Gifts for graduation in grade 11 teachers and schoolchildren

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  • What to give to graduates to friends or relatives
  • Gifts from parents to favorite child
  • General gift from parents - unforgettable atmosphere of holiday
  • Gifts from school to their pupils
  • Example of an interesting film about school life - video
  • Gifts to graduates from class teacher
  • Presents for teachers
  • The original delivery of roses to the class teacher - video

It is sad to all to say goodbye to the country under the name "Childhood", but sooner or later it is necessary to dealmb. The most charming time of the whole human life comes to an end - the school day, last for the last time: a lesson, a bell, a shift, an exam. And now very soon the first real ball - graduation, the delivery of certificates, crying moms and a little bit nervous dad. And graduates themselves, such touching and beautiful, young and still childishly naive. And the teachers, once seeming to be strict, but now so native and smiling, but with sad eyes, because for them every pupil is almost a native child.

I want so much that the memory of the school, the graduation party, the teachers and students remained for a long time. And for this there is a good tradition, which every year only gaining popularity - these are memorable gifts. What should I give to graduates in grade 11 teachers and schoolchildren? That's what this is about.

What to give graduates to friends or relatives

The graduation party in a teenager's life is comparable to a wedding. Only now they prepare everything for the wedding, they distribute invitations to relatives and friends. Why not do this and graduate? We need to call on this solemn event of the closest and dearest people with whom we would like to share joyful moments. And, of course, in this case, the invited guests need to take care of the gifts to the graduate.

  • For a long time an excellent gift was considered a book. And even now the age of computers and the Internet, the book was, is and will always be a valuable memorable present. Of course, it is desirable to choose a cognitive and interesting option, brightly designed, large format. It can be works of art, books on history, encyclopedias. For example, a wonderful gift - "The Great Illustrated Dictionary of V. Dal" or "Encyclopedia of Wisdom".
  • Original presents at the prom - funny piggy banks, because now graduates go into adulthood, many of them will go to universities in other cities and will themselves manage the budget. You need to learn how to save money and properly manage money: you want to buy a good thing - you have to save, and for this purpose, and such a simple gift.
  • Another funny gift can be presented by friends with a hint that the full and measured life under the parents' wing is over, and severe, hungry student everyday life begins. Now in souvenir and gift shops there are such original sets for graduates and future students: a tea bag, a few bagels or biscuits, one cigarette and a hundred-ruble note are in a frame under the glass.
  • As the current graduate is a future student, you can donate a folder or a handy bag with which he will then go to classes at the institute.
  • Any other computer accessories will also be a good gift and practical: a portable speaker, an external hard drive, powerful speakers, stylish wireless headphones, a computer mouse, a laptop table, a computer chair.
  • Boys will be happy with fashionable sneakers and a new sports suit, the girl will like the original handbag, a bright umbrella, beautiful youth clock.
  • Great gift - flash drive for a large amount of memory in the original case, made for gold, with engraving "Graduate-2016".

Gifts from the parents of the beloved child

I want to sincerely ask all parents not to make sons and daughters on the prom night gifts in the form of money, even if it's a very decent amount. Well, what is money? Spent and forgotten. Remembrance should remain from any solemn event or an important life event.

  • You can go with the child to the electronics supermarket and pick up a new phone or tablet, a netbook or laptop, an electronic phrase book or a book, or some fashion accessories for all these electronic gadgets.
  • For such a solemn event, you can choose more expensive gifts. The girl will be pleased to receive jewelry( ringlet, earrings, chain or bracelet) as a graduation sign, a good watch for the boy.
  • Mom and Dad can hand their beloved child along with an expensive gift and a comic letter, which states that the child has received the status of an adult and now has the right to walk until 24.00, stay overnight at girlfriends and friends.
  • After finishing one long training course( school) and before the beginning of the next( student) one can give children a ticket to the resort for getting a proper rest.
    It can be a rest in a boarding house, and a tour of Europe, and a trip to the sea in hot exotic countries.

General gift from parents - an unforgettable atmosphere of the holiday

Parents play a major role in the organization of the prom. Therefore, in their power to give their children the most unforgettable holiday.

For all graduates and teachers it would be nice to pick out original floral bouquets as a gift. Young girls and children will be approached with touching and innocent compositions from wild flowers( chamomile, forget-me-nots, cornflowers, poppies, bells).In the design of these bouquets, it is more recommended to use gentle colors: blue, pink, salad. Teachers need to give something more classic: compositions of roses, lilies, gladioli, orchids, peonies.

Delicious gifts for graduates and teachers can be ordered in confectioneries. For example, commemorative chocolate medals on which to make the inscriptions "Dear graduate" or "Dear teacher", indicate also the year of graduation and supplement with some other drawing such as an open book, a globe or pencils.

A sensible solution is a huge cake for the whole class, now the confectioners are such masters that will decorate it in any performance reminiscent of school years:

  • schedule or a large open "Letter", where in the center there is a bright inscription "Mama soap frame";
  • notebooks, rulers, bandaged with a huge bell ring as a symbol of the last school bell;
  • an open class magazine, where the names of all the students of the class are written, and opposite each one there is a score of "5".

Excellent memorable gift to graduates and teachers - laying alley of the release of a particular year. Of course, this is done in agreement with the principal, it's good if there is such an extra place in the schoolyard. Pre-prepared area for the bay with cement mortar, then on not yet frozen layer all write their names, surnames, year of release, you can even leave fingerprints, as the world stars do on the alleyways of fame. How then it will be exciting after many years to bring your children, or even grandchildren, to the same school, to come to a memorable place and remember even for a minute your graduation party.

Also parents can organize a memorable gift to the graduates, such as a three-day excursion to St. Petersburg with visits to museums, palaces, walks on the river tramway through the channels and the Neva.
Or a trip to a country camp site with bathing and sunbathing, active games, boating, contests, making a kulesh at the stake, indispensable kebabs, guitars, songs, night gatherings under the starry sky.

Gifts from the school to their students

The school administration also has worries at the end of each school year, including reflections on what to give to the 11th grade at the graduation. If the school has the opportunity to allocate a small amount of funds for gifts to graduates, then it can be inexpensive souvenirs:

  • diaries or notebooks;
  • sets of pens, each with the names and patronymics of all teachers;
  • stands for stationery;
  • t-shirts, on which the photo printing is done( for example, photos of the whole class);
  • electronic table clock;
  • small original table lamps;
  • nominal circles on which the name of the city, school, class and name of the student will be written.

It is possible to order small emblems, pendants or school icons for all graduates.

Now it is possible to pick up a lot of original models of alarm clocks. This gift with a hint that soon everyone will become students and again have to get up early in the morning to study. To prevent them from oversleeping their future, the school gives funny and funny alarm bells.

An excellent gift - to order specialists installation of a video film about the life of the class from the first to the last academic year, this cutting of staff will preserve the memory of the school for a long time. No less interesting will be a video about all the school teachers, the life of the 11th grade on the eve of the graduation.

An example of an interesting film about school life - video

Gifts to graduates from the class teacher

We talked about general gifts from the school and the administration of the school. But there is a special person in the life of graduates - a class teacher. In the fate of each child, he played far from the last role. He taught and educated, gave instructions and moralizing, loved, praised and encouraged, scolded, scolded and punished. And all this for many years. And the natural desire of the class teacher is to leave a memory in the hearts of his students. Here, no speech can not be about the money equivalent, only gifts for the soul.

  1. It's a good idea for to give each student a small inexpensive notebook and all together, sitting in his classroom, to exchange addresses, phone numbers, parents' coordinates and write to these notebooks so as not to lose contact with school friends when it's time to organize a meeting eveninggraduates.
  2. It will be very touching and exciting to receive such a gift as the teacher's instruction to his pupils. On the teacher's eyes day after day, young children turned into adult girls and boys, sometimes the class teacher knew more about them than their parents. Before his eyes, there was someone's first love, victory or failure, there were achievements or mistakes, some funny and funny cases. You can draw up a written general parting word, multiply it for all the children, and in the end add individual words that are addressed to this student. This will be memory so memory.
  3. If possible, it would be nice to write a small poem about each of the students, print them in the printing house in small brochures and give them to everyone in memory.
    Many years later and about myself it will be pleasant to read verses, and about school mates.
  4. Each of the students can be presented with a memory for the class teacher a beautiful original bookmark for the book, made to order with an individual inscription concerning this particular child. For example, "The first beauty class", "The best athlete 11" B "," Incredible dreamer and adventurer "," Best singer of poems on Russian literature ".
  5. And how interesting it will be for everyone to read their first compositions written many years ago and still quite childishly reasoning in them about what is the world, mother, family, love, friendship. The real teacher, as they say, from God, always looks to the future and will certainly preserve such a rarity. And at the graduation party will present to each student his first work. It's so touching that it can not be compared to any material souvenirs.
  6. As a symbol of knowledge that the school has given to students, it is possible to present each of them with a small statuette of an owl.

Gifts for Teachers

Both students and their parents, of course, discuss in advance the question of what to give to the teacher at the graduation party.

  • For all teachers and directors you can choose beautiful potted plants. Flowers have always been an indispensable attribute of school classrooms, a room for head teachers, a director's reception room.
  • For the director of the school, a wall clock, paintings, decorative fountains are quite suitable as a gift.
  • Excellent solution - souvenirs for teachers: branded, pen or personalized handles, with special stands for them and small diaries.
  • Teachers can also be given gift editions of books, packaging of good, expensive and quality tea or coffee, candy.

Thematic gifts for teachers will look great at the graduation party:

  1. The strictest, by everyone's opinion, a teacher can be presented with a wooden long and carved pointer.
  2. A new globe will suit a geography teacher.
  3. A literature teacher is a complete collection of works by a famous author.
  4. A teacher of works, which instilled in girls the first skills to be hostesses, taught sewing and knitting, will be happy with the gift in the form of a set for needlework or a patchwork patchwork quilt.
  5. A physical education teacher can give a leather soccer ball, whistle or a new stopwatch.

As for alumni, and for teachers, you can order T-shirts or mugs with photo-printing, on which to make individual original inscriptions. For example: "This person is the best in the world to understand mathematics", "There is no such class teacher in any school in the world", "This is not just a class teacher, this is the second mother."

A good, at the same time original and practical gift for teachers will be tickets to the premiere of the theater, a football match, a paid evening at the entertainment center with a bowling alley. Teachers are also people, and they like to have fun. And how great it will be for them to go all together to the stadium, watch football, scream and stamp their feet, even if they have never been so fond of such a sport before.

For many years, the class teacher with the pupils and their parents spent their time, they became almost native, and it would not be reprehensible to decide on the delivery of an expensive gift at the graduation party:

  • , for example, jewelry. For women it is recommended to choose earrings, pendant, brooch, pendant. It is undesirable to give a ring, since it is not possible to guess with a size, but it is not right to ask the teacher in advance what the size of the fingers is, and it would be nice if the present is a pleasant surprise. On a gift to the class teacher, a man will be approached with cufflinks, a pin for a tie, a watch, a registered cigarette case, a tie, a leather briefcase or a case for glasses.
  • There is nothing shameful in that if the class teacher at the graduation party students will be handed household appliances as a gift: a multivark, a coffee maker, a blender, a bread maker, a steamer, a microwave oven, a food processor. After all, my favorite teacher is also my wife, my mother, my hostess, and sometimes I do not have time for my family because of my work at school. Here is home appliances and will be a good helper for her.
  • A memorable gift to the teacher - beautiful services, a set of dishes or cutlery.
  • You can give your teacher a subscription for the whole year in a good fitness club or swimming pool, a certificate in the spa or on massage procedures.

The original delivery of roses to the class teacher - video

But most importantly, of course, not a gift that will be handed to graduates or teachers at the holiday. It is important to remember each other, about school, friends and long school years spent together. And a penny the price will be any gift, if in a few years the former student passes by, does not recognize or not notice his first teacher, will not tell her "Hello" and will not ask how her health is. ..


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