How to make a mask of papier-mache

"Papier-mache" in French means "torn paper".This technique has long won popularity among handicrafts lovers. With the help of papier-mache material, you can make any figures for masquerade costumes, masks, as well as decor elements of the room. In this article, you will learn how to make a mask of papier-mache by yourself. Depending on the case( Halloween, masquerade ball) and your imagination, you can give absolutely any form of a mask or make an image of your favorite character.

Materials for PAPER MASH MASH

Before starting work, especially for beginners, it is worth remembering a number of features. Observing the basic principles of working with the material, you can make a beautiful mask. So, one of the main materials in this technique is paper. Use newsprint, although in some cases thin paper napkins are used for the first 2-3 layers. Napkins are compressed when wet, which forms after wrinkling creases and wrinkles on the finished product. This is suitable for some types of masks, for example, Baba Yaga. Paper can not be cut, but you need to tear your hands. The edges of torn paper are thin, which makes it possible to form an even product.

You can make out the finished mask only after the material has dried. It hardens papier-mache for about 2 days. The drying time depends on the size and thickness of the mask. As for the basis for the mask, there are several options. If you have a simple face mask, the task is simplified. Only before the application of the material, lubricate or wrap the surface of the mask with a film. This is done so that the material does not stick to the mold.

You can also use a balloon. Subsequently it is very convenient to remove - the ball is torn itself when the material dries.

There is another option - the formation of the basis for a mask of foil. To do this, add the foil in several layers and apply to the face. Now the fingers need to give the foil the shape of the face, in other words, we make a mold.

We remove the ready basis for the mask, then correct the irregularities and cut holes for the eyes and nose.

You can correct the shape with clay. A lubricant is also required for such a substrate.

Technique for making masks from papier-mâché

In order to make a mask, you will need the following materials:

  • mask shape;
  • paper;
  • adhesive;
  • brush;
  • paint and other decor elements of the mask.

The paper must be plucked on strips, their dimensions depend on the size of the finished product. For a standard mask, pieces 2-2.5 cm wide and 8-10 cm long are required.

Now you need to prepare the glue. You can use conventional PVA glue, or wallpaper glue. At home, most often prepare a paste. To do this, half a glass of flour or starch mixed with a glass of cold water. The composition must be mixed until homogeneous. When there are no lumps, pour the mass into a pot of hot water. The water should be about 5 glasses. Glue the brew until thick, stirring constantly so that lumps do not form. The cooking time is approximately 2-3 minutes. After cooling, the adhesive is ready for use.

loading. ..

Now you can make the mask itself. On a previously prepared form, apply a layer of paper soaked in water. One layer is enough.

Then dab the pieces of paper in the glue and apply to the mold.

Make 2-3 layers, break the paper, removing air and leveling irregularities, and leave to dry. Then you can continue to lay out the rest of the layers.

Make a mask of sufficient thickness to make it dense and strong. The last layer can be made of dense white paper or pieces of cotton fabric.

Holes in the mask for the eyes and nose, if they have not been done before, it is necessary to do this at this stage, while the mass is moist.

The same applies to the holes for the ribbons.

Finished mask dries approximately 1,5-2 days.

loading. ..

Now you can do the design of the finished mask. First you need to align the edges. Sand it with sandpaper or file and iron it. You can glue the edges with paint tape. The mask itself can also be corrected with sandpaper.

Now it's time to apply a primer. For this, a water-based paint or putty is used. Apply it with a brush. If more than one layer is required, each subsequent one is applied after the previous one has dried.

After drying, you can decorate the finished mask. For drawing you can use gouache or acrylic paint. The main tone is easier to apply with a foam sponge, and fine details and patterns are more convenient to draw with a fine synthetic brush. For decoration, rhinestones, sequins, a small chain, beads, braid and lace are most often used. The decor elements are attached to glue or small sewing pins. Venetian masks are often covered with velvet fabric. The mask for Halloween will be enough to paint with colored paints.


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