Master-class on crafts from sea shells

Things from this natural material are light, special style, they fit into almost any summer ensemble, especially in beach fashion. Also with their help, you can enrich or give a second life to many things that until then the right way was only for a dump. So, they decorate glass, wooden, plastic surfaces, holes are drilled in them and threaded on a fishing line, string, thread, from shells collect souvenirs of different configuration and complexity.

  • Marine topiary
  • Decorative heart
  • Youth decoration
  • Suspension from seashells

Marine topiary

To create an unusual, not upright sea topiary, you need:

  • shells of different shapes;
  • a ball of foam plastic;
  • material sisal or tow;
  • thick wire or wire;
  • flower pots;
  • pearl beads;
  • decorative stone;
  • rope-jute and twine;

  • glue gun; ;
  • plaster putty;
  • tapes;
  • cardboard;
  • stationery knife.

Initially, fill the surface of the ball with sisal material.

From the abundance of cockleshells choose the most flat and large specimens and glue them with a foam ball using an adhesive gun.

Add empty decor: beads and small seashells, as well as decorative pebbles, pearls and ribbons from ribbons.

Beads can be strung on a fishing line and wrapped with topiary this garland.

When the ball is decorated, make a stem. To do this, wind the wire with a twine or a thick rope and bend it.

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You can make several such stems.

Mix the thick gypsum putty and fill it in the pot. Insert the trunk of the topiary into it and hold it until the gypsum hardens.

When the gypsum grasps completely, decorate the pot in a similar style, hiding the plaster under the decor material.

Add ribbons and small accents in the form of beads and seashells.

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Decorative heart

To create a decorative heart, you will need:

  • cardboard;
  • seashells of different sizes;
  • starfish;
  • burlap;
  • sisal or tow;
  • twine;
  • glue gun;
  • scissors.

Draw the heart of the desired size on the cardboard and cut it out.

In the upper part of the heart, make two holes, through them we will stretch the fastener.

On the front side of the heart, glue the sisal.

Circle the cardboard heart on the sacking and cut the workpiece from the burlap, leaving a 1 cm margin around the perimeter.

Stick the burlap on the back of the cardboard heart.

Pull a small piece of twine through the burlap, cardboard and sisal into the holes for attachment.

loading. ..

If the ends of twine spread with glue, then it will be much easier. On the sisal side, tie large knots at the ends of the rope.

Now on top of the sisal begin to glue large seashells, moving from edge to middle.

In the gaps between the large seashells attach the middle shells, and in the center of the composition place the starfish.

Fill the remaining voids with small seashells.

Make a heart around the edge with a twine.

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Youth decoration

For the elaboration of this decoration, ordinary small shells and large beads are suitable. Also, a punch hole or thick needle, shvenzy( blanks for earrings), acrylic paint of the desired shade, varnish, glue, brushes are needed.

To begin with, make small holes in the sinks in their narrow places.

Paint the blanks in the color you like. In this case, the workpieces were covered with a single layer of pearlescent acrylic. After staining and drying, apply a thin layer of varnish.

loading. ..

After this, add the beads and attach the blanks to the shvenzam.

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Suspensions from seashells

This original summer suspension from sea shells is quite easy to make, so we recommend that you involve children in this exercise. You need to prepare: seashells, gouache or acrylic paints, brushes, plastic ring, drill with a thin drill and strong threads.

Ask the child to color the shells with gouache at his discretion.

When the shells dry, use a thin drill to drill holes in them and put them on threads of a few centimeters thirty. Each shell on the string is fixed with a large knot.

Finished pendants to a plastic ring.

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