble and exfoliate, 5 mg of biotin per day is enough.

Vitamin B3( niacin, or nicotinic acid) plays an important role in metabolic processes occurring in cells. With a permanent lack of acid( less than 15 mg per day) in the body, the surface of the nails ceases to be smooth, and on it appear tubercles.

Vitamin B9( folic acid) helps the body get rid of dead cells. The body should receive 20 mg of this substance per day, otherwise the skin around the nail plates becomes dry and on it appear keratinized particles.

Vitamin B6( pyridoxine) prevents dry nails and peeling of the epidermis near them. It is necessary for people in the amount of 2-3 mg.

Natural suppliers of vitamins

The bulk of vitamins enter the body during meals. Therefore, in order to maintain the nails in a healthy state, it is sufficient to eat food useful for them.

  1. Vitamin E is abundant in many plants:
    • in oily cultures: sunflower, olives, peanuts;
    • green vegetables: salad, broccoli and spinach;
    • fruits: mango and peaches.

    In addition, tocopherol is present in any oil, eggs, milk and products from it.

  2. Vitamin A is rich in orange vegetable cultures( pumpkin, sweet pepper, carrots), as well as fatty fish, liver and butter. Because retinol, like tocopherol, is fat-soluble, vegetable crops will bring significant benefit to nails only in combination with fat-containing foods.
  3. Providing the body with vitamin C will help dogrose, sauerkraut, herbs and citrus. In addition, ascorbic acid is found in virtually all vegetables, berries and fruits. Especially in the newly assembled. After prolonged storage, the amount of vitamin C decreases almost twice in fruits.
  4. Vitamin D supplies to the body two sources - food and ultraviolet rays. It is found in oily fish and dairy products, yolks and forest mushrooms grown in nature, in algae and yeast. In addition, help meet the body's need for this element of walking outdoors in warm sunny weather or visiting the solarium.
  5. Vitamin H is found in both animal and plant products. For example: in eggs and meat, by-products and milk, root crops and herbs, nuts and legumes, citrus fruits and strawberries.
  6. You can saturate your nails with vitamin B3 by regularly eating milk-based products, fatty fish, eggs, greens and tomatoes.
  7. Vitamin B9 can be found in yellow and orange fruits, nuts, greens, oily fish, yolks, cereals and rice.
  8. Vitamin B6 is found in any nuts, vegetables, root crops, bananas, soy, meat and fish products, by-products and egg yolks.

Vitamin Complexes

For a number of reasons, not every modern woman has the opportunity to eat regularly and regularly. Therefore, keep the nails in a healthy state only at the expense of products is not always obtained.

In this case, come to the aid include vitamins in pure form pharmaceutical preparations. They are of two kinds:

  • Individual vitamins, which are available in the form of ampoules, powders, capsules, lozenges or tablets.
  • Vitamin complexes, which include a number of useful substances.

The second kind is preferable, since it is difficult to determine which vitamin deficiency caused this or that nail plate problem.

The answer to the question of which vitamins are best purchased for nails, as well as hair and skin, depends on several factors:

  • of the preferred form of release;
  • individual reaction of the body to the composition;
  • financial opportunities.

Let us dwell on the most popular dietary supplements developed by pharmacologists.

  1. Among the inexpensive vitamins can be called:
    • "Duovit";
    • Vitrum;
    • "Alphabet";
    • "Aevit";
    • "Selmevit";
    • Calcium-D3 Nicomed Forte.
  2. Among the vitamins that have proven themselves in a higher price category are:
    • "Pantobrig" - a drug that improves the structure of nail plates and struggles with the problem of hair loss;
    • "Solgar" - American-made vitamins in the form of tablets, preventing dryness and brittle nails and hair;
    • vitamins for skin, hair and nails "Ladyys formula", effectively fighting with avitaminosis;
    • "Merz" - dragee, strengthening the growth of nails and preventing their separation;
    • «Evalar. Mountain calcium D3 »for brittle and brittle nails;
    • "Sheviton" - supplements for complex use;
    • "Evonia" - a drug made in Switzerland, to combat the problems of nails, hair and skin;
    • "Nagypol" is a biologically active additive in the form of capsules for strengthening and accelerated growth of nails.

Therapeutic cosmetics

Beneficial effect on the condition of the horny plates and various cosmetic preparations with vitamins.

  1. Oils for care of the cuticle and nail plates:
    • "Apricot Cuticle Oil" from "Essie" with tocopherol and apricot;
    • "Couleurs Nature Atelier Manicure" of "Yves Rocher" company with tocopherol and plant oils;
    • "Cuticle Oil" cosmetics company "Orly" with retinol and tocopherol.
  2. Creams for combating nail delamination and cuticle health:
    • "Radical Cuticle Cream" from "Cristina Fitzgerald" with tocopherol;
    • «Cuticle Eraser» of «CND» company with apricot, vitamin B and tocopherol.
  3. Creams for nails and hand skin:
    • "Multivitamin" with mango and tocopherol from "Dr. Sea ";
    • "Hand and nail cream with gum" firm "Nevskaya Cosmetics";
    • "Hand and Nail Cream" company "Green Street" with healing oils.

Vitaminized creams and hand masks are also effective for nail care. They are not only applied to the skin, but also rubbed into the nail plates. As an example, the following cosmetic preparations can be mentioned:

  • Cream "Previous Next" with tocopherol;
  • Cream "Karite, sweet almonds and argan oil" from "Le Petit Marseillais";
  • Mask "Cettua" with jojoba and shea butter.

Masks and personal creams

You can make your nails healthy and attractive not only with the help of ready-made products purchased at a pharmacy or a cosmetics store. A good result is provided by therapeutic masks prepared by themselves. Let us dwell in more detail on some of them.

  1. Mask that strengthens the nail plates. It consists of:
    • 3 drops of vitamin C;
    • hard-boiled chicken egg;
    • 4 g of natural wax;
    • oil of grape or apricot.

    Stir the yolk thoroughly. Wax melted and put it together with the egg. Gradually add a lot of oil. At the end, pour into the composition ascorbic acid. The resulting mass is transferred to a jar from under the cream. Daily rub the drug into the cuticles and nail plates until completely absorbed. Keep the container with cream in a cool place.

  2. Cream for improving the structure of nails. It is prepared from the following components:
    • for 3 teaspoons of vitamins A and B3;
    • 3 drops of vitamin D;
    • 1-2 tsp. Nutritious cream.

    Vitamins should be poured into the cream and mixed properly. Apply the resulting composition to the plates and the skin around them. Massaging the places, greased with cream until the moment the preparation is completely absorbed. Repeat the procedure should be every day.

  3. Means for nails prone to brittleness and delamination. It will require:
    • for 1 ampoule of biotin and nicotinic acid;
    • 2 dessert spoons of olive oil;
    • 2 drops of iodine;
    • 4 drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Hold the oil at room temperature for about an hour. Then mix all the necessary components. Blend the mixture into the skin of the fingers and nails.

As you can see, every woman can save her nails from brittleness, delamination and ugly stains and tuberosity. To do this, you only need to select competently the preparations containing vitamins, and provide the nails with regular care.

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