Games at the prom in kindergarten, many options

  • Theme of the holiday
  • The game "Our guys"
  • The game "I want to wish. .."
  • Game "Skilled portraitist"
  • Game "Funny fantasies"
  • Game "Cloud of good thoughts"
  • Game "We are going to school"
  • The contest "Growing up"
  • Competition "Who is the second?"
  • "Two happy" contest
  • "Young artists" competition
  • "Rope" competition

One of the main events in the life of each child is the graduation party. During this period, the children say goodbye to the kindergarten and plan their admission to school. In the holiday it is possible and necessary to participate the whole family. Mums and dads, grandparents, brothers and sisters will help make the graduation warm and joyful, and the fun contests will be remembered for a long time by the children.

There is a large number of different games for events in kindergarten. In the selection presented in the article, you can find the ones that suit you, which will help to compile an original script, which will appeal to both children and parents.

Theme of the holiday

Cultural organizers and educators to note: the choice of contests for the graduation depends largely on the theme of your holiday. You can not stick to a clear script or, on the contrary, tie games, contests and speeches to a specific topic. Examples of topics:

  1. Art and everything connected with it. Arrange children art class or dance to classical music. You can associate the holiday with a certain museum and tell about its history.
  2. Read more about the history. Think about the idea to arrange a holiday in the style of a royal ball or tell the children about the great events of the history of our country.
  3. Science. Spend unforgettable chemical experiments with your pupils.
  4. Literature. We take as a basis any children's work or a writer. Beforehand, make sure that the children are familiar with the work or read the books of your chosen writer.
  5. Cartoons. Remember that cartoons must be positive.
  6. Circus. Funny animals, performing a variety of tricks and clowns, showing tricks. .. What could be more fun?
  7. Sports. You can arrange sports competitions and tell the children about the Olympics.

Remember that the mood of young graduates and graduates should remain festive, and beautiful dresses and costumes should not suffer during the moving games and competitions. Chose the topic? It's time to start the selection of games and competitions.

Game "Our guys"

Number of participants: unlimited.

You will need: sheets A4, pens.

This game is one of the most popular in kindergarten.

Everyone is invited to the stage - graduates, parents and educators. Each is given pre-prepared requisites - a sheet and a pen.

Each of the participants writes a phrase on the sheet. It can be a motto, a quote from a cartoon, a phrase from a fairy tale or a line from your favorite song. After the phrase is invented and recorded, the participants give their sheet to the neighbor on the right.

The presenter says the introductory speech: "And now, guys, we'll find out everything about our graduates. What were they like in the kindergarten? And do we know what awaits them in school? So, let's begin. Will you help me? I'll start to say the sentence, and you take turns reading what's written on your sheet! ".

  • Mom wakes the children in the garden early in the morning. What do the children answer?
  • When the children came to the kindergarten, what did the teacher tell them?
  • What phrase did the children meet with the teacher?
  • What did the children say in the dining room when they were given manna porridge?
  • What phrase did the children scream when they were called for a walk?
  • What do children talk about when they do not feel like sleeping in a quiet hour?
  • What did the parents say when they came for the children to the kindergarten?
  • What will the children say when they come to school for the first time?
  • What will the teacher exclaim at the first meeting with children on September 1?
  • What will the children tell their friends they called to the board?
  • Which scribe should be guided for good learning?
  • What will the children scream if their rating shows "excellent"?
  • And if they get the first "deuce"?
You can add different phrases by the number of participants. This fun and easy game will surely appeal not only to future schoolchildren, but also to their parents.

Game "I want to wish. .."

Number of participants: 5-6 parents.

You will need: a bright bag with the items collected in it.

Leader invites parents to come up with an original greeting to the children. To do this, they need to get the first object from the bag, give it to the child and say a few kind words to the future student( words should be related to the subject).

For the "bag of wishes" you can use small pupae, candy, chocolate, fruit and various school items that can come in handy in class.

Game "Skilled portraitist"

Number of participants: one child.

You will need: a large Whatman.

The host calls one person from the hall and quietly so that no one can hear, informs him of the name of the other child. The task of the drawing is simple: you need to draw it. And the task of the others is to guess the drawing. The guesser gets a prize and the right to draw the following.

Game "Funny Phantoms"

Number of participants: unlimited.

You will need: things of participants, sheets A4, pens.

The leader takes each child's personal item and puts it in a box. Also, everyone should write on the sheet of paper a funny and fun task: to sing a song, to tell a rhyme, to jump on one leg, etc. From the box the leader pulls out the object, and then reads what is written on the sheets. The one whose subject was pulled by the presenter must complete the task.

Game "Cloud of good thoughts"

Number of participants: all the guys.

You will need: carved from color cardboard model of clouds by the number of graduates.

Children are given pre-prepared models, each of them is signed by the name and surname of the graduate. All models are glued to a large paper or board. The guys come to this board during the evening and write wishes to their friends and comrades. Remember that you can write only good! After the evening, each of the children takes home their "cloud of good thoughts"

Game "Going to school"

Number of participants: three parents.

You will need: three backpacks and school supplies.

  1. And now imagine that our parents are schoolchildren who slept through their first day. Parents are blindfolded, various items are put on the table in front of them: textbooks, stationery, paints, markers, pencil cases and notebooks. These items are mixed with toys, toothbrushes, TV remote controls and other things that need to be used in everyday life, not at school.
  2. At the command of the leader, the parents begin to assemble. At the training is given very little time: one minute.
  3. After the eyes are untied, and the contents of school portfolios are shown to the rest.
If desired, the game can be repeated again, but already with other participants.

"Growing Up" competition

Number of participants: unlimited.

You will need: two sheets of Whatman with pasted photos of graduates at the age of the younger group of kindergarten.

  1. Everyone should share on two teams. Everyone gets a sheet of Whatman with photos.
  2. Players need to guess children in five minutes and sign photos.
  3. The team that gave the most number of correct answers wins. At the end of the competition, both the Whatman can be hung on the wall, and the children can present the final albums with properly signed photographs.

Contest "Who is the second?"

Number of participants: unlimited.

You will need: a pre-prepared list of literary heroes.

The host reads the name of the hero of the literary work, and the participants of the game call the second hero, which is also mentioned in this work. You can play the game in the form of a competition and divide into teams. Examples of characters:

  • Chip and Dale.
  • Tom and Jerry.
  • Shapoklyak and the Rat Lariska.
  • Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena.
  • Buratino and Malvina. Grandfather Mazai and hares.
  • Wolf and Hare.
  • Little Red Riding Hood and Gray Wolf.
  • Fox Alice and Cat Basilio.
  • Kai and Gerda. Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden. The Nutcracker and the Rat King. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Competition "Together cheerful"

Number of participants: 2.

You will need: toy bombs.

On the floor are laid out toys that will play the role of small bombs. You can complicate the task of the participants and lay out mobile phones. The leader chooses two participants, blindfolds them and gives the assignment to go forward. All the others tell the contestants where to go, with the words "straight", "back", "forward", "left", "right" and encourage the guys in every possible way. The same competition can be held with stretched ropes.

By the way, "bombs" and ropes can be removed immediately after the eyes of the participants are tied up - then it's even funnier to watch them.

Contest "Young Artists"

Number of participants: all comers.

You will need: two sheets of Whatman, two easels, markers, markers and pencils.

The leader divides all participants into two teams and places them in a chain opposite each easel. At the signal of the presenter, the first child begins to paint a picture. The brush is transmitted in turn with each new signal. You can complicate the task and enter a time limit. The friendship wins, and sweet prizes are distributed to all participants.

Competition "Rope"

Number of participants: unlimited.

You will need: small sweet gifts, rope, scissors, bandage.

Small gifts are packed in bags and tied to a tight rope. Each participant turns in a tight scarf or handkerchief, blindfolds, handles small scissors, turns several times and sends them on the road - for gifts! The first gift that managed to be cut off, the child takes back.

Any graduation sums up a certain period of life, and graduation from a kindergarten is no exception. On this day, children share their successes and experiences about their admission to primary school. If you want this day to be remembered by him, arrange the fun contests and games offered in the article - a lot of pleasant memories and positive emotions are provided.

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