Mushroom diet

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If you want to get rid of extra pounds gradually, but still confident and tasty, then the mushroom diet is what you need. And you will have to do nothing: replace the meat in your menu with mushrooms and "deal with the hat."In a week you will find that you dropped about four kilograms. And the whole point is that in addition to its usefulness, mushrooms contain few calories. Those who are fed up with strict diets, it is worth a try. It is possible that you will be pleasantly surprised how happy it is to lose weight for your pleasure.

In Russia, for a long time, mushrooms are a favorite product. And in our days this love does not weaken. Mainly because of the unusual flavor and nutritional properties of this product. Those who like this diet, but mostly women, have something to say about this. But mainly, the value of this diet is for them that in general, a short time, you can come to a great result.

Useful properties of mushrooms for slimming

Let's talk first about the usefulness of mushrooms. First of all, it is a protein, the content of which varies from two to 55% of the total weight. Fat, on the contrary, is small - 0.5-4%.And as for carbohydrates, then the fungi are not inferior to vegetables - 1.7-23%, depending on the species. In a hundred grams of mushrooms you will find 20 to 40 calories, if you do not remember truffles, where the calories are about 97.

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The ability of mushrooms to get rid of moisture only increases their energy value. In a dry mushroom, it is immeasurably higher. And the mushrooms are famous for the richness of phosphorus, potassium, iron, iodine, manganese, zinc and many other substances so necessary to the body. As for vitamins, then they are not deprived of fungi. Here their whole placer: А, С, РР, В, D. Being owners of excellent flavoring qualities and unsurpassed aroma-substances, mushrooms are perfectly absorbed by an organism.

An experiment in England aimed at studying the ability of fungi to influence the weight of a person gave impressive results. Consuming mushrooms instead of meat, people of different ages within five weeks dropped to six kilograms.

Variants of mushroom diet for weight loss

Let's present some variants of a diet based on mushrooms for weight loss:

  1. The first of them, the most simple. It is necessary, as already mentioned above, instead of meat to eat mushroom meals. If you do not feel hungry at such a diet, you gradually reduce your weight. By not feeling, incidentally, unnecessary stress and discomfort.
  2. Another method is based on the fact that you will need to consume at least 400 grams of salted mushrooms. No matter what - white, mushrooms, freckles, veshenok. ...Rinse them for a start and then season with vegetable oil and greens. Do not eat them all at once, but divide by three times. Plus to mushrooms eat about 400 grams of vegetables, no matter what( but except potatoes) and in what form they will be. It is also recommended to drink about half a liter of juice from vegetables;green tea;rye kvass or ordinary clean water. A little honey also does not hurt.
  3. The next option looks like this:
    • In the morning - mushroom paste smeared on toast. For its preparation, it is necessary to cook the mushrooms, finely chop them and then mix them with skim cottage cheese, herbs and salt. To drink black coffee without sugar. Afternoon - Mushroom soup. Green tea. In the evening - Salad from vegetables. Kefir is fat-free. Apple( green).

Recommendations for the application of the mushroom diet

The main advantage of the mushroom diet is that cholesterol harmful to the body is not produced, plus - fat cells are not produced. In addition, with the help of fungi, toxins and slags are eliminated from the body, thus purifying it from harmful substances.

And finally - the main thing: replacing meat with mushrooms that are not inferior to it in terms of benefits to the body, you can be sure that you will not gain excess weight. The stomach works like a clock.

Easier than other fungi in the body are digested champignons. And because they are the most acceptable mushroom product for people aimed to lose weight.


  1. Allergic reaction to fungi.
  2. Problems with the digestive tract, kidneys, liver.
  3. The recently transferred infectious disease.
  4. Hypertension.

In all these cases, a mushroom diet is not recommended.

The diet should not last more than two weeks. And for this period, alcoholic beverages, including dry wine, should be excluded. Next time, the mushroom diet is recommended to be carried out not earlier than in half a year.

Please also note that the speed of losing extra pounds depends on your excess weight at the beginning of the diet. The bigger it was, the more intense you will lose weight. On average, it is two to four kilograms per week.

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