30 years together: what a wedding, what to give

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  • Where did the name of the anniversary come from?
  • Pearly wedding in the old days and now
  • How to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the joint life
  • Pearl wedding decoration
  • What should be on the festive table
  • How to dress for the jubilee?
  • Gifts for pearl jubilees from guests
  • Gifts from children
  • What spouses give each other for a pearly wedding
  • Pearl wedding, 30 years together - video as a gift

Today we tell about the anniversary of 30 years together: what wedding is celebrated, what to give to spouses, whattraditions to observe. This milestone is called a pearl wedding, which represents purity, chastity and fertility. By example, loving people have already proved to everyone that their union is built on love and respect, otherwise it would have disintegrated long ago.

Where did the name of the anniversary come from?

Almost all over the world, with rare exceptions, the 30th anniversary of the marriage is called a pearl wedding. In the US it is called diamond.

As you know, pearls, which are considered to be a unique creation of nature, take decades to mature. It comes from a small grain of sand, but over the years it takes on perfect forms. So the marriage is three decades long - the result of painstaking persevering labor of two people who once decided to unite their destinies.

The marriage union, which has an impressive experience, really causes associations with pearls. Each pearl, meaning a year of living together, is threaded onto a thread of fate one by one, forming a magnificent necklace from the long 30 years of a happy life together.

Pearly wedding in the old days and now

30-year anniversary of family relations, just like any other significant date, has long been accompanied by folk rites.

  • The most famous and interesting is the casting of pearls in water or, for want of such, coins. Early in the morning the couple walked to the nearest pond and threw a pearl into it, uttering certain words accompanying the ritual. The rite meant that the couple will live in love and well-being for another 50 years - this is the life of this pearl. Returning home, the husband and wife approached the mirror, which acted as a truthful witness, asked for forgiveness for the wrongs done, swore to each other in love and faithfulness and fastened the oaths with a kiss.
  • On the day of this anniversary of the wedding, it was necessary to go to church to go to the liturgy and put three candles. The first is placed before the image of the Mother of God, the second is before the crucifixion to show gratitude for a happy marriage, the third is before the image of the Holy Trinity in order to ask for family well-being and health. This custom has survived to this day, so if the spouses are married, they should not be neglected.
  • Today it's customary to hold a comic ritual called "Transfer of Happiness".The meaning of it is to transfer your happy marriage by inheritance. To perform the ritual, you will need a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, a plate, coins, a rope, a tape two meters long. Anniversaries give their children a piece of paper and a pencil so that they write on it the wishes for a future family life. After that, they bind their feet with a rope and offer to pass, holding on to the ribbon, to the plate, which with each step is filled with coins. These coins children should be carefully stored until the time has come to transfer them to their offspring.
  • And here from Europe a rather interesting custom came to us when the spouses throw champagne at the pearl, say words of love and loyalty, drink wine and kiss. And the kiss is not interrupted until the guests count to 30. Then the heroes take pearls from the bottom and constantly wear it on themselves not only as a jewelry, but also as a symbol of their strong marriage. Empty glasses are broken. It is believed that one of the spouses, who have more fragments, loves his second half more strongly.

How to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the joint life of

Pearl wedding is a jubilee, a significant date, which is celebrated widely and on a grand scale. Usually children, grandchildren, close relatives, faithful friends who have been with their spouses for these long years come.

The celebration can be entrusted to the toastmaster, but it is likely that one of the active guests will want to take on this honorable duty and entertain the guests. Since there will be a lot of children on the holiday, it is better to invite the organizer of children's leisure, which will make sure that children do not have to be bored.

Spouses overstepping a solid line of family life are no longer young. It is possible that they will more like the idea of ​​spending this wonderful day alone, relaxing, enjoying each other's company than having fun in a noisy company. A perfect solution will be a romantic trip, a walk along the coast, candlelight dinner in a restaurant or just a trip outside.

If the weather permits, you can organize a picnic, spiritual gatherings in the nature with a shish kebab will be quite appropriate. In cool weather, celebration is best spent in a close family circle at dinner, in the preparation of which all members of the family participate.

During the meal, the spouses tell the children the story of their acquaintance, recall the most significant events in their life together, share their advice on how to overcome difficulties together. This warm holiday, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the wedding, will be unforgettable for everyone!

Pearl wedding decoration

Precious pearls are born in the sea and inseparable from the water element, so the best option for holding a celebration will be a celebration in a cafe, a restaurant on the shore of a pond or in an institution whose interior corresponds to the nautical theme.

Guests will be pleased to receive, before the 30th anniversary of the wedding, elegant invitations to the event, decorated with artificial mother-of-pearl pearls, which may be half-buoys. They are very convenient to attach to invitations and other festive printing products, for example, a wedding menu, a photo album.

First, the needs to decorate the room, and then proceed with the serving of the festive table. Based on the name of the wedding, the main shades of the color scheme to be used in the decor will be white, soft blue, pink, cream. On the windows and ceiling you can hang balloons, garlands in the form of gleaming pearls of pearls, which will look just charming.

The table setting is given special attention. It is necessary to lay a white tablecloth, napkins in this case it is better to use pink or blue. This will create a festive solemn mood and will emphasize the sophistication of the situation. Next to each plate, you can put a transparent glass, in which there will be a beautiful composition, composed by hands of pearls and twigs of artificial algae.

The most important element of the festive table are glasses for the couple. They should be decorated in accordance with the themes of the wedding, then the toast "For the health of the young!" Will be twice as pleasant to pronounce.

The chairs can be decorated with satin ribbons of gentle tones, using a pearl decoration.

What should be on the festive table

The menu must necessarily include seafood - fish, seafood, seaweed, caviar. There will also be a feast without sweet desserts, the main of which will be a magnificent wedding cake. Husband and wife, as on the day of their first wedding, should cut it into pieces and give it to all the guests. Ideas for a holiday cake:

  1. A shell with two large pearls inside.
  2. Heart, decorated with a half-opened shell, inside which is a photo of the "newlyweds".
  3. A large pearl pearl, located on a gold platter.
  4. The real product of confectionery art will be an amusing cake in the form of a sea coast with two figures - a sailor in a vest and a seductive mermaid.
  5. Cake in the form of a lake in which goldfish swim.

How to dress for heroes?

According to the tradition, this day the spouse wears an outfit corresponding to the color of the sea element: blue, blue, turquoise. Dress and hair can be decorated with small pearls, it will add to the image of elegance and unique charm.

The suit of the groom should be associated with pearls and can be an ivory shade, creamy, light beige or traditional white.

Gifts for pearl jubilees from guests

Gifts from pearls are desirable, but not necessary. As a rule, guests give friends-anniversaries various decorations, souvenirs, as well as presents made with their own hands. Stones in jewelry and jewelry can be any, but necessarily light, mother-of-pearl, reminiscent of pearls.

Here several options for gifts that the couple will appreciate:

  1. Photo album, decorated with beads, imitating pearls. Inside - a photo of husband and wife, imprinted in especially important for them moments.
  2. Wedding glasses, reminiscent of the first day of the wedding.
  3. Portrait of spouses, written to order.
  4. Quality jewelry.
  5. Caskets.
  6. Frames, mirrors.
  7. Watch.
  8. Cases for glasses, powder boxes, instructed with artificial pearls.
  9. Interior items made in the marine theme, for example, lamps.
  10. Souvenir seashells.
  11. Rare Book Items.
  12. Dishes of delicate pastel shades, reminiscent of the color of pearls.
  13. Beautiful cake.
  14. Silk is a magnificent imitation of pearly brilliance. Any products from this fabric will do.

What else can you give to a pearl wedding? On this day, the jubilee will receive many colors. Bouquets can be decorated with lace braids and pearls, which will give them a special charm and touching.

When choosing a gift for a pearl wedding, you should think about the fact that its value is determined not by its value, but by the warmth and sincerity of congratulations for 30 years of the wedding.

Presents from children

Naturally, the presents that children prepare for their parents for the celebration will be significantly different from the guests' gifts. For your beloved Mom and Dad you can:

  1. Completely take on the preparation for a lavish celebration.
  2. Buy tickets to the resort, in a sanatorium, located on the sea coast.
  3. Pay an expensive restaurant if your parents want to dedicate this evening to each other, or tickets to the theater.
  4. To present various products from natural pearls, only it is necessary to remember that to give a pearl necklace is the prerogative of the pope.
  5. Present household appliances, from the refrigerator to the aerogrill. The main thing is that the surface has a spectacular shimmering shade of pearls.

As a jocular presentation, present them with a wall newspaper with poetic congratulations and funny photos, perform a song of your own composition, order a banner-banner or poster.

But the most expensive gifts for a pearl wedding to parents are the love and sincere gratitude of their children.

What spouses give each other for a pearl wedding

Few people know that pearls are not only white. It can be of different shades, each of which is important for both women and men, this should be taken into account when choosing a gift.

For spouse:

  • white - a gentle and touching-clean image of the bride;
  • blue - the embodiment of his dream in marriage;
  • orange - cheerfulness of the spirit, positive, vital energy;
  • green - positive and hope for a bright future;
  • gray - years lived in marriage;
  • brown - warmth of the hearth;
  • black is a road that has yet to be passed to a married couple.

For spouse:

  • lilac - a rich inner world;
  • pink - belief in the future;
  • bronze - stability;
  • golden - love of the spouse;
  • black - confidence in the fortress of marriage, a long family life.

Following a long tradition, the husband on the 30th wedding anniversary day gives his wife a pearl necklace consisting of 30 pearls. Thus, he asks for forgiveness for all the grievances brought to his beloved woman and the tears she shed over these years. In addition, the husband presents her with a sumptuous bouquet of white and pink chrysanthemums, roses, tulips, lilies, orchids or callas and utters poetry, preferably her own composition. An alternative to flowers can be a bouquet of chocolates, especially topical for sweet tooth.

The wife should make a reciprocal move, making a present to her husband in the form of jewelry with pearls, cufflinks or a clamp for a tie. A husband-fisherman will certainly appreciate the spouse's efforts to please his accessories, which are necessary for fishing - fishing rods, tackles, spinning.

The exchange of gifts for a pearl wedding can take place both in an intimate setting and during a celebration and accompanied by romantic music and applause from the guests.

Pearl wedding, 30 years together - video as a gift

It is not common for a pearl wedding to be sad, you need to have fun as if you are young again, cheerful and full of energy. And may this day your house be filled with laughter and roar of childish voices and sincere and sincere congratulations of relatives and friends!

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