15 hairstyles for graduation: options for medium and short hair

  • Skin and carelessness - youth style trends
  • Cute, simple, incomparable: 3 medium-length hairstyles
  • How to make careless curls in a curtain - video
  • Romantic immediacy. Stitching with weaving
  • Classics - it's always stylish
  • Unusual in the ordinary. How to pack a square
  • Hairstyle with a kerchief for short hair - video
  • Brilliant mischief - ringlets on short haircuts.
  • Queen of the pixy. Holiday Styling
  • Nontrivial ideas: how to quickly change the hairstyle for prom

All the girls dream of looking on the day of farewell to the school, like princesses or Hollywood divas. Luxurious styling can be built from long curls. But the owner of practical short haircuts should not be upset. You can make at least 15 beautiful hairstyles for medium and short hair for graduation. Fen, ployka and fantasy miraculously turn yesterday's schoolgirl into a dazzling star.

Shaggy and carelessness - youth style trends

The school leaving certificate is an indicator of growing up. But the young girl does not need to create the image of a respectable lady. Heavy laying with an abundance of tight locks and varnish is not combined with a young face. It is better to follow the fresh tendencies of youth fashion.

In 2017,

  • is popular: the naturalness and simplicity;
  • volumetric non-linear waves;
  • curled tips;
  • disheveled;
  • effect of damp hair;
  • "tousled" pigtails.

The most attractive now are layered air haircuts. They look great with fine hair. To give a super-fashionable look to a textured haircut is very easy, only a slight wave, whipping with fingers, a weak lacquer spray are required.

  • To freshen the image before the graduation, it helps to brighten or partially color. The main principle is naturalness.
  • Squeak of fashion - strands laid as if their owner had just returned from a walk in the spring breeze.
  • Jewelry should support the idea of ​​natural beauty: small flowers, tender twigs, skillfully intertwined gold, silver curls.

Cute, simple, incomparable: 3 medium-length hairstyles

The length to the shoulders is very convenient when creating an exhaust pile according to the fashionable "shuffling" method.

The first option:

  1. Wash the wet hair at night on thick curlers( 3-4 cm in diameter).
  2. Having removed curlers, curls are combed individually, move with a curling rod, then beat with fingers and comb back, except for the front strand.
  3. Under the back of the head, the strands are wrapped in unequal loops and pinched. Some of the tips are laid inside, the rest - outside. The main thing is to create the effect of deliberate chaos.
  4. The front part is laid on one side with a hair dryer with a large brush.

Second version:

  1. For this "careless" styling, hair is also pre-wound on curlers.
  2. Combing the curls, they are started at the roots, laid back.
  3. At the back of the head, every strand is pinched, leaving the tips free.
  4. In addition, combing the ends, fix the hair spray.

The third way of laying on medium hair - without stitching:

  1. Wet hair dry with a hairdryer. Then a little ruffle your hands, wind a thick curl of individual strands.
  2. Shake again with hands, sprinkle with a spray.

How to make careless curls curling - video

Romantic spontaneity. Styling with weaving

Stylists have come up with special pigtails for girls with curls to the shoulders. They are best suited to blondes and brown-haired women with thick hair.

Method one - "bun":

  1. In the evening, wet hair braids into small pigtails. In the morning they are dismissed, they are combed, they move slightly with a plait.
  2. Divide the whole mass into 3 parts - left, right and middle. The middle part is combed back, pulled in the tail at the base of the neck.
  3. From the tail form a small knot, pin it with studs.
  4. Two braids braid from the side strands, fix their tips at the base of the knot. Weaving should be done lightly with your fingers.
  5. At the base of the knot are attached several elegant ornaments - flowers, studs with pearls.

Method two - side weaving. This is an option for hairstyles without a bang on the graduation:

  1. The hair should be clean and damp. The front part( you need to separate a fairly thick strand) braids into small pigtails. In the morning they are dismissed, combed, make an easy start along the entire length.
  2. Braid the braids to the left, grasping part of the temporal braces. It turns out a simplified likeness of the French spit.
  3. Her tip is pulled together by a transparent elastic band, and, having put it behind the side strand, is attached inside by an invisible one.
  4. We need to stretch the weave with fingers, giving it a volume.
  5. Remaining free hair can be partially curled with a curling rod and create "negligence" or, conversely, ideally straightened with an iron.
  6. Spray with brilliance will add elegance.

Classics - it's always stylish

Classic hairstyles for medium hair at the graduation party are relevant at all times. Many girls buy ball gowns for the holiday, with which these styles look harmonious.

The simplest example is the effect of damp hair. He fits tall, slim girls, who decided to wear a tight, tight-fitting dress that is half the length.

  1. Wet washed hair is lubricated with a styling agent, dried with a hair dryer with a large brush, laying back.
  2. The ready hair is lubricated with a special gel with the effect of "wet shine".
  3. The tips can be processed in two ways: bend the hair dryer outwards or ideally straighten the iron.

Upgraded version of the XIX century "a-la Natasha Rostov":

  • Pure dry hair is strongly pricked at the top of the head, taken back, stitched with studs.
  • The tips are left outside. They should be curled with a thin curl in curls, slightly disheveled, slightly sprinkled with varnish, without making heavier.
  • The front of the hair should be laid sideways on the side with a hairdryer, and also fixed back with studs and varnish.

Unusual in the ordinary. How to lay the square

Practical and elegant carving of the square to transform for the holiday is the easiest.

  • Traditional image. Screw hair in the evening on large curlers, create large curls. They are combed, greased with a cream for shine, decorated with a stylish rim with rhinestones, flowers or pearls.
  • Playful image. Medium length can be curled into curls of unequal length and thickness, to make parting by moving most of it to the right. Extend the curls chaotically to different lengths, fix it with a spray.
  • Chignon + scarf. To the elongated square with broom, the original laying with a handkerchief is suitable.

Make it like this:

  1. The middle part of the hair is lifted, it starts at the roots, it is pulled at the tip of the rubber band, and stitched on the vertex with hairpins. It turns out a small chignon.
  2. The side and back strands are removed to the base of the chignon and stitched with studs.
  3. Scoop put the hair dryer to the right.
  4. Silk handkerchief fold in half, removing the triangular end inside.
  5. The wide part covers the neck under the chignon, the ends of the kerchief are twisted on the crown, tied, and then hid them from behind.

This hair style looks good with short fancy dresses.

Hairstyle with a kerchief for short hair - video

Brilliant mischief - curls on short haircuts.

I want to completely change my usual style to the graduation. For example, to make locks on short hair.

  1. If the basic haircut has a large volume at the top, curls are created with the help of a night curl on curlers.
  2. Finished curls are brushed individually. They are slightly started at the roots, then laid back and up, including a bang.
  3. Temporal strands are modeled with wax towards the face.
The short laconic dress fits well with the original hairstyle, for example, in the style of "glam-rock".
  1. A short haircut is curled into vertical locks of varying thickness( you need a curling plate of different diameters).
  2. Each curl is combed separately.
  3. Then the hair is whipped with fingers.
  4. Curls at the bases in places are twisted with each other. Especially important is the "chaos" in the front of the head.
  5. Lacquer with sparkles will complete the image.

The Queen of the pixy. Festive pampering

Charming Pixie haircut, giving the girl an unearthly elf appearance, is transformed to a graduation for 5 minutes:

  1. It is enough to wash your hair, lubricate it with foam, and dry it with an average hair dryer brush.
  2. Arrange the chalk on one side.
  3. Then put on a high bezel with a beautiful bezel.
  4. Use wax to simulate fingers careless prjadki. Some need to be pulled out from under the rim and hanged forward.
  5. Create wax "carelessness" on the back of the neck, slightly - on the sides of the bangs.

Stylish looks super-smooth pixy:

  1. For him, the hair is divided with a clear cut, combing a large strand to the right and forward.
  2. The hair is ironed.
  3. Decorate with serum for shine or varnish with sparkles. To such a hair you need big earrings, bright lipstick.

"Shaggy Elf" - piling on the graduation for a cheerful, cheerful girl:

  1. Dry clean hair is treated with a styling agent.
  2. With a phenome, the side strands are tucked in and the bangs are inward, and the upper ones are facing outwards.
  3. Fingers with wax are simulated sticking tips on the crown, temples, bun. A fantasy bezel with stones, twigs, natural feathers perfectly suits this hairstyle.

Nontrivial ideas: how to quickly change the hairstyle for the prom

To impress friends at the last school evening, it is not necessary to pay huge money to the stylist. You can try at home one of the simple ways:

  1. If the hair is light, color their roots in brown. Then comb up, secure with a few thin black rims. Simulate wax tips.
  2. Brunettes can paint a few thin lines at the top of the head in red or red.
  3. Sprinkle damp hair with a texturing spray( preferably with sea salt), create a soft-wave hair dryer, disorient your hair. Decorate with a smart rim, diadem or flower.
  4. To comb the roots in the upper part, remove the side strands behind the ears, fasten with stylish hairpins. The ends are curled up to the outside.
  5. On average hair you can try a hairpin with a heagi. With her help, many unusual hairstyles are created.
  6. Weave small pigtails for the night, comb it in the morning, remove the side strands on the back of the head, tie it with a beautiful bow.
  7. With a fine comb, make the front part in a crosswise pattern, fix it with a varnish.
  8. Collect medium length hair in a "ballerina bunch" on the crown of the head. Decorate the base of the beam with flowers or studs with shiny heads.
  9. The top part of hair is combed at the roots, laid on one side, fixed with a spray. The back strands should be combed back, fixed in the form of a triangle with two rows of "invisible", pointing them obliquely upwards.
  10. Collect the hair in a low beam at the base of the neck, wrap it with a black silk scarf, wrap it with a string of pearly beads.

Laying on the graduation should be difficult if the girl chose a laconic dress. A magnificent outfit requires the most simple hair. Related Videos:

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