6 years together: what a wedding, what to give

  • Symbols of the cast-iron anniversary
  • Folk signs
  • Organization of the holiday
  • Gifts of the spouses to each other
  • Gift variants from the guests

According to the ancient Russian tradition, each year of life together has its name and symbolism. Any anniversary is a new step in the life of a married couple. It is necessary to understand that 6 years of marriage is an important milestone, at this moment it is necessary to engage in strengthening our relations and improving living conditions. And although this is not a round date, it is very important for the couple. Tell you about the anniversary of 6 years: what a wedding, what it symbolizes, what things to give.

Symbols of the cast-iron anniversary

Few people know that 6 years of life together is associated with heavy, but at the same time brittle cast iron. This material looks very strong, but one careless movement - and it will turn into thousands of small fragments. So in the life of the couple: from the side of their relationship they look solid, but in fact they are still very fragile. And so it is so important to treat each other with awe and respect, so that conjugal ties become more solid. As with cast-iron dishes: if you treat it carefully, it will serve for a very long time.

Another interesting feature of this metal is that it becomes stronger and stronger at high temperatures. Similarly, in the life of a couple. Love passions( but in moderation) will help strengthen family ties, make the spouses wise and enduring. However, one should not forget about fragility, it is necessary to take care of each other so that relations become warmer and more trustful.

Cast-iron wedding is an important milestone, as behind the spouses there are already many tests, but they are still together. And that is why there are more and more chances that a married couple will become a model of mutual love, matrimonial fidelity and family happiness.

Popular signs

The wedding anniversary of 6 years is called cast iron only in Russia. For example, Americans have a six-year anniversary - a wooden or iron wedding. Latvians call the six-year anniversary of the mountain ash, in some regions of Russia it has the same name. The French, the British and Germans celebrate the caramel or candy anniversary, which symbolizes the sweet period in the life of a married couple.

There is a mass of people's celebrities and traditions of celebrating the anniversary of the jubilee, which came to us from Ancient Rus:

  • This day the wife is considered the hostess of the celebration, and therefore she must cook delicious dishes that need to be served in a cast-iron frying pan or pot.
  • According to an ancient tradition, the six-year anniversary is a serious reason to check the hostess for cleanliness. This mother-in-law will perform this mission, which will check the corners, shelves, cabinets, pots and dishes for dust with a snow-white napkin. Regardless of the results, the napkin should be shown to guests who came to respect the spouses.

Now everything is not so strict, and therefore from this rite you can make a comic room. The napkin can be replaced with white gloves, which the mother-in-law puts on and begins to check the cleanliness of furniture( curtains, table, sofa).Then she demonstrates clean gloves to the guests and awards the daughter-in-law a letter "For cleanliness and order".This little play will charge with the positive of all those present.

  • During the feast it is necessary to fulfill the following tradition: the wife takes a cast-iron pot and passes it to the guests, who in turns throw coins into it. This rite will help to charge the family with material prosperity.
  • Before going to bed, the husband and wife separately should describe on their leaflets their most intimate dreams, roll up and put them in a cast-iron pot. According to the signs, these desires will come true within a month.
  • According to tradition, 6 years is a sufficient period for the spouse to become the ideal hostess, who always has clean cast-iron dishes. To confirm this fact, the wife demonstrates her cast-iron frying pans, bowlers, and udatnitsy. And the guests after a thorough examination determine how good the hostess is.
6 years of marriage is an important period for spouses. Clean, shiny dishes made of cast iron indicate that the wife is performing her duties perfectly, and the presence of a large number of dishes speaks about the good earnings of the spouse. And, means, the pair will withstand all further tests and will support each other at a critical moment.

Organization of the holiday

The six-year anniversary of a married couple is an excellent occasion to organize a holiday. See your relatives and friends, talk to the generous table.

As for the color scheme for decorating the festive space, the best combination is turquoise, purple and white. How can this be embodied in the hall for the celebration? Pick up a white tablecloth for a banquet table, decorate it with purple napkins, arrange a turquoise dish.

Decorate the table and room with floral arrangements. Callas are the most suitable for a cast-iron anniversary. If you celebrate at home, then decorate the banquet table with three vases with multi-colored callas. If you celebrate a jubilee in a restaurant, then entrust the decor of the hall to professional designers and florists.

If you do not accept lavish celebrations and want to celebrate an anniversary in a warm company, collect friends on a picnic. The main thing is to get acquainted with the forecast, so that the weather does not spoil the holiday. Relax in a pleasant company and accept congratulations on a cast-iron wedding in nature.

But whatever place you choose for a holiday, treat guests to a traditional dish called "cast iron".This is a delicious yeast pie with minced meat and vegetables. This symbolic dish should be present in the festive menu.

Gifts of the spouses to each other

The most intimate moment is the presentation of the gifts of the spouses to each other. What to present for a cast-iron wedding, to surprise, please your soul mate and at the same time correspond to the symbolism of the anniversary? Most often presented as a presentation of cast-iron dishes and souvenirs.

Options for a husband's gift for his wife:

  • Frying pan made of cast iron. Purely cast iron frying pans are now rare. However, there is an alternative in the form of pans with Teflon coating, made of aluminum or cast iron. The second option is much better, because the frying pans are thick, hold the temperature for a long time.
  • Utyatnitsa made of cast iron, baking sheet for bread or pies. Any good hostess will be happy with such a practical and useful presentation.
  • Set of pots made of cast iron. A good wife needs such pots to create his own culinary masterpieces. It can be a delicious roast, pilaf with lamb or stewed vegetables.

Many wives are wondering what to give to her husband. It can be statuettes, busts or supports made of cast iron for the office.

Also the couple can exchange wedding rings from cast iron during the banquet.

Gift ideas from guests

What to give for a cast-iron wedding, so that the present was not only beautiful, but also useful? We tell.

Best gift ideas for a cast iron anniversary: ​​

  1. If the spouses live outside the city or have their own cottage, then there can be a fireplace or stove. And so they can be presented with doors, cast-iron bars or wood-cutters. Other accessories are also appropriate: a stunted, scoop, scapula, forceps.
  2. Owners of a country house will be delighted with cast-iron lamps. They will help illuminate the territory near the house, a gazebo or a path. You can buy lighting fixtures in any construction hypermarket. If you want the gift to be special, then order the product from a master who is engaged in metal processing.
  3. Spouses can present a beautiful brazier. Order the product from the master, ask him to display on it some important event for the couple, a beautiful landscape or portraits of the young. Such a present they will receive with a bang, and he will serve them long, until the golden wedding!
  4. Make the couple happy with a symbolic pendant lock made of cast iron, on which their names are engraved, or with exquisite candlesticks for two candles. Original present - two boxes of cast iron with carved ornaments. In products of small size you can store jewelry, large boxes are designed for documents, jewelry.
  5. Bring the couple a souvenir in the form of a small cast-iron trains. After all, the second name of the railway is "pig iron".This souvenir will be a symbol of the fact that the spouses have a long way ahead, which they need to go through together.
  6. The pair can be solemnly awarded with cast-iron registered medals. You can order souvenirs from a craftsman who makes forged products. On the one hand, let the names of the couple and the date of the marriage be engraved, and on the other - a large number "6" and the signature: "Well done, keep it up!".
  7. Despite the six-year experience, the spouses must maintain a good physical shape, be slim, beautiful. And therefore a great gift will be sports equipment made of cast iron. The wife can be handed a weight of 1-3 kg, and her husband - dumbbells weighing up to 50 kg. Put the gift in a bright package or simply bandage with a colorful ribbon.
  8. If you live in the region of Russia where the six-year anniversary of the pair is called rowan, then the gift should be somehow connected with the berry of the same name. Pleasure the couple with fragrant rowan wine, tincture or tasty jam. It can also be a set of costume jewelry from rowan, ikebana or any other composition with clusters of mountain ash, dried flowers, pine branches, pine cones.
  9. If the spouses prefer to celebrate the six-year anniversary in the European manner, then as a presentation, you can present confectionery. It can be bouquets of sugar candies, various candy compositions, beautiful cakes, expensive chocolate.

To guests

Now you know what you need to give to a cast-iron wedding. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, immediately familiarize yourself with the preferences of the spouses, find out what anniversary they celebrate - cast-iron, rowan or caramel. Make a gift from the bottom of the heart and do not be afraid to look stupid.

To spouses

To celebrate a success, invite only the most native people, then you will not care how generous the table and the road gifts. Do not forget to capture the best moments to watch the album together at your golden wedding!

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