Postpartum bandage: what to choose, how to wear

  • What are post-partum bandages?
  • How to choose "your" bandage
  • How to wear a post-partum bandage
  • How long to wear a post-partum bandage?
  • How to wear a bandage after a cesarean?
  • Do I need a bandage after natural delivery?
  • Is the bandage effective after delivery?

All young mothers have a number of questions. How to restore the shape after the birth of the baby? How to wear a postnatal bandage? How to choose it correctly? To whom is it recommended, and to whom is it contraindicated? We will answer all these questions in order.

For nine months of pregnancy, the skin and muscles of the stretch are stretched and after the delivery do not hurry to return to the former tone.

The postnatal bandage is an indispensable assistant for every woman who wants to put her shape in order. It supports the walls of the abdominal cavity and relieves the load from the waist, gradually bringing the abdomen into tone, and after caesarean section helps to fix the seam.

What are post-partum bandages?

To date, the market has many different types of bandages, which, in addition to its direct function, help to adjust the silhouette and hide the excess weight.

  1. Belt-bandage is an elastic band on multi-level adjustable fasteners, with a width of 2 -35 centimeters. Such a belt well supports the abdominal muscles, helping them to return to their previous form. The downside is that when walking, the belt can move upwards.
  2. Panty bandages are a high belt with a soft insert in the lower abdomen, usually equipped with a fastener for easy access to the toilet. Often they are made from a more rigid material than the previous model, to create greater compression. For moms who have low back pain or back problems, often recommend panties with auxiliary ribs and adjusting lacing. The advantage of this bandage is that it does not move when moving and is barely visible under the clothes.
  3. Bandages-shorts, unlike panties, have a length to the middle of the thigh or knees. The plus is that in addition to maintaining the stomach shorts perfectly adjust the buttocks and hips, making them more slender and fit. Unbeknownst to this bandage looks both under the dress and under the trousers.
  4. Bandage skirt is a high waist-belt, which thanks to fixation on the hips does not move upwards when walking.
  5. A combined bandage is worn during pregnancy and after childbirth. At first, such a bandage is worn with a wide side on the lower back, but is fastened under the belly. After birth, the bandage is turned over.

How to choose "your" bandage

  • The most important point is the choice of size. You need to make a purchase on the eve of childbirth. The size often corresponds to the size of clothes before pregnancy, but if you scored 10-15 kilograms, it is better to choose a bandage for a size or two more.
  • Regardless of the type of model, the bandage material must be breathable and absorb moisture. A good combination of cotton, microfibers and elastane.
  • The fasteners should be adjustable and positioned so that the waistband tightens the stomach as evenly as possible, but does not squeeze it.
  • It's best to go to the medicine store or pharmacy behind the bandage. A specialist in the field will help you to choose the optimal model and size.
  • A well-chosen bandage does not create discomfort or pain.
  • Seams should be soft, fasteners - comfortable.
  • The cost of a corset should not be the main selection criterion. It is not necessary to economize on the quality of the product, but it is not worth overpaying for decorative decoration or advertising.
"Fest" - one of the most popular domestic manufacturers of underwear for pregnant women, has proven itself in the market of post-natal bandages. Products are distinguished by convenience and excellent quality of materials.

How to wear a postnatal bandage

Often the opinions of doctors on the appropriateness of wearing the postpartum belt diverge. Someone thinks the postpartum belt is the best option to reduce the burden on the spine and support the abdominal muscles, and other experts call it wearing harmful to health.

Let's take a look at the basic rules for using the postnatal corset so that its use becomes as comfortable for you as possible:

  • To get the necessary effect from using a bandage, be sure to read the instruction. It is important to follow the rules of washing and storage, so that the bandage retains the necessary shape and elasticity necessary for you.
  • Regardless of the type, you need to wear the corset in the prone position, lifting the pelvis slightly. In this position it is most convenient to smooth the stomach without forming folds.
  • It is recommended to wear a bandage over the underwear, so as not to wash it daily.
  • You should not wear a corset for more than 3 hours. In order for the muscles to return to their own tone, take a break for 45-60 minutes.
In order to go to the toilet, you do not need to remove the bandage. If you use panties or shorts, you just need to unbutton them.

Wearing a bandage is necessary at home, doing household chores, or even for a walk with a toddler. Correctly chosen belt will not be visible under the clothes, but even on the contrary, it will support the silhouette and make the outlines of the figure more elegant.

How long to wear a postnatal bandage?

  1. To wear a bandage is allowed on the first day after delivery.
  2. How long it should be worn is strictly individual and, above all, discussed with the doctor. The main criterion is the tone of the muscles of the press and the type of skin.
  3. After 2-3 weeks, assess the difference in the abdominal condition with the first days after discharge. If the difference is noticeable and the belly assumes the desired shape, continue using the bandage. If the effect is absent, and the belt only causes you discomfort, then you should stop using it. You can not sleep in a bandage.

Usually the bandage is worn for one and a half to two months, during this time the muscles come into tonus. Wearing only a postpartum bandage will not help to regain harmony. It all depends on the characteristics of the body, adherence to the diet and, of course, breastfeeding. To remove the stomach, it is also recommended, in the absence of contraindications, to do physical exercises to strengthen the muscles of the press and the waist.

How to wear a bandage after a cesarean?

Sometimes due to health problems, due to various complications or on the advice of a doctor, to safely remove the baby, you have to do a caesarean section. In this case, breast-feeding may begin later or be completely contraindicated, so the uterus contraction can be much slower than after the natural delivery. After such an operation, it takes more time to recover. Physical stress is often not recommended, and the main assistant of the young mother becomes the postpartum belt.

The main function of the postoperative girdle is to maintain the muscles of the abdominal cavity and fix the suture after caesarean section. When moving seams can cause painful and pulling sensations, and the bandage in this case will help make the movement more comfortable.

Use it only as directed by a doctor. He will help you choose the type of bandage that you need, tell you how to properly wear it and wear it to get the desired effect and not to hurt your health.

There are also a number of contraindications:

  • With certain types of joints, wearing a belt is completely forbidden.
  • Inflammation of sutures.
  • Some diseases of the stomach, kidneys, abdominal organs.
  • Skin lesions and allergies.

Most often, caesarean is recommended for panty bandages, since they are well fixed and do not move when moving. Of the pluses is also worth noting an additional fixation of the bandage on the seams, as well as diapers, which are recommended to apply after removing the bandages.

Do you need a bandage after a natural birth?

After natural birth, the corset is used more for cosmetic purposes: the uterus decreases faster, the skin and abdominal muscles contract, and the figure assumes the same outlines. To use it or not, a woman most often decides for herself, as there is no medical necessity for this.

Most often it is recommended to use a belt bandage. The bandage panties fit tightly to the body and in this case the airway is not accessible to the vagina, which can cause some complications. The belt in this case will help the laying not to fit so tightly, and the allocation can flow more freely. After the allocation ends, you can change the belt for a bandage-shorts or bandage panties.

Is the bandage effective after delivery?

After termination of pregnancy, the muscles of the abdominal cavity and loin need support. For nine months of pregnancy, they performed an important and complex function - maintaining the fetus. Now it is important to help them to recover as quickly as possible. In addition, the baby needs care, and maintaining the spine will help relieve fatigue and reduce the load. Will appreciate the use of the postpartum belt and mummies with curvature of the spine, scoliosis, radiculitis.

As for the cosmetic function of the bandage, its effectiveness is estimated by women in different ways. Someone notes a noticeable improvement in the state of the muscles of the press and abdominal skin within two to three weeks, and someone does not see the proper effect.

The effectiveness of the postpartum bandage depends on a number of factors:

  • .For every woman, the process of recovery can proceed at different rates, depending on genetics, physical fitness, and health.
  • The correct selection of the model and the size of the bandage. A large belt will be useless, and a small one can cause discomfort or even damage.
  • Regularity and correctness of its use. The belt should be worn daily, excluding sleep time and making small breaks. If you wear it only for a few hours a day, the effect is significantly reduced.
  • Do not forget about gymnastics and physical exercises, without which it is almost impossible to achieve the desired form.

Whether to wear a postpartum bandage is a personal decision, if there is no doctor's testimony. The main thing in the way of restoring the form is patience and caring for the health of both mother and baby.

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